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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I've posted on this forum a few times before. I have always wanted to participate in a superhero rpg group. However, with the recent health problems with the virus, and the need for social distancing, I would be interested in starting a play by post game. For those who are not familiar with this method, this is where the GM posts a scenario scene, and the players "react" to it claiming responsibility for the words and actions of their PCs only, with the GM still controlling for the most part the NPCs. Since it is not as fluid as a regular table top interaction, the players can create some of the story along with the GM, as opposed to simply just listening, but the GM still runs the story. In the past when I have tried this, I participated with a GM who had 6 individual players that were playing their own stories. I believe his goal was to intertwine the PCs together, but the game broke down before we got that far, so the PCs never even got to meet each other. I believe part of the problem was that he had players from all over the world, with some posting immediately, and others taking several days. The GM also took long periods of time to post, which made the whole thing fall through. I would love to try this method of play, however, I am not familiar with the Champions system very well. I am more comfortable with the ICONS Assembled Edition, which may actually be easier to play for a play by post game. Is anyone interested? Although, I would rather play, I know that usually someone doesn't post an idea without the expectation that they will probably have to run the game. I would be willing to run the game if there is some interest, however, I think in order to keep it successful, I may need to limit the players to only three or four at the most using the ICONS Assembled Edition. The beauty of that game system is that, heroes can be created on a random chart, fairly quickly, and the game is supposed to be very good for one shot adventures, especially. If players have a particular hero concept in mind or even a current character that they would like to modify for the game, that would be fine as well! I am looking to make this a street level campaign, although characters can have powers, but they would more resemble Batman (with gadgets) or Spider-man, rather than Superman. I am open to suggestions as well, since I am still developing the idea. I would welcome any input or interest. Thanks, Shadow7
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