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Found 7 results

  1. It is my understanding that I don't need to apply "Mobile" to this power (below) because it is No Range, per 6e1 (and having GM's option). Also, *none* of the example powers using Images on p238 have Mobile. This power is to create an "orb" (Physical Manifestation) that is independent of the character once created (Uncontrolled), and lasts for a period of time. It can be picked up and moved, thus moving what area is being illuminated. Sight Group Images, +4 PER Roll; Reduced END(Zero; +½), Area of Effect(8m Radius; +½), Uncontrolled(+½); Only To Create Light(-1), No Range(-½), Physical Manifestation(-¼), Time Limit(6 hrs; -½) I seriously cannot see why anybody would say a light source requires Mobile. Moving it should not be limited to an artificial 12m per Phase limit, and not require an *attack action*.
  2. For the past several years I have run a lot of different games in various genres. As a result have collected a HUGE number of HeroMachine images that I use for counters in my games. I thought it was about time that I start sharing them with others. Otherwise they are mostly just taking up space on my server, right? Some of these are pics of published Champions characters so if there are any copyright issues please let me know and I will immediately remove them. Others are original creations and you can just take what you want and have some fun with them. If you aren't already using it, I highly recommend using Heromachine for those that want to create, relatively, quick and easy pics. I personally use HM3 which has a steeper learning curve but use whichever version works best for you. I have become relatively competent with it over the years but I guess I will leave that up to you. Let me know what you think and if this is well received I will share more... Without further ado....here are The Ultimates...
  3. The idea is to use Images to set off someone's danger sense as a form of intimidation. You might consider it an alternate mechanic for intimidation Presence attacks. I figure I could cast it on another (or me), and that figure exudes an almost palpable aura of menace whether subtle or overt, and others get the immediate impression that to disappoint would be a VERY bad idea, even if I am not doing anything threatening. Danger Sense Group Images 1" radius, +/-4 to PER Rolls (17 Active Points). Naturally, the PER rolls would let people recognize it or not. Is the idea viable? Could it be expanded to include people without Danger Sense? Perhaps Usable as an Attack?
  4. If a mage wanted to create false visions for a precog (or retrocog), I'm assuming they would involve Images vs. Clairsentience (with that as a Targeting sense). However, if said visions have both visual as well as auditory elements, would he need to buy both Images vs. Clairsentience (Sight) and Images vs. Clairsentience (Hearing) with both as Targeting senses? Or just Images vs. Clairsentience as a whole?
  5. Hope I manage to explain this right... Built a PC with a LARGE Images power, 4 Hexes of Megascale AOE...enough, ostensibly to catch an entire city up in the effect and the Images covered the four (Sight, Hearing, Scent/Taste, and Touch) basic sense groups, and +/-10 to Perception. Under Images where it talks about the Touch Group it explains how if you've got an Image with the Touch Group it "reacts" to anyone perceiving it, including covering up indications of trickery until one sees through the Image; A Touch Group Image cannot hold or support objects. If a character put a glass of water on the Image (Touch Group) of a table, the glass would seem to sit right there, unmoving. The Image would make it feel, to the touch, as if it were still there. But it would actually fall to the floor, since the Image isn’t “solid” and won’t hold anything off the ground. (The Image might, however, cover up the feeling of spilled water splashing on the character’s legs, so that he wouldn’t realize he’d gotten water on himself until the Image ended or he perceived it to be an Image.) So, does this extend to things like taking damage? For instance, if someone were to then step on a shard from said broken glass would that automatically break the Image, would they get a Per Check to notice they had been wounded, would the Images cover up the injury until they saw through it, none of the above? Expanding on that, the book claims that Image knives cannot cause wounds, but depending on hope powerful the Images is it might seem like it causes a wound. What happens when nine people are caught up in an Image Grenade Blast. Three of them see through the Image, and the others do not. Can the three that were not fooled help the others see through it? Or what if the six who were fooled saw a bit of shrapnel go through the head of one of the others. Can the ones who were fooled still see that he's still moving around and talking, or does Images gloss over their perception of him with a dead corpse until they leave the radius of the Image field? Or is all of this a moot point and it all gets wrapped up in the blanket of "GM Common/Dramatic Sense" and Higher Bonuses to Per Checks? Sorry for the long ask...it's just a bit confusing >,>
  6. My favorite Rolemaster movement fumble (roll of 90 I think) aside (it's actually relevant) I have a player trying to make an unseen maze without breaking the character point bank. What they came up with is: "Touch Group Images, +/-6 to PER Rolls, Alterable Size, Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +1) (56 Active Points)" ... afterwards we were both confused as to what, exactly, happens when the power is used. Three robbers in a bank get put in it as they try to flee. Clearly (ha!) they run into invisible walls that if they fail their perception checks will believe are real.... but what happens after that? Touch images have 0 bod, 0 pd/ed. If they decide to do a move through they'll get out - but if it feels like a steel wall and they're normal people would they even try? In frustration they empty their clip at the hero. Again it's pretty clear that the bullets rip through unimpeded - but the image 'reacts accordingly' and a steel wall 'touch' effect against a bullet would be flattening it. However, it's not a sight illusion so they don't see their bullets flatten (nor hear ricochet). What about if they weren't in the area of effect when it went off? Again they'd walk right into a wall and get confused - but if they were at a run wouldn't they be performing an accidental move through? Or would they stop as if they'd hit a steel wall even though they had no reason to decelerate or do so until the moment they hit it? (While not the intent there's also nothing from creating the topic title turtle and placing it in front of a fleeing robber, knee high.) (Mental Illusion would obviously be a lot cleaner, but they specifically want it to work on robots, drones, etc as well. A barrier maze would be best but really, really expensive)
  7. No rewrites or anything here, I just wanted to share a few images I've been coloring for Viper. I don't know how many of these I'll do as I have to get back to my real work of writing but its something to do on the side. I think most of these are by Storn. A VIPER commander. Maybe he knows why VIPER is all caps. I'm not real happy with the neon color of the green on this one, so I'll probably shift it more olive drab, and I added canard wings on the front on the suggestion of someone on Facebook. But it looks pretty nifty. Edit: dulled the color slightly on the Quetzalcouatl.
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