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Found 5 results

  1. I know I saw the 'Spell' Limitation for FH spells, and IIRC it prevents spreading, and possibly bouncing the attack. But now I cannot find it. Can someone clue me into the right book and page where I saw this? Thanks!
  2. If I make a power with Damage Over Time with a long time between increments (say, 1 hour; -2 value), and apply the Target's defenses only apply once (x2) modifier, I presume it is not a -4 modifier at that point and should instead be a -1? Note this is referring to just the interaction of TDOAO and Increments of longer than every turn.
  3. When using a power that has the Concentration 1/2 DCV Limitation on it would the 1/2 DCV include any skill levels added to the character's DCV as well. For Example: A character with a DCV of 6 adds 4 skill levels to his DCV. Would his DCV when halved become 7 (6/2+4) or Would his DCV when halved become 5 ((6+4)/2)
  4. If I put a limitation on a 0 phase action, how long does the limitation stay in effect? Put another way, how do I make sure that the limitation is worth the points it saves for a given action? Example1: I have a multipower that is 80 points and I select Incantations for changing the slots, per 6e1, 405. Per 6e1, 381: "If he takes damage or is adversely affected by any power that requires an Attack Roll or MCV Attack Roll while he’s Incanting, the power doesn’t turn on or immediately turns off." Is there a time period someone could interrupt the incantations per that rule, or is it enough that silence fields or removing her ability to speak would stop her from shifting slots? Example 2: Concentration. Is it sufficient that he will be 1/2 DCV until his next phase or is there a period when someone could interrupt his concentration? I am guessing something like a continuing effect or drowning would also prevent the slot switching. Example 3: Delayed Phase (-1/4). Slightly different case. Just would like to confirm that putting this on the MP would only cause the player to act at 1/2 dex for the phases when they wanted to switch slots, not every phase? - E
  5. Version 1.0


    I found this hdt file at some point in the past. This limitation is applied to real armor which protects only part of the body. It must be cleaned and maintained, or it begins to fall apart on him, providing less and less defense until it becomes completely ruined and useless. This Limitation should only be used in campaigns which use the Hit Location optional rule. Helmet (Protects Locations 3-4) Full Helmet (Protects Locations 3-5) Short Vest (Protects Locations 12-13) Standard Vest (Protects Locations 11-13) Full Vest (Protects Locations 10-13 Jacket (Protects Locations 7-13) Body Suit (Protects Locations 7-16)
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