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Found 1 result

  1. Being an 'old-timer' who's played Champions since 1st edition 1981, the campaign has changed considerably. I've been privileged to be part of such a great group of gamers, who are also my closest friends. We came up with a version of Hardened Defenses before there was such a thing, I'm proud to say. From the 1st edition of "The Island of Dr. Destroyer" to the Adventurers Club magazines, a lot has been added since sitting down on day 1 of Champions 1st edition and trying to figure out the rules from a mere 56 page book. Along the way, we've looked at many things we liked and added a few houserules. Sometimes, the houserules came about just to be simple for everyone, not to make it the best logical way. Hey, when you've seen the rules change ending up eventually with 6th edition, you just stick with some of them. Our house rules work for us, and that's good enough for us. Before mentioning some of them, I'll retell the silliest thing that happened while learning the 1st edition of Champions: My brother and I read the book through (so we thought) and decided to try to each create a character. With the 100 point base, we found our characters costing horrible more than Crusader or Starburst but weren't sure why. My brother backtracked on the points for each stat and eventually found out there were 10 pts free in Str, Dex, Con, Body, Int, Ego, etc. so he did a little checking in the rules. Gasp! You get base points to start! (Moral of the story: read what's in front of you.) On to the House Rules: Perfect 3: When you roll a 3 on your to-hit dice, you have some options: add +1 Stun/per die, up to your maximum damage. If you want, you may also do 1.5x Body rolled up to max. (i.e. a 10d6 punch would add 10 Stun to the Stun total, so a roll of 35 Stun would be increased to 45 Stun.) Do zero BODY. This is particularly useful if you're not wanting to hurt someone. Do your normal damage and allows maximum knockback automatically. Do normal damage and go first on your next Phase automatically. Rolling an 18: When you roll an 18 on your to-hit dice, you have some options: Your DCV is halved during that Phase PD and ED are halved during your next Phase for the first attack that hits Your attack at half OCV during your next phase Roll for/pick a random character friend and roll the attack on them, at their DCV -1 Luck: Luck gives additional options besides the way Luck is usually handled. During the beginning of the game, anyone with Luck gets 1 pt. for each die of Luck that they possess, i.e. 2d6 Luck gives 2 pts. You lose these pts as you use them. Points reset at the beginning of any episode. For each point you gain from Luck, you may pick from one of the following options: Use 1 pt to add +1 OCV to one attack roll Use 1 pt to add +1 DCV for one attack roll on you Use 1 pt to reroll one low die of damage Add a bonus to any skill or characteristic roll = to the number of points used. Announce how many pts you intend to use before the roll. Using 3 pts gives +3 to your roll. Useful to bring that skill of 11 or less up to 14 or less. Comeliness: We use Comeliness, still. Someone help me on this but someone a long time ago suggested using Comeliness broken down into categories - we adopted that. The categories were: Approachability, Body, Face, Hair, Voice, Attitude, Magnetism, Style, Highlight. Base Points at Character Creation: Variable from 100 - 200 pts. We primarily stick with 4th and 5th edition rules, with a small amt of 6th edition. When a character is created, work on the statistics, powers and skills. Pick the disadvantages that the player feels the character should have. The rest is the base. As we have multiple GM's, we come to a group consensus of the base, with much leniency. Knockback: Even if an attack normally does knockback, the player can choose to do 'no knockback'. This is particularly used when two very strong opponents fight each other so they're not spending half the combat running back to each other due to the distance knocked back. Rules used apply to villains as well as heroes.
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