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Found 16 results

  1. Looking for some advice, I need to provide some context first: Sometimes I like to run a single session that is purely a series of 'random' events/encounters. I wrote 'random' because I do use a tool to generate the random events/encounters and then I collect up the best ones and put them in a list. Based on what the characters do will drive what happens. That is what happened on Sunday. The party is traveling up a river towards the frontier. Along the way they encountered a huge thunderstorm and a F5 tornado (Random). The captain of the boat (PC) has luck so no one hurt and boat survived intact. The next day they encountered a fog and they noticed animals where fleeing the fog (Random). That night they encountered another boat and that crew had captured a bird which had a few feathers that were neon blue in color (Random). Sitting around the campfire a couple of the players realize there was a falling star that hit in the area 50 or 75 years ago. Two characters are very curious so they use skills to take a guess where the falling star probably hit. They headed off in that direction. Along they way they noticed more and more animals, plants and the very ground turned to the color of neon blue. The lucky character and good skill rolls got them close enough to see an unusual land formation in the form of a mesa (Random). They climbed up and found a weird biosphere and a bunch of blue stones. All the plants were blue in color. One of the players accidentally bumped his arm against a plant and spores from the plant sprayed his arm and his arm turned blue. At this point the mage determined the blue stones have alteration magic associated with it. Ok so here where I need advice: The party took about 30 lbs of stones with them. The stones are in fact magic. I really haven't decided what can be done with the stones Here are a few things I have thought about: Stones (prepared/ground up) and put into a liquid can be used to color anything neon blue. Permanently or temporary... Stones combined with other magic can be used to alter an item to contain the magic that was cast on the item. In my campaign world there is only one group of mages who can create magic items by working with other mages. The blue stones bypass the need for the mage who creates magic items. Stones add some kind of power when added to a an item Stones do nothing Thank you
  2. My general question is the following How would you people design a power that takes over another persons summon power, transformation power and so on We meet a group of magicians last adventure and that question come up when they started to summon a great demon that they would control. What I wanted to do was to hijack the power and when the summoning was done I would be in charge over the demon instead. Have you people any idéa how to make a power like that ?
  3. Greetings Herophiles, I've wanted to do an homage to the Dark Sun world for some time now. I've also been hearing more about Zachariah Sitchen's Annunaki mythos. In short, Sitchen posits that ancient alien gods came to Earth, created modern humans via genetic manipulation as a slave race and then hopped on their wandering planet (Niberu) for a quick jaunt across the galaxy. I took that idea and ran with it. So first draft of back cover blurb: In Ulum's pre-history, the Annuki came down from the skies and mingled their blood with the people of Uhlrum. They created Man to mine the precious ores from the planet and then left, leaving the world fresh for the conquest of self-proclaimed God-Kings . Just a few short generations later, the Sun began to heat up, destroying all but the most hardy vegetation and inexorably driving civilization northward and southward to cooler climates. Then the great serpent, Khuladine was cast from the sky and his coming brought ruin upon what was left of the world. Civilization retreated to a few strongholds, the city-states of the God-Kings. Magic, long an unintended gift of the Annuki, became corrupted. The more a population used it, the more likely that Khuladine would be roused to move against it. Wherever he goes, ruin and tragedy follow. The Ashghuls rise from the dreaded ash seas to serve as his dread army and drag the souls that they slay back to the ever-burning embers. But magic is the key to power. The God-Kings have learned to use the perverted magic in ceremonies that have made them immortal. Most of them have ruled for thousands of years, distant in their towering temples and deaf to the plight of the common folk. Ash Storms blow in periodically, raining fire down upon the city-states, but hope rides behind the ashes. When the ash storms come, rain follows. It is from these waters that civilization continues to toil on. Merchants travel from city-state to city-state, the blood of mercenaries stain the sands, treasure hunters seek the ruins of fallen city-states and remnants of ancient cities, and the wizards huddle in secret places, perfecting their arts away from the fear of the ignorant masses. It is a world where the bold and clever can make a mighty legacy for themselves. As you may guess from the above, I am starting to construct a mini-campaign setting for Fantasy Hero as I've kind of outlined in the 2017 Gaming Projects thread. My first step was to create a map. I always like to have a map handy. It allows me to visualize the world as I go through the creation process. A map that fits the theme of the world is just invaluable. This map was actually a treat to make. After some initial disappointments, I was finally able to get Wilbur (a terrain generation program) to give me something interesting to work with. Once that happened the rest just started falling into place. The texture on the map, concepts for the world, and even the coins used to represent each city-state. I want to share the creation process as I develop things and this map is the first concrete thing I've done in the process. It will be good for viewing on a computer monitor, but will not print well. When I get everything completed, I will have a fully printable product. As always, I welcome constructive comments. I have a pretty good idea of the high concept and some of the (super)natural mechanisms of the world but that doesn't mean that I would not like to see your opinions. Thanks, James
  4. OK I want to start doing a series of Hero builds of classic weapons through history, specifically swords at first at least. Keep in mind that some of these have a tremendous amount of variation in source material through the ages, sometimes contradictory. I'm going to dig through the info and try to present a functional version of each weapon based on what I prefer from the various versions. For example, the first one -- Excalibur -- is pretty recent, but legends go back to the late Roman period and the name isn't settled until just a few hundred years ago. Modern re-tellings of the story have quite a bit of variation as well with Bernard Cornwell stripping the magic out entirely, for example. This is a pretty long topic, and if people want to throw their ideas out there, feel free. There are some weapons i'll be building even if someone else does; just consider them alternates not my insistence that your version is wrong, somehow.
  5. Since it has been a while since I have seen a thread dedicated to the topic of Magic System Design crop up, yet the subject continues to be broached frequently in other threads. So I think its time we got it all out of our system in a proper forum. When it comes to Magic System Design, there are few (if any) wrong answers. I am sure we all have strong opinions on the subject, but lets try to be civil. What kinds of Magic Systems have you used in past campaigns? How do you think a Magic System should work? What Game Elements do you think should be used to represent it? How do you think Magic should be presented?
  6. jammer397


    Working on more parts for my Occult Detective and just found a new can of worms. I want him to be able to do exorcism's. Problem is I really can't find good info on it in any of the hero system books. I'm guessing that an exorcism works like a form of banishment but it info on banishment in the fantasy hero guide it about banishing a summoned creature and it doesn't really seem to be what I'm looking for. Also the info is no well explained. It's on pg 155 and than jumps to 149 for Dispel. I'm confused and need some input.
  7. I'm working on an Occult Detective for Champions. I got most of his items figured out. Stuff like a revolver with silver bullets, holy knuckle dusters, cross, stakes etc. I'm having problems with a few items. 1 item is a bag of holding. It holds a ton of items within a bag. Think along the line of large on the inside. Look up D&D bag of holding for more info. Another problem I'm having is figuring out holy water. Mostly because it deals damage to undead, devils, and demons but nothing else. The last part is various smaller items like spices and chalk. Salt could be used to fend of evil spirits and could even do damage to some. Garlic is effective to Vampires and chalk can be use to make magic barriers and doorways. I guess I could use some of it in limitations. Such as create a Magic Barrier spell and have 1 of the limitations as "Must draw a circle around desired area in chalk".
  8. What is the difference between defining the ability to cast magic a talent vs it being a perk? Especially if both types existed in the same world?
  9. One of the older Fantasy Hero editions had a rule where you could recharge your endurance battery with a magic roll but it cost Long Term Endurance on a one to one basis. What do y'all think? Too steep or does give the magic system flavour? One could update it and base the LTE cost on how much regular endurance per turn they were pushing into it.
  10. There are lot ways to go about this. In the Comico universe most if not all super powers are based on magic. In Aberrant Universe, Super Magic doesn't seem to be all that different than normal mutant powers. How do you make Super Sorcery(Dr. Strange, Dr. Fate) feel different than standard superpowers? Is there somethings one can do but not the other? Is there an effect overlap? Is there something other than the limitations and advantages each takes? Open to all ideas.
  11. I'm a new player making my first Hero 6e character (Using HERO designer 6 for help) and I've run into an issue. How do Limitations on individual powers (Inside a VPP) work? To be more specific, I'm trying to put together some example spells (So I don't delay during the game) and have run into something where I'm not sure if the generator is wrong or if I've misunderstood VPPs I'm trying to make a big, scary ritual spell as part of my VPP. It takes multiple turns to cast and eats up a lot more endurance than normal. The final cost is below my Control Cost...but it says it isn't valid. Does the Control Cost of a VPP not care about the Limitations applied to individual powers inside it? If so, how would I go about making a mage who can do quick dirty magic and long ritual magic without needing to put the Ritual Spells outside the VPP? I only predict doing each Ritual Magic once or maybe twice in the entire campaign (If that. It may never get used) so it feels weird to pay for those powers individually. If so...what is the point of Limitations on an individual power in a VPP?
  12. Most peachwood swords are made for practice. This one, however, was made from wood from a peach tree that grew at Mount Longhu in the shadow of the Hanging Coffins, cut by a Doashi of the Seventh Ordination. He carved the Seven Stars into its blade, and danced their power. This weapon damages most targets, including astral, ethereal, phantasmal and the like. When magical characters are written on the blade with grease, the damage vs. intangible targets is changed to Killing (HKA). These magical characters must be renewed from time to time, as they wear off. 15 30 point Multipower, 0 END, vs. Desolid, OAF u1 3d6 HA u1 1d6 HKA Of course, a Heroic Level version would include STR Min and possibly Real Weapon Limitations. from The Girl with Ghost Eyes, by M. H. Boroson, more fun than any novel I've read for years
  13. So, to clarify: Cost cap is 120 AP, concept: Caster "summons" (note the quotes) an X point value Ice Clone. The Clone enters play: * As an automaton * Under the caster's control * With about 20 BODY, what with to be a shield * With the Block, Counter Strike, and Fast Strike MAs * the Power: Freeze Chance on Critical (15 points) My problem: I can't find the "right" power to do it cleanly. Summon is a giant PIA for something like this, because I don't see it as a summon as much as I see it as ... A walking Barrier that can hit people on its turn, but that makes even less sense and winds up being a super kludgy 3 or 4 step compound power. I thus put it to the Senate: What is the Lord Captain missing?
  14. Hi everyone. Hope I put this in the right spot. Long time fan of HERO since early college and been here for a few years I believe, but usually lerked. Played quite a few HERO games as a GM. Anyways, I'm still using 5th Ed revised and im considering running a science Fantasy style campaign similar to sources like the Anime Outlawstar, Bucky O'Hare, or Archies Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Between technology and magic, the feel is somewhere between 50/50 and 60/40 ish is what I'm going for. Level is Heroic and will incorporate some kind of lvl up system. So I really need some help on this and apologies if these have been asked before. A few questions I have for this: 1. What HERO source books do you recommend/I should use? 2. Should I invest in 6th edition compared to HERO 5th Ed revised? I also have ultimate vehicle and ultimate skill for the 5th Ed I believe it is. 3. Last time I ran a game with multiple races, I ended up eye balling the differences between races. I want to do it again, but im considering using racial packages more closely this time around. Any thoughts on using racial packages? 4. Any advise on the specifics in running a science Fantasy using the HERO System is much appreciated! Like any issues in running the genre with the system for example. Thank you all kindly!
  15. So there is a location in my campaign world, that I expect the players will one day visit. It is a place where the god who is known as the benign god of magic, shadow, mysteries, and dreams. I would like the experience to be altering for the characters and players. The world is a high fantasy world - magic is known and has an impact on people's lives; there are magical creatures of various types; and the campaign world is 'gray morally'. A game mechanic for magic in my campaign is that magical ability comes in two flavors. One is a learned skill that allows anyone to learn a spell or two. They might be pretty good with that spell but they tend to lack the versatility and power of someone who was born with a talent for magic. Those with the talent for magic have a VPP. Those without a talent do not have a VPP (or any other framework). Here are some ideas I have: Mages with a VPP and have the xp can increase their VPP power and control pools. Mages without a VPP can increase the maximum active points of one spell by up to 2x, again they have to have the xp to do this. Potential raw and special components that could have value to a mage Allow the temporary enchantment of a single item Ideas, comments, criticisms....
  16. I have tried and failed to locate in my 6th edition books any definition for the "Spell" Limitation. It appears as a Limitation on many spells in the HSG, but I can't locate info about it in the books -- 6E1 or 6E2, FH, or the Grimoire. Can I get an indication where to locate a definition for this Limitation? Thanks!
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