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Found 3 results

  1. In Entangle under 'Mental Paralysis' (6e1 p217) it says one of the required Advantages is 'Takes No Damage From Attacks(+¾)'. But under 'Takes No Damage From Attacks' (6e1, p219), there is no +¾ option. What am I missing? Does making a Mental Paralysis follow the rules of the +1 level of TNDFA where I have to define "one reasonably common and obvious way to remove the Entangle"? And does it follow the +1 level that no outside help/attacks can free the target - only the target can free themselves?
  2. A two-part question for characters escaping from Mental Paralysis. Note that this is for a superheroic campaign. 1) Since EGO doesn't (normally) cost END to use, is it possible to push EGO to help escape from a powerful Mental Paralysis? Example: Osiris (angry over not getting enough attention) hits LongMan with a 2d6, 3 Mental Defense Mental Paralysis and rolls 2 BODY. Since LongMan only has 13 EGO (and thus rolling only 2 1/2 d6), his chances of breaking out are slim... but he has a deadline to meet. Can he push to 23 or even 25 EGO? 1a) Related question -- though EGO doesn't typically cost END to use, would he have to spend 1 END to use his normal 13 EGO to break free? 2) LongMan has a teleportation ring he found in a box of Cracker Jacks. Can he simply use that to teleport out of the Mental Paralysis, if it's not bought with Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation?
  3. Hi All, I started playing 6th ed Champions with my gaming group a few months ago. I find they min/max the characters and spend 90+pts in offense and defense. We are all experienced players having gamed for 30+ years, but this is the first time with Champions since the early 1990s... I have been using the old 2nd and 3rd edition books, for adventures, and it has been going pretty well, but as a general rule what is a 400pt 6th ed character equal to in 3rd edition? Roughly... If a character selects invisibility (sight and hearing, no fringe, always on), can they be heard while speaking? The player insists he can be heard while speaking, but can't be seen with sonar or infravision. I argued always on is a disadvantage, so no he can not be heard and any discriminatory sight or hearing, other than standard would make the hero visible. Disciminatory senses typically cost 15pts, and it should offset his 20pt power. Am I wrong? Ugh. The same person argued mental paralysis as written CC pg65, states he doesn't need a common way of getting out of mental paralysis, because the book states mental atttacks will do it. I responded: there is no +3/4 advantage: P66 Takes no damage from attack has 3 values +1/4, +1/2, +1. Now go and read the description. at one +1/2 it's transparent to all attacks, BUT +1 can not be attacked,... ... or affected by an outside character. I believe the last sentence is incorrect, ...takes no damage at the +1 (should be +1/2) must specify AT LEAST ONE REASONABLY COMMON AND OBVIOUS WAY TO REMOVE THE ENTANGLE OTHER THAN THE VICTIM BREAKING OUT NORMALLY. He wanted sleep as a common way to break out, but I responded:Yes. Everyone can fall asleep, but not in combat. Entangle is the basis for mental paralysis, and with entangle anyone can help the entangled character with their hands. Everyone has hands, even non-super heroes. Mental blast is NOT common. The book has an error: there is no +3/4 takes no damage from attacks, so I will allow the sleep. Against my better judgement. If you have a not discrimatory sense, and know a invisible character is around, what is the OCV/DCV modifiers? How about hitting blind, with no senses giving a clue as to the whereabouts? The party has min/maxed, so abilities they don't use in an attack is generally low or normal, making it fairly easy to exploit. I've made recommendations to try to be better rounded, but they became upset saying I was trying to micro-manage too much. Is there any advice you can give me about guidelines for character builds? What does everyone think?​
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