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Found 9 results

  1. I'm reading the Star HERO 6e Warship example (p. 250) and I'm a bit confused about the warp drive multipower. I see that the Costs Endurance limitation was put on the multipower reserve, and then applied to each power slot. But wait, flight already costs endurance as per the power. So this appears to me to be one of those "limitations that doesn't limit the character" situations. Wouldn't the Costs Endurance limitation be prohibited on the multipower reserve because not every power slot costs no endurance, and be applied only to the FTL travel power? This would mean the reserve costs the full 28 points, standard flight cost 2f, and FTL flight cost 1f. Thanks!
  2. Hi Steve, when HSMA, p 9 says that "... characters with innate Ranged attacks buy Ranged Martial Maneuvers, in which case you should consider that Ranged attack as a “weapon”...", is each attack power slot of a Multipower it's own attack (I'd need to pay a WF for each slot past the first), or can the whole Multipower be treated as the "weapon" the Ranged Martial Maneuvers apply to? Also, how does one apply a Martial Maneuver to an attack power that is advantaged, like AoE/Explosion? Thanks!
  3. If I put a limitation on a 0 phase action, how long does the limitation stay in effect? Put another way, how do I make sure that the limitation is worth the points it saves for a given action? Example1: I have a multipower that is 80 points and I select Incantations for changing the slots, per 6e1, 405. Per 6e1, 381: "If he takes damage or is adversely affected by any power that requires an Attack Roll or MCV Attack Roll while he’s Incanting, the power doesn’t turn on or immediately turns off." Is there a time period someone could interrupt the incantations per that rule, or is it enough that silence fields or removing her ability to speak would stop her from shifting slots? Example 2: Concentration. Is it sufficient that he will be 1/2 DCV until his next phase or is there a period when someone could interrupt his concentration? I am guessing something like a continuing effect or drowning would also prevent the slot switching. Example 3: Delayed Phase (-1/4). Slightly different case. Just would like to confirm that putting this on the MP would only cause the player to act at 1/2 dex for the phases when they wanted to switch slots, not every phase? - E
  4. I am currently attempting to create a character based on the world setting in the game Aberrant. I'm not trying to solicit advice on how to do this (though I would be thankful for your input) but one of the things about that game is that it is possible for the characters utilizing the power to be Tainted. Now, I was thinking to have it that if the character used powers over a certain point(50 APs is my go to number for now) then the character must attempt a check to maintain control or receive Taint which I'm attempting to simulate with a Limitation:Side Effect that uses a Transform that risks Transforming the character to gain further aberrations. The powers that have any effect beyond 50APs to partially limited with the side effect in question. Now, I was looking to put the character's powers into a Multipower with an 80 point Reserve but since all the powers would be similarly limited with the Side Effect I was thinking I should partially limit the Multipower itself. Is this allowable? An example image has been provided of a potential writeup.
  5. A question regarding powers with and Multipowers: If a power with a trigger is placed in a multipower slot, say, the STUN transfer multipower on 6E1 197 (30+36 AP) should this a) Require a single multipower slot within a 66+ multipower. b) A single single multipower slot within a 36+ multipower. c) Two slots within a 66+ multipower. d) Two slots within a 36+ multipower. Personally, I'd say a), but trigger powers have always seemed kind of tricky.
  6. I have a multipower and in it I have a standard barrier power Wall of Earth Barrier 4 PD/4 ED, 6 BODY (up to 12m long, 4m tall, and 1m thick), Opaque (Sight Group) just for an example from the book I use it and put it up infront of me during my first phase. Then on my second phase I can act again I switch to another power in my multipower slot Now what happens with the wall According to the text in the rule book for 6:edition it should stay there since it is a physical object? A Barrier, once created, is a physical object that remains in existence until destroyed by attacks, the passage of time, or other factors. Or does the "other factors" imply here and remove the barrier?
  7. As I understand it, base STR used with a HA that has an advantage like Affects Desolid is prorated (so, say, 30 STR with +3d6 HA Affects Desolid would do 4d6 + 3d6 = 7d6 Affects Desolid). (And am I correct that it doesn't do 9d6 vs. solid targets, and only 7d6 vs. desolid targets?) Would this prorating apply to additional STR bought as a slot in a Multipower? In other words, would 30 STR base with 15 STR Affects Desolid in a Multipower have 35 STR vs. all targets (whether solid or desolid), or would he have 45 STR vs. solid targets and only 20 STR vs. Desolid targets?
  8. Apologies if this or something very similar has been asked umpteen times before. Simple yes or no question: As per CC pg 122, powers outside a Power Framework can add on to a power in a slot of said framework, but is the reverse kosher? Can a power in a slot of a framework add to a power outside the framework so long as modifiers match? I'm thinking it is okay because I'm seeing what appears to be precedent in the villain collections, but I'm just looking to be sure. Thanks.
  9. Hello! My doubt is this: I am designing a magic system in which the spellcaster has the option to prepare and store some spells beforehand (with the advantage "Delay"). So far, so good. The problem comes when I consider the possibility that the spells could be fixed slots of a Multipower (say, "Wizardry spells"). Then, the questions arise: 1) Is it possible for a spellcaster to prepare and store a spell, then swich slots in the Multipower and prepare other spells, up to the limit set to him of stored spells? 2) If so, "Delay" should be applied to the whole Multipower (reserve and powers within) or to the powers (fixed slots) only? Thank you and best regards!
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