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Found 5 results

  1. Now accepting nominations. Go.
  2. Just what it says on the title, what songs in superhero movies have been your favorite ? I'm not talking purely instrumental or orchestral music (Though there are some great ones of those)) as they get plenty of praise. But song have you heard (Perhaps for the first time) in a superhero movie, and be it original or a cover, you just fell in love with it even if the movie itself was meh? I can say right now, my favorite song in a superhero movie (and it was a GOOD superhero movie) is Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional in Spider-Man 2. You can tell it was made for the movie, but wow, the words really stuck a chord with me. They still do. But I could make a list of top five if others do
  3. Rather than continue to hijack Cygnia's thread, I figured we could start one specifically to talk about our favorite bands from the glory days of yesteryear. Some are recently retired (or effectively so), some closed up shop a long time ago, some are still going strong, and some are limping along, a shadow of their former selves. In any case, there's plenty to talk about. So here it is.
  4. So, my f2f group is going have a gap between long-term games due to out-of-country travel on the part of the next GM. And I've offered to run a little something for those two weeks to introduce a couple of the players to the HERO system (the rest of us are familiar, if rusty). Which leaves me needing to do a bit of brainstorming on something to throw at them. Well, I already have an idea, but I need a bit of help on crafting the opposition. The PC will be pregens based on this cheesy old post from the boards (and yes, they are largely on board with the utter ridiculousness involved ) I can't seem to find the originial post on the forums; does anyone recognizes this insanity to give me a proper name to credit? But anyway, So our 5 heroes of rock find themselves thrust forward in time from the era of Reagan to today, where they must navigate a world that no longer as a place for big hair. Does the power of rock have a place in our modern, hip-hop world? My big issue is that I'm not that into new music, so I'm not entirely sure what to do for the villains of this piece. I'm not going to bother picking on rap for this, so don't go there. It's maligned for many wrong reasons, and there are likely better targets out there. I am somewhat tempted to make at least part of the plot that the villains kidnap Simon Cowell. How can you talk about modern music without at least acknowledging the influence of the various Idol and Talent shows? Any thoughts on villains based on post-80s music? And preferably a little newer than the Bad Spice girls or the Back-Alley Boys? Also, I'm not 100% on board with Bondage. Any suggestions for a better 5th member? I'm partial to keeping a tech-bent to the character though. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Greets all, within Hero system 6th edition, I am struggling with the best way to define a power for a mentalist character with the ability to control music devices and make them play music that is stored in his focus (used for the power). The ability is a mental power - this mentalist is a mind control type by the name of Doctor Disco. My first thought was to by a version of mind control that only worked on music equipment, but given that the equipment has no EGO, a mind control attack doesn't seem to fit. My second approach was to buy images vs. hearing with the requirement that a musical device be the temporary focus, but that would be creating sound regardless of the devices capabilities to produce them. For example if Dr. Disco took control of the PA for a stadium, he should be able to leverage its power to deliver sound throughout the stadium. I would appreciate you thoughts. Thank you, Volvernon
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