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Found 18 results

  1. 167 downloads

    This is a sheet I whipped up a few years ago for creating powers by hand, on paper. It's based on a similar sheet for creating spells in Fantasy Hero 1st edition. It includes columns for name and base Power, base cost, Advantages, Active Cost, END Cost, Limitations, Real Cost, and Skill Roll penalty. You can attach copies of this to your character sheet, and on the character sheet you can write the cost, name, basic effect, END cost, and a note to refer to the sheet. Something like "12 Lighting Bolt: 8d6 Blast, 4 END; see attached sheet"
  2. Greetings all, I'd like to pick you brains on pricing a disad. I'm looking for some input on a power disadvantage. I have in mind a power that loses effectiveness the more it is used. Not Burnout as long as you have charges it still works, but charges that are less effective as they are used. Each use drops the effectiveness of the power by 10 active points. The idea is simple. I can use a custom power disad. I'm trying to figure out how to price it properly. Should it be costed similarly to Burnout, or should the disad be worth more? After 5 uses th
  3. Version 1.0.0


    The PDF index for the Sixth Edition super-powers compendium book for Champions. Formerly offered for free on the Hero Games website.
  4. Currently a version 5 player but looking to upgrade to version 6 but wanted to know the differences.
  5. In Champions Villains, Volume III, page 60, there is a character sheet for Buzzsaw. Listed in his Powers are his two Buzzsaw Shooter Gauntlets. The first costs 38 CP and the second costs 5 for the exact same weapon. Can someone explain to me what rule is being employed to get this kind of discount? I ask because there is a PC in my group who has multiple pistols of the same make and model (same powers, advantages, and disadvantages) and I had him pay the same amount for each one. Thanks, experts!
  6. I have some experience points to spend on a Champions character, and was thinking of repurposing a killing attack power into an attack I use to break objects and focuses. My current power is a deadly 5d6 (with STR) armor piercing killing attack, but by my reading of the focus rules more damage isn't better when it comes to focuses: Would a Penetrating attack or a NND attack with does BODY be better at simply doing the 1 BODY needed to damage a focus? What's your advice?
  7. In my group, I have a member who wants a pretty simple Power. He wants the ability to emanate a sonic blast from himself in all directions. Clearly it's Blast, Perceivability is Obvious, and Duration is Instant (which are default attributes of Blast). But I also see how Area of Effect--Radius applies. The Range is questionable. I can see a Limitation for No Range, but not a Limitation for Self. I guess I could make one up. And it also stands to reason that Cannot Use Targeting applies, because we've decided to use Hit Locations. All this is fine, until I imagined this in combat. Th
  8. Tech

    Water powers

    Recently in the campaign has been a growth in heros & villains who use water powers. It's actually something of a surprise. Now, I'm getting asked for ideas for water powers. So, I thought I'd throw this out to the bazillions of players out there to give your suggestions.
  9. I want to make a character that is an average joe. but he only has the ablity to get lucky and I wish to build it so that he has amazing things happen, but to even this out people he knows get unlucky side effects
  10. As a rules lawyer in the other games I play, I have such a hard time with character creation when it comes to costing things that the real world normally provides. I still have not wrapped my head around these key concepts. I don't have the Hero System books, but I have CC6, Powers, and one Villains book. My latest headache is in regards to electricity. I have consulted CC6 and read about Electricity. I have looked at the preface to Electrical powers in the Powers book. I've searched this forums for answers, but can't find any with my search terms. So I still don't get it! I am c
  11. So, to clarify: Cost cap is 120 AP, concept: Caster "summons" (note the quotes) an X point value Ice Clone. The Clone enters play: * As an automaton * Under the caster's control * With about 20 BODY, what with to be a shield * With the Block, Counter Strike, and Fast Strike MAs * the Power: Freeze Chance on Critical (15 points) My problem: I can't find the "right" power to do it cleanly. Summon is a giant PIA for something like this, because I don't see it as a summon as much as I see it as ... A walking Barrier that can hit people on its turn, but that makes even less sense a
  12. My GM wants to build a power that makes people dizzy through spinning, I say a Dex Drain. He is not so sure. show me how you would do it. Thanks
  13. been asked to run a champions game, using the 5th rules so I picked up the sidekick of the revised edition and The powers duplication and summon are missing.. is there an errata for this?
  14. As a bit of background information, I will be GM'ing a Champions campaign with 4 11-year-olds. I don't have a GM to look to, and I have no experience with actually playing the game yet. But I've read Champions Complete at least 4 times. We were creating the last of the 4 characters Saturday night and his first ability I don't know how to create. His inspiration is Green Lantern, whom I don't know much about. This player wants his character to create just about anything with energy. OK, so he wants a Summon power with Slavishly loyal since he can only summon (create) inanimate objects
  15. Hello everyone, first rules/power building post. I'm trying to find the best, most rules friendly way to build a Summoning power that calls a mystic taxi with driver. The idea is that the character I'm playing uses Summon to hail a taxi that will take my character and the other PCs around if needed. I know how to build the power, but the place where I'm not sure what to do next is if it should be a character of it's own with enough size and strength to carry all of the players, a vehicle and some kind of "autopilot" built in, or if the spell should summon a character that HAS a vehicle. Ob
  16. I was working on an ice based character for a more street level power feel and I was thinking to try depicting ice in a more realistic manner for certain powers like Barrier, Entangle, and possibly Resistant Protection. So, my questions for the moment are: What is the PD/ED of Ice? Are there circumstances where the PD/ED might be higher? What BODY for a given thickness?
  17. I'm trying to build handcuffs as a power- I'm trying to find a means to build it that doesn't result in a ludicrous Active Points cost. The closest I've come so far is: OAF(-1) No Range(-1/4) Entangle 3d6 6PD/6ED (45cp) Does Not Restrict Movement (-1/4), 1/2 DCV (-1/4) 2 recoverable charges(-1) Active Points 45 Total Cost: 12. Trouble is, 6pd/ed seems low to me, but 3d6 entangle seems high (The metal isn't that thick so 10 body seems ridiculous, but not many people can damage the hardened steel of a pair of cuffs so its low body wouldn't matter except to a super), and the idea of a 100 cp poli
  18. As in the title, I am attempting to write up the Cimmerian Sibyl for a game I am running for some friends. She will become something of a permanent fixture in the party and is a major object in the overarching plot of the story. In this build, I am attempting to build a younger girl who just had the mantle of Sibyl passed on to her before she was snatched away from her home by the BBG. One thing that has been stumping me is simply coming up with powers to give her, so any suggestions that anyone wants to toss my way would be appreciated. Also, I'm looking for advice on building a sp
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