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Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks, After a long absence here because of a serious medical emergency, and a very looooooong hospital stay, I am back. This same emergency, somewhat resolved, has forcibly retired me, giving me a lot of free time. In that free time I have been with a group on Roll20.net happily playing games on weekends. Discussions with a friend, and a few players, motivated me, to take the remains fo a failed comic idea from a few years ago, and use the ideas for a Fantasy Race. So I floated the idea to the other players, and managed to make them work in Pathfinder (1), and and D&D5e. The results worked better than expected and they became an appealing choice for several of the players in both game systems. The race were "The Lupines" , a race of "beast men" based on Wolves, though their origins were obscure. We had Lupine Barbarians, Magic Users, a unique rogue, and a rather successful Paladin. Discussions lead to the possibility of making this an RPG book, with the stats a bit of write up in each system, and including example characters. Well, my first love is the Herosystem, and I wanted to include Hero stats. his leads me to some questions for those that are Herosystem experts. The current idea is to put the states and write ups for each system in their own sections, For ther Hero Section( and for prospective players), what would be most useful in a book that details a fantasy race? My deepest familiarity in the Herosystem myself, is The Big Blue Book, and before. I may own 5th edition, but it was at the tail end of my old Gaming period ( that ended in 1996) and I don't think I ever used the books. 6th Edition came out and faded from store shelves before I came to Revisit the table top hobby. Would it be acceptable to release the racial package deals in BBB format? What point levels are people mostly playing Fantasy Hero these days? In general most "racial Package Deals". would be 0-5 points, with cultural package deals around 10-15 points, or so. Other than a general descriptive text, what else would people like? We have had some successful PCs and those might become example characters (and NPCs). If so, How many? the page look, layout and formatting of Pathfinder and D&D are known and often generally dupicated for effect on Imgur, and Deviantart. These tend to be specific fonts, backgrounds and "painted" art. On the pages for D&D5e and Pathfinder, I will follow the "look" of the parent systems. That means full color digital paintings of the NPCs and example. What format for Herosystem should I follow? As it was in print in 1995? Is there a preferred formatting for the "current year"? Should I go full color? The Objective is a high quality, though probably not very long PDF. If I wanted to charge for it: Should I?, If so, How much? ($12.00 US too much?). And if I finish this PDF, what sort of distribution is there available? I have heard of Drivethrough RPG, but have never shopped there. Any hints? Hopefully my co-author, and myself will be able to put out an attractive package for Hero as well as other systems. We may use this as the cover, depicting the previous mentioned Paladin.
  2. So, I've had an internal debate about starting this thread since the original was destroyed years ago when the HERO forums rebooted. Finally, I decided that I will restart the TGU thread from days of old. Mostly, because I miss the conversations and insight of you all here at HERO. I received some of the best ideas and most pertinent help right here. So, call me selfish. I'm starting over. I hope that there are a few things you can find here that are amusing or interesting and that our conversations can be helpful to everyone... Welcome to the EPIC UNIVERSE! As some of you may know, I play a rotating set of HERO games (Superheroes, Fantasy & Star Hero). We call this triad the Epic Universe, as each campaign is set within one glorious universe. It wasn't always that way, though. Originally, our space opera game was a stand alone game campaign based on the comic book ALIEN LEGION. We played characters in a suicide squadron, not unlike the Dirty Dozen, called NEMESIS SQUADRON. Nemesis Squadron was a fun, episodic, hack & slash, overpowered romp throughout the Tophan Galactic Union (see Alien Legion for more details) and we loved playing the baddest of the bad space criminals. But, as things do, Nemesis Squadron came to an end after years and years of play. Fast forward to the summer of 2012 when I restarted not only a space campaign, I built the entire Epic Universe (the Fantasy [9 Realms of Epoch] and Superhero [Epic City] games are for other forums). Since Nemesis Squadron had been so well received in the past I based my new episodic space opera on that foundation, simply calling the new game the TGU (Tophan Galactic Union). Gone was Nemesis Squadron (maybe), replaced by 3 galaxies full of as many space genre sources I could find. From Star Wars to Dune, MechWarrior to Hero’s own space races plus 40K, Halo, Firefly and much more, all could find a place in my game. Believe it or not, the crazy “anything goes” approach worked wonderfully. So, I’m going to start off this thread with the foundation: NEMESIS SQUADRON Here you will find the original space game played in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, as it was distributed to my players (complete with typos and misspellings). This game was never meant for distribution and takes from or pays homage to so many different licensed entities that I can’t even begin to list them. It was and is always intended for fun only! NOTE: Please keep posts on this thread focused on NEMESIS or the new TGU game. Thanks!
  3. Version 1


    A short XL document with multiple tabs covering the races from the base book, guidelines for the cost of enchanted items based on AP, and a few magical items to boot.
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