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Found 25 results

  1. Hey fellow gamers, ive got something to run past you all. I apologize if this has been asked/explained before, but my google-fu seems to be running weak today, and i simply cant seem to find the appropriate places in the rule books. I also am using this site on mobile, so i apologize if im in the wrong place for posting this, or if i have some spelling errors. My group has had a revitalized feeling for Avatar: The Last Airbender and wish to play a campaign. Trying to bring the world to life in a Heroic setting, i want to bring a sense of realism and balance. My only re
  2. How Champions Now is Different From Other Champions Rulesets (With some errata and rules clarifications) Here's a collection of information that I've confirmed with the author about the rules as of July 4, 2020. I may add or edit this as new issues arise. Most of this is about dispelling assumptions of us who are familiar with other Hero rule sets. A few things are actually missing or unclear in the text. The best way to read and understand the Champions Now text is to take the text literally without outside connections. Pretend you have never read a roleplaying
  3. I'm sorry if this is a very basic question, but I am trying to build an archer-type hero and having trouble wrapping my head around how martial maneuvers work with weapons, particularly ranged weapons. Lets say I have the Offensive Ranged Disarm maneuver with the weapon element "Bows." But is my bow just whatever power I have identified with that Focus? I built my archer with a multipower, following the example of Arrowhead, but am I really allowed to apply martial maneuvers to any of my specialty arrows, or does it have to be an unmodified blast? Or are stats given somewhere for "
  4. Howdy! I'm currently building Sentinels for my Marvel 1980s game, see this thread: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/99366-marvel-sentinels-for-champions-the-mutant-hunting-robot-kind/ This of course includes a number a Gat Jet attacks to neutralize and capture pesky mutants, modelled on the NND attacks presented in the 6th Edition Character Creation (6E1) and the Champions powers book However, there seems to be something off in how the NND Advantage is valued or applied, or I’m missing or misunderstanding how the Advantage is applied.
  5. So a few friends and myself decided that we wanted to start a superhero rpg and I am to be the GM. I came across Champions Complete and felt that this would be a good game to play, and then I started reading. I'm having a lot of trouble understanding and grasping the game, I don't know where to begin with the questions. Character Creation - I understand that a person is given an x amount of CP, and everything is bought using them, but beyond that I'm lost. Building Attacks - There is no limitation to the kinds of attacks you can make, but the vastness of it confuses me. For e
  6. I'm looking to create (or steal) some rules to make vehicular mayhem more entertaining than just opposed Combat Driving rolls. Some points I'm considering: Separate movement from SPD for vehicles, let vehicles move every segment and handle driver ability separate. Revisit acceleration, braking and turn modes, allowing for 30/60/90 degree turns or even finer. Consider a number-of-wheel based modifier so motorcyles handle better than semis. Examine martial maneuvers as an option, including things like spinout braking, cross-lane turns, PIT maneuvers, and half
  7. Hello Heroites, I got a good question for the collective wisdom here. I'm helping my brother adapt Air Spells from Fantasy Hero 4th. The lightning Spell has Side Effect. No question there on how it acts. In the spell description though, it states that if the caster doesn't have any metal on him, then the bolt goes randomly to another which is wearing metal. So no issue here. the point of contention is, does the poor fellow that gets struck (non-caster) gets his defense against the bolt? (I say he does) or he doesn't cause he being hit by a Side Effect. I put Recipient in the Title
  8. I’ve been admiring Hero System from a distance for some time now. Over the course of a few years, I’ve started and stopped reading the rulebooks, occasionally intending on “Buckling down to RTFM cover-to-cover this time, then I’ll know it!.” Each time I stopped because I couldn’t maintain interest, gleaning only the most elementary understanding of the rules of the game. I recently tried kickstarting a game with my friends by reading both a 2 and 3 page version of the rules and then just finding premade characters on the internet to do a mock-combat with. The idea was this: after being f
  9. Is there any sort of Adder or Advantage that one can add to a power to cause an knockdown / knock prone in combat? The player's request is that it could force a DEX check to stay standing, or work automatically. But is there some power add-on (or maybe a Power, like Change Environment?) that can cause that kind of pressure and difficulty to stay standing?
  10. Hi, I'm unclear about the rules for Psychokinesis. The way I'm understanding it, Psychokinesis (or Telekinesis + BOECV) is basically Telekinesis but with: 1. Uses ECV to target 2. Works on Light of Sight 3. Limited Indirect 4. Is Visible and sensed by Mental Awareness Does the other limitations of BOECV also apply? AKA: 1. Does no BODY 2. Cannot affect objects with no EGO such as inanimate objects and robots Does this mean that a character with basic Psychokinesis can't do the classic spoon bending trick? Would a character wit
  11. Hello, How would you be able to block, deflect, or reflect area of effect attacks? Are AoE's unable to be stopped by those maneuvers/powers? Let me know as this came up in my last game.
  12. OK this discussion has happened a few times on this site and to my great regret I do not recall the first person who brought up the idea, but I credit them completely, if anonymously. The idea is to take killing attack out of the realm of using a different die roll and turning it into a specialized normal attack. So, instead of rolling d6+1 for a 4 damage class killing attack, you roll 4d6. The stun and body are applied as normal to defenses, but the dice used are the same. So you roll it as if its a normal attack, but if they have no resistant defenses the body goes through com
  13. I’m curious how fellow Heoites feel about allow the neck to considered a limb for stretching purposes. I know for martialmaneuvers it is considered a limb. I’m thinking the use would be for a classic elastic guy to poke his head around corners or a few meters away (limited of course by stretching bought.)
  14. So I'm envisaging a scenario in which a hero has to hold up something heavy; a bridge, building, cave roof. Now normally a character has to pay END for each phase in which they use their STR. But the rules also allow for a character to lower their SPD. Thus the character can lower their SPD to 1 and only pay END costs once per turn to hold up the object. This strikes me as silly. Surely the bridge, et.al. is applying pressure downward every segment. Shouldn't the hero have to apply their STR every segment to resist the weight? I realise that the hero will p
  15. 188 downloads

    One of the great perks of being a Hero System gamer and member of this forum community, is that we're able to ask rules questions of the guy who wrote the rules, Steven S. Long, and get a prompt reply. In the past Hero Games has compiled these very exhaustive rules questions into a FAQ, viewable on the website as a webpage, and later as a downloadable PDF. Several years ago Hero Games management redesigned the website, and according to Jason Walters, decided at that time not to include the FAQ. But since I still frequently see Hero fans asking rules questions on these forums, there's obviously
  16. I have an idea I want to pursue in the coming months as I have time (and others should contribute as they think of battles as well) in which I break down a classic TV or movie fight scene in Hero terms. The first one I want to do is the final confrontation in Unforgiven where Sheriff "Little" Bill Daggett dies. Some of them are so long or complicated they're really tough to pull off in a description for a game, but there are a lot of great ones. Like the lobby scene in The Matrix or final battle between Bolo Yeung and Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. What are some other film scenes
  17. A player in a game I'm running noticed the Possession power in the Hero Designer, but none of us can actually find the source material. Is there a way to find where this one came from? I don't see it in any index, can't find it on a forum or internet search... just, nothing so far. So, I guess it's a simple one, but every time I think I've got all the major rules, there's another thing hidden in there. ...like something about taking Computer Programming causing a character to be in direct competition with the writer of the Hero System... *cough* *cough*
  18. One of the most common devices in computer games for character advancement is the skill tree; a system by which you are able to buy skills, talents, powers, etc one at a time, unlocking later "layers" or "branches" in the tree. For example, a fire mage can buy fire blast, then later because he has unlocked fire blast, he can later buy fireball. While some people despise this system, it is very common and is useful for certain concepts in games. In Hero its a bit unclear how to do this. 2nd edition Fantasy Hero (or, Fantasy Hero in 4th edition Hero) used a system for spells and ninja
  19. If one character throws another into an immobile object such as a wall, how do you adjudicate how much damage is done?
  20. How do you decide between Abort to Dodge and Abort to Dive for Cover against an attack? Can you decide which to do after you see what kind of attack you're facing, or do you need to decide which Maneuver to use at the time you declare your Abort?
  21. been asked to run a champions game, using the 5th rules so I picked up the sidekick of the revised edition and The powers duplication and summon are missing.. is there an errata for this?
  22. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of how to run limitations in my campaigns. I haven't messed with it much because usually I just end up having what happens reasonably in the story take place rather than trying to impose specific events but it seems like it could be at least a useful rule of thumb. Basically the idea is to use the limitation modifier as a rule of thumb for when it takes place. So if someone has an OAF (-1) then it hinders the character at least once a game session (it is awkward, gets taken away, broken, etc). The limitation total would guide this; so a -1/
  23. Just have a fairly simple question. Have an Egoist in my game and he bought some Mental Defense Usable by others [32 people simultaneously. He likes to protect a large group]. Question is should we use the ego of the Egoist who bought the power or the Ego of the various people getting the extra Ego Defenses when working out the EGO/5 +X for the amount of Mental Defense? I would assume if they already had Mental Defense they would not get it twice either way. But for those who didn't have any Mental Defense what do you suggest we do?
  24. Why shouldn't ever Fantasy warrior buy up their STR by 3 so that they can wield the 2hed version of their preferred weapon, while still having a shield? Is this the only "book" rule for stopping every fighter from going full "Hollywood" and using huge weapons in one hand? 6E2 199 states: A Long Sword does 1d6+1 HKA with 12 STR Min. The Great Sword is 2d6, with a bonus +1 OCV, with a 17 STR Min. Since most warriors want to have high strength, why not go straight for 20 STR, then get maneuvers and bonus DCs to max out your damage at 4d6 HKA one handed?
  25. Being an 'old-timer' who's played Champions since 1st edition 1981, the campaign has changed considerably. I've been privileged to be part of such a great group of gamers, who are also my closest friends. We came up with a version of Hardened Defenses before there was such a thing, I'm proud to say. From the 1st edition of "The Island of Dr. Destroyer" to the Adventurers Club magazines, a lot has been added since sitting down on day 1 of Champions 1st edition and trying to figure out the rules from a mere 56 page book. Along the way, we've looked at many things we liked and added a few houseru
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