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Found 15 results

  1. Hoy there, true believers! It’s time for the Super Sitcom Superdraft! In this edition of the Superdraft, you will be choosing characters for a sitcom, but with a twist: The focus is on Supers! Heroes, villains, agents, mooks, DNPCs, super-pets, you name it! Bring them all together for a super story of friends, family, and quirky fun. In this Superdraft, you will select the following: The Setting: Choose a time and/or place for your story. As usual, this is the first pick. The Lead: This is your main character. This character should be a super. (Y
  2. The All Star Freedom League Draft In this draft, Franklin Delano Roosevelt has ordered every superhuman in America to form into one group, the All Star Squadron. This group is instrumental to invading Europe and Japanese waters. Participating drafters have to put together mixed teams from that era to attack designated targets in front of the Allied forces. The draft pool will consist of any hero active during the war such as Captain America, Nick Fury, the Shield, and Samson, any hero who had served during the war but was retconned into not serving such as Superman, Captain Ma
  3. The return of the superdraft! Why? I kind of miss it and I need a distraction from the politics Welcome to the completely unasked for "I want to be a-" Fantasy (?) Draft! Starting Monday, January 11, Noon US EST , if we get at least a few people interested anyway. The basic theme is, as the pick descriptions will elaborate on, is the protagnoist hero you draft has ambitions to join a fictional organization or institution for training and/or membership. It's a staple of Romantic Fantasy but, while I did put fantasy in the title, knowing that if I tell folks, metaphorically speakin
  4. Well, it's that time again, or very nearly so. I figured I 'd put this up now so that people could start thinking about what they might like to do in the coming year. January: Cast Your Fantasy Kingdom Superdraft (Hermit) February: Five Man Band Superdraft (Pariah) March: Reading Rainbow Superdraft (Sociotard) April: Master List Superdraft (Sociotard) May: World Creation Draft IV (Death Tribble)* June: The Shared Starship Superdraft (Sociotard) July: Pick A Color Superdraft (Pariah) August: none September: October: Dungeon Draft (Deat
  5. I may not be on the list but my friends are. Perhaps you know them? Franklin, Grant, and Jackson! That's right, it's time for the Master List Superdraft! Day 1 everyone drafts 8 characters. Some heroes, some villains, all comic book super-persons. We want everyone's list in QUICKLY, so it doesn't matter if there are duplicates. Day 2-5: Stragglers enter their submissions. Day 6: NO NEW PLAYERS! I post the master list: Every character drafted, duplicates reduced to singles. I will replace duplicates with a pre-prepared list of popular list (there are three pick
  6. Grab your Scholastic order forms, kids! It's time for the Reading Rainbow Superdraft! Every draft gets a lot of characters from movies, television, and comics. It's time for a book based draft! All your characters for this draft must have first come from a book. If a character has been in movies, but was a book first (Huckleberry Finn), that is acceptable. If the character was in a movie, tv show, or comic first, that is not okay. I will allow characters that started in oral tradition (Robin Hood), that is acceptable. Poetry will be allowed. Plays and radi
  7. It is the King Kirby Superdraft. Rules - Usual Superdraft rules apply. - Eligibility: Any character created or co-created by Jack "King" Kirby. - Any character not created or co-created by The King but drawn by him requires an Option pick. - Location is drafted first, and any subsequent picks in any order. Roster: Location: 1 Heroes: 6 Villain: 1 Options: 3 New Rule: Commissioner Bonus Pick If the Commissioner loves a draft pick, he can award that player a Bonus Pick. Bonus Picks are just that, a bonus, and once awarded can be redeemed at any time. Bonus P
  8. Ye gawds, it's the World Creation SuperDraft! You are a god. We are building a new fantasy mythology from scratch. Working with all of the other gods, you are going to create a new world. The setting is completely blank. You will need to contribute your divine ideas to build the lands and populate them with a variety of life. Here's what you'll need in your divine portfolio. Domains of Influence. These are special realms of control and responsibility for which you are known and prayed to. You will have one primary domain and three secondary domains. Secondary doma
  9. I'll start the conversation, since nobody else has. How much interest is there in doing one or more Superdrafts in 2018? I have an idea that I could implement for February. It would start on the first Monday, run for two weeks, and include a twist that (as far as I know) has never been included in a Superdraft yet. I'll start putting things together if there's interest. We can also talk about what we might want to do in subsequent months. Who would be willing to run a draft, who would want to participate, when people would be able to do it, all that kind of thing.
  10. The Premise: A notorious supervillain has got his hands on time travel technology. He’s spent several months (or years? Decades?) just wandering around time and space, observing, studying, and taking notes. He’s even tried making subtle changes at key times, just to see what the effects would be. Now, after his long and arduous research, he is ready to strike. He is assembling a team of like-minded individuals to strike at key points in history to change the shape and flow of time and space. His ultimate goal? To take over the Universe, to rule and reign over the past, the present, and the
  11. Get off that pine pony, it's the Back Benchers Unite Superdraft! I know how Superdrafts work. What makes this any different? Here, we'll be drafting comic book heroes. The trick is, I have here a list of 100 banned heroes. You can't draft any of them. This was a list of Superheroes by comic book appearances, making it a rough list of who is most popular. (it looks like Marvel heroes, and X-Men in particular, are overrepresented, but I didn't make the list and I'm too lazy to make my own.) Thus, this is a draft for the less popular and well known heroes; the back-benchers, if you w
  12. Shipping: The fine art (and ubiquitous internet hobby) of taking two notably different fictional characters and making them a couple. Here’s your opportunity to do the same, for fun and votes. The Premise: You have been placed in charge of creating a new romantic comedy--TV series, movie, whatever. Copyright law has been suspended (since the same two or three corporations own all the world’s fictional characters anyway), so you are free to choose whatever characters you would like for your show. The Twist: To keep it interesting for your potential viewers, you m
  13. All Glory to V'han for inspiring such amazing, inventive, and oft times outright bizarre musings. Please vote for your top three favorites and no more. A few didn't have titles (More my fault than anyone else's as I asked so late so they'll be listed on the poll by location). A few didn't make it because they never got the card option pick (Sorry, I know RL happens) Your final round picks are: Title: DCEU & Arrowverse crossover. Location: Earth, DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Protagonist 1: Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, DCEU The Dragon: Superm
  14. All Your Earths are Belong to V'han! Istvatha V'han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions, has come for your reality! It's full on assault as a council of her best generals have told her now is the time and each strives to prove him or herself by delivering to her an Earth! And that Earth is.. dun dun dun! Yours! This will be a 12 pick Superdraft. Fun bit, because we are dealing with multi-dimensional spill over, the usual rule of 'once you make a pick all versions of them are off the table are gone' does NOT apply as it usually does. If someone gets typical Supe
  15. Let's get this show on the road! Here are the round themes and points again for reference. Here we go! ======================================================= Rosters Round 1 Summary bigbywolfe The Thing Steve Power Girl Bazza The Hulk CaptnStrawberry Black Bolt Lady Pariah Thor SKJAM! Nemesis Kid Enforcer84 Big Barda The Rose Godzilla Psybolt Captain America Pariah Carol Danvers BlueCloud2k2 Beta Ray Bill Hermit Nightwing Round 2 Summary bigbywolfe Destroyer (Marlow) Steve Blonde Phantom Bazza Hercules CaptnStrawberry Man Thing Lady Pariah Captain Mar
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