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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the 2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT The first rule is that this is a SUPERHERO Draft And you are creating a comic book superhero universe. Feel free to draft from just about any source but the name of the game is Supers. If your heroes don't have powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men, use some of your picks to give them some. Power sets are non-exclusive but if you grab too many from already drafted characters your characters will be looked down on as knock offs by the industry. Mind you sometimes the knock off can be better than the original. Here is your ultimate goal: You will draft 30 characters, heroes, villains and support, to fill out your universe, with at least three titles idealized. Then you'll share your ideas for the rest of us to enjoy. That's it, easy! I know you want some rules, so here is this draft's batch. Check them out: You must draft 30 characters. "Why?" I hear you ask. Because you’re creating a universe, not a single comic. You need to populate that universe and that’s going take a lot of characters. Up to three selections per day. This allows you to choose a hero and a villain, or a common duo, or the leaders of a snake themed terrorist organization; and one supporting character. See below for more on supporting characters. If you join late, you can immediately catch up to the current draw. Frex: 3rd day of the draft you get 9 picks to catch up with, 7th day you get 21 and so on. Conceptualize at least three titles. The titles can share characters (like Thor in his solo title and The Avengers). You don't need to write intro stories for each title, just give us a little blurb. Who are the heroes? Who are the common villains? How does it fit into your universe? Are you eating pie? You can draft virtually anyone. Who is eligible this draft? The characters must be published and they must be fictional. Comic books, pulp fiction, TV, movies, anime, African folk tales, you name it. I do ask that if you draft someone that is obscure, please provide a link for me so I’m not hunting all over for one. Special case, published RPG characters: you are allowed UP TO TWO published RPG characters. They must be official versions, and they must appear in an official rulebook or supplement. You need Foxbat or Dr. Destroyer in your universe? Are you desperate to see Grond pulp Seeker? Make it happen! The draft aspect. Once a trademark is chosen, that character and all alternate reality versions are off limits. Alternate reality versions are legit and will cut off mainstreams as well. Frex: You draft Earth 1 Superman. All other versions of Superman, from Superboy to Red Son, are out. Supergirl, though, is still in. Special case, Power Girl/Supergirl: Like the last several drafts these two are now considered separate characters. HOWEVER, alternate bearers of the trademark are acceptable. If you choose Iron Man (Tony Stark) then Iron Man (James Rhodes) is still available. So be sure list the specific ID of your choice, especially with Green Lanterns, Flashes, etc. Organizations. When you draft an organization you get all the equipment, standard vehicles and nameless mooks associated with the organization. You only get the named operatives, lieutenants, special one-of-a-kind vehicles and such; if no one else specifically drafts them. i.e. Draft Starfleet and you get starships, starbases, crewmen, phasers and such, but you don’t automatically get Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise unless no one else drafts them. Three Picks Per Day - Two will be heroes, villains or both; but the third pick must be a Supporting Character. All organizations, locales, vehicles and other inanimate objects will be considered to be Supporting Characters. Note you can draft more than ten supporting characters if you wish. But you must draft at least one each day for a total of ten. Every universe needs its Aunt Mays, Alfreds, Hudson Cities, and Starships named Enterprise. Substitutions, Trades, and Dropping Characters - I'm limiting this to a maximum of 5 characters total. Substitutions have a cut-off date of 4:30 PM (US) EDT on August 6th. After that they are not allowed, although trades and dropping of characters, within the maximums of 5 total subs, trades or drops, are. The draft starts Wednesday, August 1st, but jump in at any time. Picks are earned each day @ 5 PM (US) EDT. So start your imaginations! As a further clarification, each day you will draft 2 heroes and 1 supporting character, or 2 villains and 1 supporting character, or 1 hero 1 villain and 1 supporting character. In other words each day you must draft one supporting character plus two anything picks. Please be sure you're clear on this. Question: What's the minimum number of heroes/villains we have to draft? You must draft at least 5 heroes and 5 villains. If you want to draft more supporting picks and fewer main picks, that's fine, as long as you have at least 5 heroes 5 villains and 10 supporting picks your draft will be complete. Question: What about locations? Real world locations are freely available to everyone and are non-exclusive. Fictional locations can be drafted using support picks and are exclusive.
  2. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Do you play in the Supers genre? If so, what setting do you use? Champions? Marvel/DC? Something still licensed, but less mainstream like Robert Kirkman's Invincible, or Brian Michael Bendis' Powers? Perhaps a custom setting of your own design? Or maybe a mishmash of the above, multiverse style? I'm sort of under the assumption that people play a lot of Champions, and I'm curious what the setting has going for it. In general, there are pros & cons to all the above approaches; I'm curious what people have found enjoyment in. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to find write-ups on the Champions Universe supers from the 1970's. My PCs have traveled back in time, yet again. They are about to make a splash by helping fight Doctor Destroyer during his attempted conquest of California on March 5th, 1975. I'm sure they will not be shy about meeting the various super groups who gathered to fight DD. Many of the heroes of that time are mentioned in various books and some events are summarized...Is there a place to find more detail on the Supers of the '70's? We play using 5th ed. revised rules, but if there are books from any edition people could suggest, I'm cool with that. Hopefully, TheQuestionMan will see this. He's been very helpful to me in the past. Grimble P.S. If anyone has any write-ups for '70's supers they have used in their own games and they would be willing to share them here, that would be super cool, man.
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