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Found 8 results

  1. This is for a Fantasy Hero game. Questions: 1) Can you designate a Fixed Location as a small object? Not buying it as a Focus, because of Fantasy Hero game with money. It's an object in it's own right. 2) If so, can a UAA Teleportation power that is within range and not blocked by the UAA cutoffs or Teleport impediments, teleport that object *to me* without seeing it? I'm thinking of some sort of a "Quickdraw" ability (magical/supernatural), or an "Item retrieval" ability that can function across a short distance (10m or less - that I would buy the Teleport distance to)... Stretching wouldn't be able to retrieve the object from inside a chest, I presume?
  2. So here's the concept. Character name: Gemini. Obvious power: Duplication; he splits into the twins. The power in question here is a Teleport, with the limitation Only to the other Twin. So Castor can teleport to Pollux, or Pollux to Castor. But that's it. Side point: they also have a full Psychic Bond Mind Link, should you think that relevant. EDIT: Yes, this also means that when NOT duplicated, the power can't be used. I'm thinking it's a full -2. Other opinions?
  3. I created a Speedster that has a group Teleport but am wondering if I have created it correctly. The special effect is that the speedster moves up to 8 people out of an area in the blink of an eye and then returns to their starting position. Evacuate!: Teleportation 20m, x8 Increased Mass, Area Of Effect (8m Radius; +1/2), Selective (+1/4) (61 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (Must Cross Intervening Space; -1/2), Usable By Other (-1/2), Grantor pays the END whenever the power is used, Grantor controls the power totally, Grantor can only grant the power to others, Recipient must remain close to Grantor The teleport would move the recipients out of the "close" range that Usable By Other requires, which is fine. Thoughts, comments, concerns...have I missed something or am I overthinking this?
  4. I’m sure this has been discussed several times before. But I couldn’t find the info and I’ve been wondering. How through the games rules (6e preferably) could someone teleport a power armor guy out of his armor?
  5. A two-part question for characters escaping from Mental Paralysis. Note that this is for a superheroic campaign. 1) Since EGO doesn't (normally) cost END to use, is it possible to push EGO to help escape from a powerful Mental Paralysis? Example: Osiris (angry over not getting enough attention) hits LongMan with a 2d6, 3 Mental Defense Mental Paralysis and rolls 2 BODY. Since LongMan only has 13 EGO (and thus rolling only 2 1/2 d6), his chances of breaking out are slim... but he has a deadline to meet. Can he push to 23 or even 25 EGO? 1a) Related question -- though EGO doesn't typically cost END to use, would he have to spend 1 END to use his normal 13 EGO to break free? 2) LongMan has a teleportation ring he found in a box of Cracker Jacks. Can he simply use that to teleport out of the Mental Paralysis, if it's not bought with Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation?
  6. Hey, I thought of a teleporter pad that hangs out in the old Fortress of Solitude (and floor of the inn our characters bought) that lets us quickly move to all of our adventures (5e): The Boom Tube: Teleportation 1", Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4), Usable By Other (+1/4), Area Of Effect (One Hex; +1/2), MegaScale (1" = 1,000 km; +1), Continuous (+1) (8 Active Points); OAF Immobile (-2), Limited Power Gate (-1/2) The device works fine, but I have two questions 1. When our adventure is done for the day, I would like some sort of device that I can use to open the gate so we can go home. Perhaps a linked trigger? Love to get some ideas for remotely calling for the gate. 2. I'd love to scry the area first so can move with no problems. thoughts to make it easy? (alternately, I could spent 1xp each and make permanent fixed locations being various other cities in Thay)
  7. If you use teleport area of effect but do not have sufficient mass to carry everyone, how do you determine who stays and who goes? Is it random and if so, how do you determine the randomness?
  8. A situation in my Champions campaign, in two parts: 1) One of the heroes (Maker, an energy projector with gadgeteering) has been taking captured VIPER flyer bots to use as her own. These have plug-and-play modules for offensive, defensive, sensory, and other purposes. (Basically, each bot has a VPP, with a predefined set of slots.) The Professor (second in command of Boston VIPER) knows she is doing this and wants to use it to his advantage, or at least the heroes' disadvantage. 2) Another hero, Pops, has teleportation powers and frequently uses a Megascale mass teleport to transport the entire hero team to locations anywhere in the country. Specifically, he has to be touching the people teleporting with him (actually, them touching him). So they normally arrive with Pops in the center and the rest of the team surrounding him. And he does have Clairsentience only for targeting his teleport at long distances. The idea is, The Professor is going to send some more flyer bots to be captured, each with plug-and-play modules that appear innocuous, but in reality can generate an energy field that will, over time, alter Maker's own energy to interfere with Pops' teleport. (I figure the modules will be something like a 1d6 Major Transform, Penetrating, Invisible Power Effects, AoE 8m radius.) The idea being to add an Always On power to Maker (that she can eventually figure out a way to get rid of) that will cause Pops' mass-teleport to go awry on occasion, ideally scattering the heroes all over town.** ** Not in pieces; that would be messy. I mean that Pops ends up in one location, Maker in another, Circe in a third, etc. So, how to draw up the teleport redirect? I'm thinking it would be Teleportation, say 4m, with Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4), Megascale (1m = 1 km; +1), Trigger (Maker is teleported; zero phase, resets automatically, immediately after activation; +3/4), Usable as Attack (+1 1/4), 0 END (+1/2 or +1; see below), Persistent (+1/4); Always On (-1/2), Activation 11- (-1/2), Teleports target in random direction / distance (-0) But would I make it AoE (4m radius; +1/4) to encompass the rest of her team? Or AoE (4m Radius Accurate; +1/2) with Autofire (10 shots; +2)? The former writeup seems like it should send everybody to the same location. But the latter seems like it would require some sort of conscious targeting on her part, and I want this to be something that would happen even if she was unwilling or unconscious.
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