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  1. (Note: the second question on the poll is multiple choice) The year is 2020, and the Champions, one of the most powerful and popular superhero teams in the world find themselves facing their own age, the repercussions of their fame, and an increasing demand for them outside of their home town of Millennium City. They're hardly the only team that has gone through changes through out the country and, indeed, some cities have had whole teams retire (or worse) and need more attention than ever. After one incident where they were particularly hard pressed to stop a reality ripper bomb (no side effects as far as anyone KNOWS) the Champions decided they could perhaps help themselves and the world, by expanding the Champions not just in membership, but in location! While Defender shudders at the term "franchise" which Kinetik keeps using, it was decided that Other "Champions" teams would be established in other locations through out the United States of America. If the plan shows success, maybe they'll try other countries. Bases have been built, vehicles provided for each location, and each division already has a superhero that the Champions trust attached to it. It's time to build up the teams with members. That's where you come in. Answering the call, you've told the Champions of your interest, and been accepted. They'll help your secret Identity (if you have one) have a good cover story for the move, and a small stipend for living costs provided. But where are you going? (As for who 'you' are, pick one of your characters or just make a concept on the spot- this is all for fun) Charlotte Base- The nineteenth most largest city in the US (population wise) was picked last. North Carolina was considered a good balancing act geographically with the other bases. Close enough to swing up to the north east or down the coast as required. Of course, the mass banking influence here draws villains with financial ambition. Given its large African American population, Kinetik suggested the Champions send his Ex-Girlfriend, Quantum, to set this chapter of the Team up. In retrospect, this might have been as much as to get her out of Millennium City as anything else. Quantum is not the most diplomatic of team leaders. No nonsense, the woman plays hardball and tells it like it is. She has already called out corrupt cops, as well as shown little sympathy for supervillains playing the victim card. This has earned her a lot of resentment, and more than a few die hard fans. The Champions main team only finds itself scrambling for a more diplomatic alternative to at least help her with public relations. The personal ability to fly is also considered a plus because the team base (Nick Named "The Hornets' Nest") hovers over the city. If you want to join a hard hitting, in your face, crime busting group, Champions Charlotte might be for you! Honolulu Base- A lot further west than the team originally wanted to go and perhaps with less local demand, it was pointed out that until foreign franchises were considered this still might be a good bet for emergencies in the Pacific. With limited land available (Barring creation by volcano), designs from the Protectors superteam base were allowed to be used as a template, and now there is a base floating on the water near the city. Because of this, the team has two vehicles, one a local ferry of sorts, and the other a long range vehicle capable of getting to Japan if need be in a mere hour and a half! The team leader is certainly flamboyant, a maskless Australian fellow who openly declares himself a Ninja named "Seeker". Despite having absolutely no powers, Seeker is a skilled martial artist, looks great without a a shirt, respects other cultures and, in the words of his good friend Defender "Can really take a beating." Whether his fast and loose charm offensive will make him a good leader remains to be seen. If you want to join a team residing in a pacific paradise with angry volcano gods and frequent trips to various locals to stop giant monsters while lead by a crazy but cool Aussie, Champions Honolulu might be for you! Houston Base- Houston in Texas is one of the most populated cities in the United States, has, among other things, connections to space travel! The latter is why this team is currently under the auspice of Ironclad's friend Obsidian! Another alien, Obsidian is a prince rather than a warrior but knows how to fight. He takes his noblesse oblige seriously, and seems a good leader, but is unused to much of Earths' ways. The city of Houston has bequeathed upon the team the Chong Hua Sheng Holy Palace building, and it has been strengthened and supplemented with Millennium City tech and some of Prince Obsidian's people's touches. Of course, it also has a hanger for the team vehicle but one of the aforementioned touches is a short range teleporter than can send team members to certain pre programmed locations in the city proper. Sadly, it does not send them back. Houston already has a superhero team, the Hero Corps. How they feel about the Champions horning in or not is hard to say. A rivalry or friendship might brew. If you want to join a team with alien encounters, mega city sized adventures, cutting edge medical centers sure to attract the wrong sort of villains, and loose zoning laws, Champions Houston might be for you! Phoenix Base- With California right next door, one might wonder why Phoenix Arizona beat out so many California cities. As with many things, you can blame Foxbat for that. When the governor of California's wife was mutated into a 50 foot tall rampaging behemoth (Foxbat still isn't sure how he did it, but it involved a microwave and a non dairy creamer) the Champions were forced to knock her out first, cure after. The governor was so incensed that he made it clear that even once out of office, he would use his political clout to make them rue the day. This set off the 'potential supervillain' concerns, and the Champions respected his wishes. Also, Phoenix is huge, and the Champions got a great deal on the famous Luhrs Tower, a fourteen story tall art deco masterpiece now brought up to superhero specs. The Champions have assigned a rather shy leader, and one with an ironic name- Solitaire. Naturally, reclusive, the odd mentalist has put her gift at disguises to work by also creating a separate identity (hardly her only one) to act as team liaison! Of course, she has to leave that weird floating widget behind. It would give her away. How others joining on my feel about this 'secret' (Assuming they ever figure it out) remains to be seen. If you can take the heat of a desert bound metropolis with a military base and Project Greenskin troubles just a short flight away, Champions Phoenix might just be for you! Seattle Base- One would think a city like Seattle would have dozens of superheroes, but in truth for the longest time, it only had one. Overwhelmed by threats both local and Canadian (Something experts have dubbed for unknown reasons "The Bennie Effect"), Cascade actually petitioned the Champions to set up shop. The Champions response was to send the reluctant shapeshifter, Jaguar to the scene. While his feline form is bestial, Jaguar himself is a skilled detective and made no secret that he is happy to help prep Cascade for eventual leadership. Witchcraft lured him to take the job by finding their current base, a mysterious manorhouse that somehow seems to avoid notice from 'the norms'. The mystical properties of the location allow him greater control. And one day, he hopes, Witchcraft can arrange to erase his family curse. Seattle residents are aware they have a new Champions franchise in their area, but the fact Cascade is a local has eased any resentment. Indeed, the citizens of the city have voiced many suggestions on social media for who they hope eventually joins up. A strong push for diversity seems to be a major chunk of these. Jaguar wonders with a grumble if there's a way to roar in Spanish to appease them. Cascade has told him to lighten the heck up already. If you can handle rain, hipsters and the frightening numbers of Canadian villains that drop down to visit, then Champions Seattle might be for you!
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