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Found 1 result

  1. Yes, this is probably in poor taste, but we each deal with crazy situations in our own way... and inspiration is not always appropriate The Anchorman straightened his tie, "We now turn to Holly Winger, our reporter on the street and in the fringes for our 'Isn't that odd?' news Segment" Mostly he was just glad some peon was going to be doing a fluff piece while he got to finish his coffee.. The camera zoomed in on a reporter in her mid twenties who looked a bit sweaty despite the attempts to touch things up, "Hi, I'm here in front of the scene of a very unusual crime. This liquor bottling factory , closed for the weekend, was broken into, and just about every drop of booze of all types was seized, bottles, kegs, and more. It sounds like a frat party gone wrong, but the interesting thing? Hoof prints? As if a stampede went through here, which sounds like a frat PRANK gone wrong.." Then she coughed, and wiped at her brow. The Anchorman, Gus DeVaki, rolled his eyes, but quickly. Couldn't be seen doing that if the camera came back to him while she recovered. Ah there it was, the signal that he too was on the screen. So much for his coffee break. Feigning concern he said, "Holly, are you okay? I hear there's a bug going around and we'd hate to lose one of our best reporters." Holly fought another cough and lost, then she shot a look at the camera, as if she wanted to reach through the lens and strangle DeVaki. Attentive viewers noticed her eyes had gone oddly black, reflective, and shifted shape a bit, "Do you, Gus? Because last I heard half the station couldn't get a raise because of your damn golden parachute deal for yourself, nevermind you keep expecting anyone female at the station who doesn't have power over your paycheck to fetch you coffee when you snap your fingers." Gus's eyes bulged, then narrowed, what did this crazy chick think she was doing? Calling him out on TV? He tried to play it off, no need for viewers to suspect she was right, "Hahah.. oh you pranked me good today guys. How'd you know this was a very special day to..." Another bought of coughing , and Holly felt something seeping out of her as she did so, and yet, she felt stronger, "Stow it, Gus!" She tore at her jacket with increasingly sharp, increasingly talon like fingernails, "By Hera, the nerve of you. You over rated, over paid, third rank desk jockey! You're laughter is almost as fake as that dye job on your receding hairline you try to hide." Wings Burst out from her back, "Oh that's what was itching! you know what I've got an itching for, Gus?" Holly said, the hair on her head feathery rather than strand like, "More chances to chew you out, which is nicer than gutting you like you deserve!" She shrieked. Gus was freaking out. Someone at the console would normally cut it off at this point, and cut to commercial but they were also too stunned as the transformation continue. The reporter wasn't hideous, but she was becoming inhuman. Her legs, from the kneecaps down, also now resembled birds legs and talons. "And you know what else?" Holly flapped and cursed him out on live TV, using language that was not approved by the network and caused one lady at the FCC to clutch her pearls and start the count on what the network would owe. Gus, when he had a thought all, just knew she was a monster. Viewers with the right mix of education and imagination, realized she wasn't just any monster, she was a Harpy! Or at least close enough to count! It was the first live on air of event of what would be called the Corinth Virus, and people all over the country began to transform to Centaurs, Cyclopes, Satyrs, Nymphs, and more! Each transformation came with gifts and curses, of sorts. As if their personality was at least influenced by what form they had taken. Harpies, for example, could be very harsh critics of character. But how much of the population was changed? Where was the virus most spread? Was their a pattern to who turned to what, or was it random? Polls are up! Maybe you guys will want to brainstorm to pass the time, etc.
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