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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The Westerlands calendar for the year 5000SE. Based on the description and information provided in the Turakian Age sourcebook. I had been looking around for one but in the end created my own. Including: Holy Days and Wyretha (the 6th Holy Day) Moon cycle showing Full & New moons * Months names are colour coded for the seasons. As mentioned on the calendar the Holy Days divide the year into 5 parts. When a year is divided like this a single part is usually referred to as a "Quinary" (plural is Quinaries). I imagine that having these divides in the year would be something that the populus might make use of. * included for "The Druids" given the entry on p.206 under Almandre; Obviously the following years will need new calendars in order to show the correct moon cycle given the Wyretha at the end of the year on every fourth year.
  2. Quite some time ago I shared a number of the original maps from the Turakian Age book. Due to RL and other issues I was unable to continue working on them. I am now back to the Turakian Age and have, today, uploaded a colour version of the world map of Ambrethel. I myself have printed this on a decent home printer as a A3 poster and it looks good. It is 1600x1200. I am not the creator of these, but the creator was kind enough to pass on to me the various images/files he had a number of years back so I could use/share them on the HERO forums. I hope to have more converted in time. [Download links for others: Black & White World Map - other map files]
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A colour version of the world map - this is as high a resolution as I have.
  4. Version 1


    This is a zip of the TIF files used in the book itself.
  5. In the Turakian Age, everybody hates the Ulronai. It's a rule. If you have a group of people everyone hates, there will surely be jokes about them. I'd like to hear suggestions for Ulronai jokes. I'll start. Q: How many Ulronai does it take to light a candle? A: Why would they light a candle when they can sneak up on you in the dark? Q: Why did the evil wizard hire a bunch of Ulronai mercenaries? A: There are some things that Orcs just won't do. Q: Why did the baron hire all the Ulronai males in his realm to tend his flock of sheep? A; Hey, if they're flocking with the sheep they're not flocking their own women and making more Ulronai! Q: Why should you never make fun of Ulronai to their faces? A: I don't know about you but I don't want to be close enough to one to look them in the face. Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: He saw an Ulronai coming. Q: Why did the jester take off in such a hurry? A: He saw the Ulronai coming too! Lucius Alexander Why are there Ulronai in the tagline? They're probably trying to steal the palindromedary.
  6. Are there any available in a digital format for download? I have bought the PDF and most of the 5th Ed books (FH, Grimoire, etc) and I have found an overall map of Ambrethel, but I need more regional maps and ones that I can 'zoom' in to be able to add details specific to my game. Copies of the ones from the TA PDF would be a good start. Cheers D.
  7. Version 1


    A black/white world map - this is as high a resolution as I have. I have been working on overlaying the colour versions of the map but the scales are different - perhaps the source files will be able to allow someone to do this - I don't have Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop.
  8. Is there anyone on here in the UK with a copy of Turakian Age that might be for sale, or know of a store near them with a copy. I have the PDF already, and if I buy a copy from the HERO store (that includes the PDF) it will cost me twice the book price in shipping alone, hence looking at alternatives.
  9. Version 1.0


    A quick and easy reference guide to all things Turakian Age. Enjoy!
  10. Giant brains of Herodom Assemble! For my own amusement, I am about to start in on a fourth Champions Universe serialised "Oh my God, what kind of amateur would call that a novel?" So, I'm brainstorming. i) The Setting: Tatammy High, a highschool with a secret superhero programme in an underground annex. It's in one of those pre-WWI "tram suburbs" that I assume they have in West Philadelphia. (I made a very dumb choice of setting, as I don't know West Philadelphia from a hole in the ground. Hints from people who do would be awesome.) Three members of the faculty are either retired Silver Age superheroes or similar, and teach about 30 kids. ii) The Protagonists: the incoming 9th grade: Kung fu princess/orphan Charlotte Wong, speedster/cyberpath/refugee from a dark, postapocalyptic future, Rose; magic girl/feisty Latina/nerdy principal's daughter, Dora Guzman, and totally, like immature boys Bruce (latest grandson of the Hobgoblin, progenitor of a long dynasty of local Batman-imitator family), Brian (dark, moody recipient of half-understood ancient Elvish wild magic), and Twelve (escaped superclone project of Teleios. Thinks that individualism is a sickness of the modern American condition. "I'm a number, not a name!") iii) The major adventure milieu is going to be Babylon, City of Art and Man. The quest is going to be a foray into the Library of Babylon in search of information about the lost sword Auralia, Light of Dawn, Bane of Times A-Gone. iv) So the basic concept is junior high school students going downtown to the library to research, hang out, flirt, gossip, only turned up to 11. I have some idea of what I want to include street racing in the City of Man; creepy graduate student carrels deep in crumbling wings; ancient eugenic experiments coming to horrifying fruition; the gathering menace of Powerful Forces; dark magic of worm yellow and shining darkness. That kind of stuff. The question I have, after this wall of words, what kind of things would you like to see in the City of Man, or its library in particular?
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