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Found 12 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a group of elemental themed villains inspired by the 1980s cartoon Inhumanoids and the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip. Included are the Hero Designer Files (6th Edition) and Microsoft Word formats. They are the following; Magmax - Lava elemental, inspired by the character Metlar Revenant - Bone golem, inspired by the character D'Compose Trellis - Plant elemental, inspired by the character Tendril Snow Goon #1 and #2 - Inspired by Calvin & Hobbes' creations on winter day that went mad!
  2. Hi. This thread is for working any type of characters for the wiki project. Actual writups are discouraged (as that is what the upcoming wiki is for). This is for development and feedback and ideal bouncing.
  3. Hey guys and gals! As my friends and I learn more about the game, they have shown interest in being the villains as opposed to heroes. With that being said, are there any campaigns out there that have this in mind? I think I came across one about aliens killing all the heroes so the villains have to step up in order to save earth, but cannot find it anymore. Any and all help is much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    As I read over my Champions official setting source books (for the "Champions Universe"), I was struck by the range of activities the criminal high-tech corporation ARGENT is involved in around the world -- how many pies it has its fingers in, and how viciously it digs into them. But from comments I've heard over the years, most Champions players who don't have those books don't fully appreciate what ARGENT is capable of, nor the range of uses it can be put to for villainous plots, as well as character origins and backstory. In part this is due to there being no source book dedicated to that malevolent corporation. Hero Games did plan to publish one, but the severe downsizing the company went through several years ago curtailed that plan for the foreseeable future. There's actually substantial information extant, but it's dispersed over more than a dozen books. A couple of years ago I thought it might be interesting and helpful to the community to pull that info together and organize it for easy consumption in a thread on the Champions discussion forums. Whether or not one games in the Champions Universe, the corporation could easily be inserted into most superhero worlds, providing opportunities for many game sessions of villainy to oppose. It can also be an inspirational model for whatever original evil corporate foe a Game Master would like to create. That forum thread has since been archived, but recurrent interest in the subject prompted me to transcribe my compilation to PDF form and offer it here. What follows in this document is a brief history of ARGENT; a summary of ARGENT's motivations, goals, and methods of operation; a rundown of its known organizing structure, with a little logical extrapolation based on relevant precedents; ARGENT front companies described in the books; an overview of ARGENT's extensive activities around the globe; its interactions with various superhumans and supercrime groups -- those it works with, is interested in, and its rivals and enemies; a list of official supervillains (and superheroes) who owe their superhuman abilities to ARGENT science, and how they came to be; a collection of devices commonly used by ARGENT's operatives; and a brief listing of the source books for this information. The text also frequently mentions what books specific characters and references may be found in. EDIT: For those who'd like to view the original thread, including subsequent discussion of the ARGENT material, it can be found here.
  5. One of the standbys of Champions, and of superhero comics, is the bank robbery. A gang of thugs waltzing into a bank office or branch and gabbing all the money there, only to be interrupted by the heroes. It's as old as comics. Only one problem -- there's really no point to robbing banks anymore. Tellers work with very small tills, nobody keeps much cash around because all large transactions are done electronically now, and, seriously -- if you can lift buses or smash through brick walls, the return on a bank job in these times is a pittance compared to other crimes you could be committing. Bank robberies today and basically either crimes of desperation or the acts of a lone person robbing a single teller. The capture, arrest, and conviction rate of real-world bank robbers is close to 100%, even with a good disguise. Not worth it. So if you want to have the heroes foil a crime committed by a brute-force villain (as opposed to more subtle schemers and the outright megalomaniacs), what sort of crime works? I know the bank robbery is a genre trope, but it doesn't make as much sense anymore. So what do they do to announce themselves and present themselves as a threat we need superheroes to deal with?
  6. In Champions Villains, Volume III, page 60, there is a character sheet for Buzzsaw. Listed in his Powers are his two Buzzsaw Shooter Gauntlets. The first costs 38 CP and the second costs 5 for the exact same weapon. Can someone explain to me what rule is being employed to get this kind of discount? I ask because there is a PC in my group who has multiple pistols of the same make and model (same powers, advantages, and disadvantages) and I had him pay the same amount for each one. Thanks, experts!
  7. 144 downloads

    As I read the Champions Villains trilogy, I was struck by the strong similarities in background, motivation, and personality among several of the solo villains from Volume 3, and how bringing them together would create a formidable, versatile team with a strong unifying theme. Exploring all the ways I could use them in a game, I realized they could add a lot to almost any four-color-style superhero campaign, so I thought some of my fellow Champions gamers might also be able to use the concept. Gaia's Wrath are a group of extreme eco-terrorists, all with a nature/elemental motif, who believe the Earth's biosphere is in a war for survival with the human race. The Wrath intend to stop mankind's despoiling of the planet, by so decimating the human population that they will never again be a threat. This upload is a ZIP containing two files. One is a RTF writing up the Gaia's Wrath team in the format from Champions Villains Vol.2: Membership; Background/History; Group Relations; Tactics; Associates, Allies, And Adversaries. That last entry also briefly describes the team's support organization, "Gaia's Web." The references in the write-up are to the official Champions Universe as the default, but can easily be changed to fit many other settings. The write-ups and character sheets of the individual members of Gaia's Wrath, and all other characters referred to, are in the Champions Villains trilogy. The second file is a JPG of a color illustration of the entire team, which I composited from the artwork for each of the individual villains from CV 3. (I'm no artist or master of computer graphics, but I think it gets the point across.) I received permission from Jason Walters to upload both files here. I hope you find them interesting and useful. EDIT: I reformatted the RTF to hopefully make it easier to read and more esthetically pleasing, as well as made a couple of cosmetic touch-ups to the JPG.
  8. Hi, I want to run a campaign of Skilled Characters, not super humans. And I have no idea of how to balance my party and create enemies, like minions, servants, villains and bosses. For example I have a really good concept for an antagonist, but is one character, so how do I make him a villain that can fight 4 other characters but not so overpowered that he can kill my players so easily? Sorry for my bad english, I am stilll learning!
  9. I’ve enjoyed Steve Long’s new Martial Enemies supplements so much they inspired me to take another look at some of the martial artist villains I’ve written up for my own campaigns. Here’s El Rasgador, the Ripper, one of the more vicious residents of the Martial Arts World. (Regarding the reference to “Aran training”: In my new campaign world, the Arans are an alien race that developed incredibly advanced martial arts. Humans have learned and published some of their simpler training techniques for strengthening both body and Qi. Self-training isn’t as reliable or effective as learning from an Aran sifu, but with persistence and a little luck a determined student can develop nigh-superhuman physical and martial arts prowess, producing a wave of martial arts origins — while people who already have great natural talent and a strong Qi push their skills to wuxia extremes. For other settings, Rasgador simply began with unusual natural talent but squandered it turning down his dark and bloody path.) Rasgador Val Char Cost Roll Notes 25 STR 15 14- Lift 800 kg; 5d6 HTH damage [2] 24 DEX 28 14- 25 CON 15 14- 10 INT — 11- PER Roll 11- 8 EGO -2 11- 20 PRE 10 13- PRE Attack: 4d6 8 OCV 25 8 DCV 25 3 OMCV — 3 DMCV — 6 SPD 40 Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 25 PD 23 Total: 25 PD (5 rPD) 25 ED 23 Total: 25 ED (5 rED) 12 REC 8 50 END 6 14 BODY 4 40 STUN 10 Characteristics Cost: 230 Movement: Running: 24m Swinging: 24m Cost Powers END Martial Arts: Eagle Claw Kung Fu Maneuver OCV DCV Notes 4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort 5 Defensive Strike +1 +3 5d6/1d6 AP KA Strike 4 Eagle Claw +0 +0 9d6/1½d6 AP KA Crush, Must Follow Grab (13d6 normal/4d6 AP KA with STR and Deadly Blow) 3 Joint Lock/Grab -1 -1 Grab 2 Limbs, 35 STR Hold 3 Legsweep +2 -1 6d6, Target Falls 1 Use Art with Claws 26 Steel Claw Implants: HKA 1d6 (2d6+1 with STR) 0 Armor Piercing (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) 5 Subdermal Ballistic Cloth: Resistant (+1/2) on 5 PD, 5 ED 0 5 Synthetic Eye Lens: Sight Group Flash Defense (5 points) 0 5 Synthetic Eye Lens: UV Perception 0 12 Fleetfoot: Running +12m (total 24m) 2 8 Swingline Bracer: Swinging 24m 2 OIF (-1/2) 5 Another Swingline Bracer Perks 15 Contacts: 3 Narco-Barons, 11- each (Contact has very useful resources, access to major institutions, &/or significant Contacts of his own) 3 Membership: Medellin Cartel Talents 16 Deadly Blow: +8 levels with Kung Fu Only to add damage to Eagle Claw (+4 DC normal damage, +3 DC AP KA damage) Skills 6 +2 with Eagle Claw Kung Fu 4 +2 OCV with Joint Lock/Grab 3 Acrobatics 14- 3 Breakfall 14- 3 Climbing 14- 3 Interrogation 13- 2 KS: Aran Training 11- 2 KS: Kung Fu 11- 2 KS: Latin American Organized Crime 11- 2 KS: Martial World 11- 1 L: English (Basic Conversation; Spanish is native) 1 L: Mandarin (Basic Conversation) 3 Stealth 14- 3 Streetwise 13- Total Powers & Skills Cost: 161 Total Cost: 388 400 Matching Complications (75) 10 Distinctive Features: Metal Claws (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable) 10 Distinctive Features: Style (Not Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable, Detectable By Large Group) 20 Hunted: Various Governments (Infrequently, More Pow, NCI, Capture/Kill) 10 Negative Reputation: Murderous Disgrace (Infrequently, Extreme) 20 Psychological Complication: Bloodthirsty (Very Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Complication: Gunslinger Mentality (Common, Strong) Total Complications Points: 75 Background/History: Leandro Bardem comes from an upper middle class Mestizo family in Cali, Colombia. His family worked hard to be respectable; Leandro found it stifling. His passions were kung fu and getting in trouble with street kids. Leandro was still a teenager when Aran martial arts teachings reached the Internet, and his dojo. Leandro excelled. He combined his interests by becoming the youngest leg-breaker for a small gang affiliated with the city’s drug cartel. His sifu saw Leandro’s growing brutality and expelled him, but by then Leandro didn’t care. Eager to build his gang reputation, Leandro adopted claw-tipped gloves to make his Eagle Claw attacks deadlier and more intimidating. Then a fight went further than expected and Leandro ripped open a man’s belly. First Leandro threw up. Then he whooped and laughed in wild exultation at his own lethal power. The cartel leaders dubbed him El Rasgador, “The Ripper,” and he graduated to the higher tiers of gang enforcement. Leandro reveled in the violence and the fear he inspired, as well as the women, wealth and drugs the cartel gave him. On the other hand, Leandro found that he faced stiffer competition from other elite enforcers as well as the occasional hero. He was no longer getting better at kung fu, either. So Leandro paid a shady doctor to cyborg him: ballistic cloth under his skin to make him bullet-resistant, artificial lenses in his eyes to shield them from flash/bang grenades, and diamond-coated, case-hardened steel claws on his fingertips. As a living weapon, the Ripper was now ready to kill at any time. Personality/Motivation: Leandro is utterly psychotic. He loves killing up close and personal: The spurt of blood, the stink of guts ripped from a man’s belly, and the shock and horror on the face of a dying victim. El Rasgador believes he can take anything he wants and kill anyone who gets in his way. So far, it’s worked pretty well for him. Leandro particularly wants to fight other skilled martial artists for the glory of killing them. Quote: “I will rip out your guts and show you your heart as you die. Ha!” Powers/Tactics: The Ripper’s claws are exceptionally hard and sharp, and Leandro’s martial arts skill enables him to rip through stronger materials and inflict greater wounds than would seem possible for such small blades. The combination of martial training and subdermal kevlar also make El Rasgador tougher than should be humanly possible. The artificial lenses in his eyes incidentally let him see ultraviolet light. Bracers that shoot grapnel-tipped lines enhance his mobility. Most importantly, though, Leandro is superhumanly strong, fast and agile. Apart from that, his martial arts skill is… not that great. A true master can tell that while Leandro’s Qi is strong, his technique is sloppy and his range of maneuvers is limited. He could have been a great fighter, if he cared more about perfecting his skills than killing people. Getting cyborged also interferes with the natural flow of his Qi and prevents him from ever developing the more refined, mystical aspects of kung fu. El Rasgador begins a fight with Defensive Strikes while he feels out his opponent’s skill… or to toy with a victim by inflicting minor wounds. If an opponent can fight back effectively, Leandro uses Blocks to act first on subsequent Phases, and Legsweeps in hopes of putting his foe on the ground and at a disadvantage. This is to set up his foe for a Joint Lock. Once Leandro his target Grabbed he uses his Eagle Claw maneuver, trying to rip his enemy’s guts out. El Rasgador always fights to kill unless his employer pays him extra to leave someone alive. Campaign Use: If you need a homicidal and utterly vile Mob enforcer for a scenario, El Rasgador can fill the bill. To make the Ripper more powerful, increase his Dexterity and Speed, expand his Skill Levels to All HTH, and add Damage Classes to his Eagle Claw King Fu. (Don’t add maneuvers; the Ripper is supposed to be a one-trick pony.) To make him less powerful, remove his Flash Defense and Skill Levels, and reduce his Deadly Blow bonus damage. El Rasgador Hunts people when his employer pays him to. He might also Hunt another martial artial out of rivalry; he won’t fight fair. Associates, Allies, and Adversaries: The Ripper specificially works for the Medellin Cartel in Colombia, but the cartel rents his services to the Cali Cartel, the Mexican Mafia, and other narco-traffickers. In this way he might turn up far from Colombia and working with other Mob super-enforcers. He has no genuine allies, though — and many people in the Martial Arts World despise him for killing respected, though not superhuman, athletes, fighters and teachers (including his own teacher). It wouldn’t take much for this Negative Reputation to flip into a second Hunted. Appearance: El Rasgador is a young man with bronzed skin, short, spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears tight black vinyl pants and boots, with black enameled bracers on his forearms. Leandro goes shirtless to flaunt his ultra-ripped, Aran-trained physique, just as he makes no effort to hide the half-inch, hooked claws of gleaming steel that replace his fingernails. Rasgador Facts Here are some facts that characters and NPCs might know about El Rasgador if they succeed with an appropriate Skill Roll: K/R: Colombian drug cartels have an enforcer who is called the Ripper because he rips people’s guts out with his bare hands. -1: El Rasgador has metal claws on his fingers. His strength and speed place him at the limit of human athletic potential, or beyond. He’s been active throughout Latin America and occasionally further afield. -2: The Ripper’s name is Leandro Bardem. He practices some form of kung fu and has been surgically altered. Bardem doesn’t just kill for money: He seeks out and kills other martial artists just to show that he can. -4: Leandro Bardem practices Eagle Claw kung fu. His remarkable strength and speed come from Aran training techniques, but his actual skill is not great. ----------- Dean Shomshak
  10. Spoilers about the Savage Worlds Superhero(SuperVillain) Plot Point Adventure "Necessary Evil" are past this post. This first post will be about the Pre Campaign Adventure. So don't read past this post if you don't want any spoilers. I won't be spoiler tagging anything. Also, if you have spoiler info about upcoming adventure segments PLEASE spoiler tag those parts so my players don't see them. A number of them DO at least lurk here. First about the Campaign it's self 6e 500pts. Averages DC 12 Dex 23, SPD 5, CV 9, Def 24. 75 max points per power. The Characters are Villains of a Silver Age Feel, with some Bronze age about them. ie No Psychokillers, no Silly characters etc. I actually created all of the PC's so far with a LOT of Player feedback and discussion. To create some order and to give the Players something to think about I gave them Archetypes and made them choose one. The PC's Darkest Knight (Sorcerer)- Uses shadows cloak and send damaging tendrils from unexpected directions Dr Pestilence (Gadgeteer, kind of)- has some gadgets, but mainly uses his control over diseases to sicken and damage his foes Fixer (Mentalist) a Contract Devil, He's an ex casino owning mobbed up wise guy with Infernal Connections. He can give you your deepest desires or greatest nightmares Volknir (Brick) He's the Anti Thor. Has a Hammer and everything. He's an Asgard raised Human who used to pal around with Thor. Has Thor's hammer tricks. Fury (Martial Artist). She's the last known hero in the world. She opens wormholes from place to place. Practitioner of Jeet Kune Do. BRIEF Background: Bay City a collection of all of the cities and communities along the San Francisco Bay Area. The communities reincorporated into one supercity after WWII. Bestial Aliens invaded earth. The sharkmen AKA K'tharen invaded and things weren't looking too well. Eventually another Alien Race called the V'sori came to Earth's aid and ended the invasion very quickly helping earth's Superheroes win the war. With the Victory Celebrations took place across the globe. It was all a nasty trick to get the Heroes concentrated in a few locations that were quickly vaporized with Mass driver(ie HUGE Railgun projectiles) shots from the V'sori armada. The V'sori with their K'tharen shock troopers quickly took the globe and the world governments surrendered quickly. From his Island Destruga, Doctor Destroyer saw all of this happen. HE wasn't going to allow lesser beings to control the world. He is the one that is the most qualified to lead both in this crisis and later the appreciative world when HE destroyed the Alien Invaders. Doctor Destroyer then set about fulfilling his masterplan only to have his minions captured and imprisoned with the rest of the Superpowered population. It seemed that even HIS weapons couldn't make a dent in the Alien's defenses. Next he barely escaped with is life when the V'sori bombarded Destruga and every other known Destroyer base with Mass Driver projectiles So he would need to come at this from another direction altogether... First he would need some new minions to do his bidding. Then he would need to use a base that no one knew about.
  11. I finally got a hold of Champions Villains Volume 3: Solo Villains! I had the other two books and the completist in me had to finish the collection. I bought the Hero Designer version a while back but having the write-ups in a handsome color book was more important to me than I had realized. I have now, in 30 years of playing this game, bought Enemies I, Enemies II, Enemies III, Classic Enemies, Conquerors Killers and Crooks and now these. So. Many. Enemies!! I spent my snow day (reason 1,125 to have kids) yesterday comparing characteristics in Excel and trying to solve for CU campaign power levels. I've always played a fairly high point total game and the Villains books do not disappoint.
  12. A "Duumvirate" is a government or rule by two. A Triumvirate is a government or rule by three. Quadrumvirate, rule by four, and so forth. So, thinking outside the box, I contemplated how far it could be taken. So I came up with Tricentumvirate, a group of 300 who rule together. But that's all I have so far. I need to brainstorm where to go from here. Are they an illuminati or secret society? Are they an overt group dedicated to establishing dominance over...? Are they a "union" of sorts? And who are they? Politicians and businessmen? Crime lords, terrorists , mercenaries and assassins? Supervillains? Aliens? Are they even perhaps mega or master villains? Are they all equally powerful or are some far more powerful than others? Do they traffic in differing kinds of power--political, economic, temporal, physical, magical, etc.? Could it be a benevolent organization? Amoral or neutral? A secret society that inducts "worthy" individuals, including PCs? Just throwing it out there and seeing what the fertile, fevered minds here can come up with.
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