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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. This thread is for working any type of characters for the wiki project. Actual writups are discouraged (as that is what the upcoming wiki is for). This is for development and feedback and ideal bouncing.
  2. Hey guys and gals! As my friends and I learn more about the game, they have shown interest in being the villains as opposed to heroes. With that being said, are there any campaigns out there that have this in mind? I think I came across one about aliens killing all the heroes so the villains have to step up in order to save earth, but cannot find it anymore. Any and all help is much appreciated, thanks!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    As I read over my Champions official setting source books (for the "Champions Universe"), I was struck by the range of activities the criminal high-tech corporation ARGENT is involved in around the world -- how many pies it has its fingers in, and how viciously it digs into them. But from comments I've heard over the years, most Champions players who don't have those books don't fully appreciate what ARGENT is capable of, nor the range of uses it can be put to for villainous plots, as well as character origins and backstory. In part this is due to there being no source book dedicated to that m
  4. One of the standbys of Champions, and of superhero comics, is the bank robbery. A gang of thugs waltzing into a bank office or branch and gabbing all the money there, only to be interrupted by the heroes. It's as old as comics. Only one problem -- there's really no point to robbing banks anymore. Tellers work with very small tills, nobody keeps much cash around because all large transactions are done electronically now, and, seriously -- if you can lift buses or smash through brick walls, the return on a bank job in these times is a pittance compared to other crimes you could be co
  5. In Champions Villains, Volume III, page 60, there is a character sheet for Buzzsaw. Listed in his Powers are his two Buzzsaw Shooter Gauntlets. The first costs 38 CP and the second costs 5 for the exact same weapon. Can someone explain to me what rule is being employed to get this kind of discount? I ask because there is a PC in my group who has multiple pistols of the same make and model (same powers, advantages, and disadvantages) and I had him pay the same amount for each one. Thanks, experts!
  6. 128 downloads

    As I read the Champions Villains trilogy, I was struck by the strong similarities in background, motivation, and personality among several of the solo villains from Volume 3, and how bringing them together would create a formidable, versatile team with a strong unifying theme. Exploring all the ways I could use them in a game, I realized they could add a lot to almost any four-color-style superhero campaign, so I thought some of my fellow Champions gamers might also be able to use the concept. Gaia's Wrath are a group of extreme eco-terrorists, all with a nature/elemental motif, who believ
  7. Hi, I want to run a campaign of Skilled Characters, not super humans. And I have no idea of how to balance my party and create enemies, like minions, servants, villains and bosses. For example I have a really good concept for an antagonist, but is one character, so how do I make him a villain that can fight 4 other characters but not so overpowered that he can kill my players so easily? Sorry for my bad english, I am stilll learning!
  8. I’ve enjoyed Steve Long’s new Martial Enemies supplements so much they inspired me to take another look at some of the martial artist villains I’ve written up for my own campaigns. Here’s El Rasgador, the Ripper, one of the more vicious residents of the Martial Arts World. (Regarding the reference to “Aran training”: In my new campaign world, the Arans are an alien race that developed incredibly advanced martial arts. Humans have learned and published some of their simpler training techniques for strengthening both body and Qi. Self-training isn’t as reliable or effective as learning from
  9. Spoilers about the Savage Worlds Superhero(SuperVillain) Plot Point Adventure "Necessary Evil" are past this post. This first post will be about the Pre Campaign Adventure. So don't read past this post if you don't want any spoilers. I won't be spoiler tagging anything. Also, if you have spoiler info about upcoming adventure segments PLEASE spoiler tag those parts so my players don't see them. A number of them DO at least lurk here. First about the Campaign it's self 6e 500pts. Averages DC 12 Dex 23, SPD 5, CV 9, Def 24. 75 max points per power. The Characters are Villains of a Silver Age F
  10. I finally got a hold of Champions Villains Volume 3: Solo Villains! I had the other two books and the completist in me had to finish the collection. I bought the Hero Designer version a while back but having the write-ups in a handsome color book was more important to me than I had realized. I have now, in 30 years of playing this game, bought Enemies I, Enemies II, Enemies III, Classic Enemies, Conquerors Killers and Crooks and now these. So. Many. Enemies!! I spent my snow day (reason 1,125 to have kids) yesterday comparing characteristics in Excel and trying to solve for CU campaign power l
  11. A "Duumvirate" is a government or rule by two. A Triumvirate is a government or rule by three. Quadrumvirate, rule by four, and so forth. So, thinking outside the box, I contemplated how far it could be taken. So I came up with Tricentumvirate, a group of 300 who rule together. But that's all I have so far. I need to brainstorm where to go from here. Are they an illuminati or secret society? Are they an overt group dedicated to establishing dominance over...? Are they a "union" of sorts? And who are they? Politicians and businessmen? Crime lords, terrorists , mercenaries and
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