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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Steve, I have a quick clarification to ask you. Allocating points of a MP or VPP (with the "Change Powers As A Zero-Phase Action" Advantage) is defined as a Zero Phase Action. But 6e also says things like "point reserve can be allocated only once", but then gives an example of what can't be done which would involve allocating points, using the activated power, and then taking those points and reallocating to a different power and using that one - all in the same Phase. Implying (to me) that the restriction is on "double-pumping" reserve points. So is there only a single opportunity at the start of a Phase to allocate one's framework(s) and if not taken then too bad so sad, or could a character at the start of a Phase allocate a portion of their pool into one or more powers (a non-attack Zero Phase Action), make a non-attack Half-Phase action (like a half-move) -- and *then* allocate (not re-allocate) the remaining, unused, pool points into other powers since Zero Phase actions are allowed after a non-attack Half-Phase action (typically a half-move)? Example: Mr Framework has a 90 point Multipower pool, and several Variable Slots - a 12d6 Blast, a 30m Flight, and a +10PD/+10ED Resistant Protection. On Phase 12, he allocates 30 points to the Flight, and not seeing any problems around does a half-move of flight around the corner of a building. He now sees his sworn enemy, Mr. Bad. Currently he has only allocated 30 of the 90 reserve, and has only done a half-move. As a Zero-Phase action he allocates the as yet unused 60 points into the Resistant Protection (using 30), and the remaining 30 into the Blast. Yes? No? Antwerp?
  2. If I put a limitation on a 0 phase action, how long does the limitation stay in effect? Put another way, how do I make sure that the limitation is worth the points it saves for a given action? Example1: I have a multipower that is 80 points and I select Incantations for changing the slots, per 6e1, 405. Per 6e1, 381: "If he takes damage or is adversely affected by any power that requires an Attack Roll or MCV Attack Roll while he’s Incanting, the power doesn’t turn on or immediately turns off." Is there a time period someone could interrupt the incantations per that rule, or is it enough that silence fields or removing her ability to speak would stop her from shifting slots? Example 2: Concentration. Is it sufficient that he will be 1/2 DCV until his next phase or is there a period when someone could interrupt his concentration? I am guessing something like a continuing effect or drowning would also prevent the slot switching. Example 3: Delayed Phase (-1/4). Slightly different case. Just would like to confirm that putting this on the MP would only cause the player to act at 1/2 dex for the phases when they wanted to switch slots, not every phase? - E
  3. 6E1 says that a VPP normally takes "between a Turn and a Minute to change", and gives the example Control Cost Limitation of "Only Changes Between Adventures (Takes Days)" of -1/2. Because of that example, does that preclude someone from putting the Extra Time Limitation of 'Takes 1 Day(-4)' on the Control Cost? I presume so, but would like something more official than my presumption.
  4. A player character in my game has a Mimic ability -- in addition to Shape Shift, it is bought with: Shadow Mimic: Variable Power Pool, 140 Pool, 70 Control, No Skill Roll Required (+1), Half Phase to Change Powers (+1/2); Only to mimic target powers up to the target's power level (-1). Note that he doesn't have to touch the target to mimic him/her -- he's "tapping into the target's shadow" to establish that link. One of the foes in an upcoming game has a Cosmic Power Pool: VPP 90 Pool, 60 Control, No Skill Roll Required (+1), Powers Can Be Changed as a Zero Phase Action (+1). I'm not seeing in the rules how a Mimic pool would handle mimicking other Power Frameworks. (Would it copy a whole Multipower, for example, or just the individual slots in that Mulipower?) If Shadow Boxer tries to mimic the guy with the Cosmic Power Pool, does he effectively get a cosmic pool himself, or would he only mimic the slots that the target has active at that time? And if the latter, when the target changes his VPP slots, would the Mimic pool similarly change to match those new slots? Please share your thoughts on the possibilities.
  5. On page 140, in Volume 1, the following sentence confused me. Which appears to contradict this rule: Since 40 is greater than 30, am I missing something obvious here?
  6. I'm a new player making my first Hero 6e character (Using HERO designer 6 for help) and I've run into an issue. How do Limitations on individual powers (Inside a VPP) work? To be more specific, I'm trying to put together some example spells (So I don't delay during the game) and have run into something where I'm not sure if the generator is wrong or if I've misunderstood VPPs I'm trying to make a big, scary ritual spell as part of my VPP. It takes multiple turns to cast and eats up a lot more endurance than normal. The final cost is below my Control Cost...but it says it isn't valid. Does the Control Cost of a VPP not care about the Limitations applied to individual powers inside it? If so, how would I go about making a mage who can do quick dirty magic and long ritual magic without needing to put the Ritual Spells outside the VPP? I only predict doing each Ritual Magic once or maybe twice in the entire campaign (If that. It may never get used) so it feels weird to pay for those powers individually. If so...what is the point of Limitations on an individual power in a VPP?
  7. As a bit of background information, I will be GM'ing a Champions campaign with 4 11-year-olds. I don't have a GM to look to, and I have no experience with actually playing the game yet. But I've read Champions Complete at least 4 times. We were creating the last of the 4 characters Saturday night and his first ability I don't know how to create. His inspiration is Green Lantern, whom I don't know much about. This player wants his character to create just about anything with energy. OK, so he wants a Summon power with Slavishly loyal since he can only summon (create) inanimate objects with this energy. The area of effect is limited to 1 cubic meter and the range is limited to No Range, since it's always created right in front of him. And he also needs to move his arms around to create it, so that's the gestures limitation. But now where do I go? He wants this creative energy to become ANY inanimate object, but sometimes that object looks like a Power to me. For instance, he wants to be able to create a shield which is Barrier, non-anchored, cannot englobe, restricted shape, no range. He wants to be able to change that shield to a sword, which is hand-to-hand attack, I suppose. But he may opt for a warhammer, club, screwdriver, computer, waste basket, candy, sunglasses, keys, and other objects. I have no idea what to do. I told these guys we could build any character they want, and he comes to me with this. I based my claim off the Champions advertising. That's pretty clever, wanting a character that essentially never needs to buy so much as a pocketknife to get by in life, since he can create a temporary one. But that just seems way over-powered and way too difficult to create. Assuming I allow him to create such a power, how should I go about it? Does this power generate other powers? Do these generated powers get put in a VPP since he can't possibly use them at the same time? I'm at a loss.
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