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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings. I really could use some help due to I am really confused on the matter building weapons. For last month now I been reading alot of HERO 6th and start to get alot of hang of it, how to make powers, advantages, limitations, how combat works and so on. There are still a few things that I havn't grasped yet but still working on it. However, there is one thing that remains unclear to me, the subject in how to build your own weapons. Normal, one could just add Obvious, Accessible Focus (OAF), then add some damage to it and be done with it. But if you want to get deeper into it, there are alot of other variables that need to taken into acount. And when i compared with other weapons I just get confused due to there are no formule that explain why it cost as it does. For example, in the Power book, it all explain step by step of it's diffrent cost steps, +½ advantage or -¼ limitation etc. But the weapons doesn't got such formules. And thus it leave me confused on "How, or why does the weapon cost that sum?" If I would like to take Laser Rifle, Military and then mod it, adding some more damage to it or increase it's range, or perhaps give it some kind of a limitation. I am then to count from it's active cost and not real cost, I do not know then what limitation it got or advantages it got, since I got to take them into the calculation aswell. For example once again, the Laser Rifle, Military, it's real Active cost is 75, but it's real cost is then 24. What limitations make it so much cheaper? I Havn't found any tablet calculation for weapon limitations nor advandtages. Ofcourse there are a few like damage and bulky or requier strength to wield it. But Shots? Are that same as charges? Is their range as the same Powers range advantages? I been looking through the books but I am just get more and more cluess, i been reading through the books but havn't found anything that could explain this to me, what define the costs of the things on the weapons, how much do they cost or make it cheaper, I wish they hade a forumal, or a tablet list stating the cost of things of them, since at the momment I am just lost. If any one could help me define the way they cost or why they become cheaper, that would be great and I would be very thankful. Thanks alot on before hand!
  2. In Champions Villains, Volume III, page 60, there is a character sheet for Buzzsaw. Listed in his Powers are his two Buzzsaw Shooter Gauntlets. The first costs 38 CP and the second costs 5 for the exact same weapon. Can someone explain to me what rule is being employed to get this kind of discount? I ask because there is a PC in my group who has multiple pistols of the same make and model (same powers, advantages, and disadvantages) and I had him pay the same amount for each one. Thanks, experts!
  3. So I'm probably going to run another fantasy campaign in the near future. Frankly I find all the hand-waving that does things like giving characters the ability to use magic by buying a Skill or three, plus reducing the cost of spells like some kind of equipment thing, really arbitrary and terrible. You might as well not use the Hero System at all at that point. So rather than giving those who are able to use magic some kind of big, arbitrary Character Point subsidies, I'm thinking of doing the opposite: make characters buy the ability to use weapons, armor, and shields. This means I am also fundamentally changing how weapons work. Honestly I think it's more in line with the philosophy of the system. Rather than somehow embodying the actual Attack Powers, weapons simply become a necessary focus (and special effects) for using them (and limit the amount of your Attack Power you can use), although there's a little tweaking in that they can add some e.g. Advantages and instead of buying the base Attack Power with some kind of Variable Advantage, I essentially just apply the weapon Advantage to the Attack Power in reverse (e.g. change the number of points per DC). So I guess you could say some weapons include Naked Advantages of a sort. This could also apply to non-fantasy genres; it's just not what I'm really focused on at the moment. To make this somewhat simpler for my players (who are not very familiar with Hero and don't want to "do a lot of math" and all that) I am also introducing Damage Points, which are basically the Base Points you would spend on the Attack Power or on Str (5 Damage Points per DC for an unadvantaged attack). It just makes it easier (IMO) to say 5 DPs normally equate to 1 DC, but more can be required based on the type of weapon. Anyway, the attachments (rules document and tables) are what all of this looks like so far. Feedback welcome. You all have permission to use, modify, and redistribute the contents according to CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 * Rules: fantasyRulesForSemiHeroicCombatAbilityPurchase_v1.0_1.pdf * Tables: fantasyRulesForSemiHeroicCombatAbilityPurchase_v1.0_2.pdf
  4. I'm creating a pseudo-shapeshifting martial artist with a VPP to create HtH weapons from his own body. (And since they aren't actually OAF, I need to reverse engineer and modify the costs.) 1) Does a weapon with multiple elements, like a Hook Sword (HKA + OCV bonus + Resistant Protection for hand protection), consider the individual elements for the Control costs (so a max of 20 AP), or the total of all elements (the 55 AP listed in the Equipment Guide)? 2) On a related note, I'm not coming out to 55 total AP for that weapon (though I do come out to 19 RP total). Am I missing something? I show: HKA 1d6+1 = 20 AP, 10 RP +2 OCV = 10 AP, 5 RP Hand Protection = 18 AP, 4 RP Where are the other 7 AP?
  5. Version hdp


    I've created the pre-fab for the Modern Assault Rifles listed in the Equipment Guide. I did not include any of the "never produced" rifles as they usually had some quirk that I could not calculate in the Hero Designer. I also did not provide any monetary costs for the equipment -- I will leave that up to the campaign owners to account for. I was not able to replicate the costs calculated in the guide, but I did use a consistent methods as described the various rule sets. On the whole, the relative costs compare well with the guide book. Comments are welcomed.
  6. Version hdp


    Generic firearms for peoples who do not like to complicate thing with too much detail.
  7. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This prefab contains some weapons specific to the setting, such as the Thrall garde and Kasmiran blade-staff.
  8. Greetings fellow Herophiles! Recently I have been endeavoring to continue work on my Space Opera campaign setting. Back in the day before everybody committed information to computer disk, I had this notebook I affectionately called "The Notebook of Doom" that included writeups of various weapons, armor and scifi equipment. I consider it to be some of my finest work. That notebook was lost in one of my many moves over a decade ago and I lament it's loss to this day. So now I have begun the writeups anew. I have already finished with laser weaponry but before I move on to particle weapons ("Blasters") I have decided to take on combat armor. I use a variety of sources for my writeups, but the most influential is the Intergalactic Space Opera RPG Battlelords of the 23rd Century which has a weapons and equipment sourcebook called "Lock and Load" which includes a plethora of high tech gadgetry to convert. There are a couple of concepts utilized in Battlelords that i plant to port over for my campaign setting. The first is "Absorption Polymers" which is a layer of high tech polymers within the combat armor that is designed to absorb the kinetic energy of attacks that penetrate the armor. In Battlelords this is essentially additional "hit points" that the armor has that attacks must blow through before damage can be done to the wearer. I debated converting these over as additional Body but I decided against this. I decided to make the Absorption into extra Normal Defense (PD and ED) that helps absorb the Stun damage of attacks that penetrate the armor. This will help mitigate the massive amount of Stun damage that some of these high tech weapons will be capable of producing (for example, Particle Beam weapons have an inherent +1 Stun multiplier with an average of about 2 1/2D6k damage!) depending on the armor in question, this normal defense bonus can be from +2 to +20 (though higher than +10 is rare). How balanced do you think this particular approach will be? The next concept I am planning to port over, which I did in my original notebook of doom, is the concept of Armor Options. These are different equipment that can be added to a suit of armor to improve soldier effectiveness in battle (or adventuring). In Battlelords, each suit of armor are able to mount a specific number of options into each location (and may options can only be mounted in specific locations, like Jumpjets being mounted to the feet and calves of a suit of armor). How would you simulate this in Hero? I am not so concerned with point costs, as all of this will be considered equipment and bought with money, not character points. I'm not concerned with active point costs as everything will be balanced to be as effective as it is meant to be within the context of the setting. (some weapons will be overwhelming, but they will be prohibitively expensive. Some armor will be seemingly omnipotent but again, incredibly expensive) Just curious as to the method one would employ to reach the end result (combat armor with optional equipment one could equip on to armor regularly which can be changed out in a workshop if desired of course) Specific examples of armor options would be appreciated as well. I will be posting examples of armor that I design in here as well for critique and eventually I will post the entire document when i'm finished with it. For now I will post my Lasers document to give you an idea of the damage levels I'm working with. Keep in mind that Lasers are on the low end of the damage scale, with particle beam, plasma and pulse (focused force field projected out as pure kinetic energy weapon) doing considerably more damage (also, keep in mind when I say "considerable" that I support the damage model of +1DC = X2 energy, so +2 or +3 DC is rather considerable in my view) Dark_Universe_Laser_weapons-1.pdf
  9. Anyone have any siege engines written up? I mean normal mundane non-magical non-steampunk non-gunpowder artillery like catapults, battering rams, and siege towers? Lucius Alexander Weapon Familiarity: Palindromedary Mounted Weapons
  10. Version Work in Progress


    My custom Fantasy Hero weapons list. It's a work in progress, and relies on a few house rules and/or custom definitions, not all of them obvious, but the math is in the hidden columns. Private message any questions, and post reviews.
  11. Reference is 6E2, 201-2 Combatants with weapons of differing length can inflict minor OCV penalties on one another depending on the reach of the weapon and who has the advantage at the time. The rule is that the shorter weapon is at -1 or -2 OCV (depending on the length differential) until he can take the advantage: Once this has happened, the longer-reach weapon wielder has two alternatives. He can also attempt to hit his opponent, sucking up the OCV penalty, or he can move: All well and good, but it does raise some questions for me as to how to handle this when you're making use of maps and minis. Specifically: When the wielder of the shorter weapon succeeds with his attack, and gets inside the longer weapon, does he move closer to his opponent as part of the maneuver (e.g. Where once there was a meter of open space between us, now there is no open space)? Should there be an option for the wielder of the shorter weapon to close the distance with a half-move prior to attacking, or is the assumption that the longer weapon keeps him at bay? And if that is the case, is there an argument allowing the distance to be closed anyway, and giving the longer weapon wielder a free attack? If the longer weapon wielder does refuse to budge, makes his attack with the penalty, and hits, does this move his opponent back one or more meters, effectively against his will? And if so, does either combatant get a say in where the shorter weapon wielder ends up - must it be straight back, can it be back and sidestepping to one side or another so long as the correct range is restored? What if there's an obstruction or bad footing where he would need to go? And a bonus question - for those of you who do still crack out the maps and minis, do you still stick with 2 meter hexes, like 5E? Have you moved on to more GURPSian 1 meter hexes? Do you go with squares (sacrilege!) or free form it and just measure distances?
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