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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A pack of Hero Designer builds and pdf write up of dozens of characters for Western Hero, drawn from books, radio shows, television, and cinema. Useful for your games as examples of builds, pre-mades, or used as NPCs in a game.
  2. Norfressa For Wizards View File 4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition
  3. I floated this idea elsewhere, an Old West campaign. Pregens to include the Lone Ranger, Tonto, the Duke, Kwai Chan Caine, The Man With No Name, Tom Sawyer, James West, Artemus Gordon, and Dorothy Gale. For the first adventure, I'm thinking that the LXA (League of Extraordinary Americans) are all attending completion of the Trans-Continental Railroad in the USA. Kwai Chan Caine is driving rails. Tom Sawyer is a Union Pacific Detective, providing security. I'm thinking about using Brisco County Sr. Jonah Collier: So, Marshal Brisco County, now that you've rounded up the thirteen most notorious outlaws in all the west, including John Bly, what will do you do for an encore? Brisco County Sr.: I believe I'll smoke this pipe. There is a big ceremony, with President U.S. Grant scheduled to appear, protected by James West and Artemus Gordon. Royal Princess of Oz Dorothy Gale is also expected, defended by the Duke and The Man With No Name. As for the Ruby Slippers, aka the Silver Shoes, when HRH (Her Royal Highness) returned to Kansas, she found that the shoes were gone, fallen off during her flight and landing somewhere in the Deadly Desert. Though they are mentioned several times in sequels, they never appear again in the original series. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are there on their own recognizance, looking for trouble. "What's your given name, Agent Finn?" "I'll be your Huckleberry." What could go wrong? What's the Big Picture? What's going on in this setting that makes it ripe for adventure? What's changing, evolving, declining? Become a legend of the Wild West; Lawman, Indian, Outlaw, Gambler, or any of the many possibilities. The States are reunited, and growing in power. The Confederacy and the Second Mexican Empire have fallen. What's the world's culture? What are the cultural analogs? Analogs can be taken from historical earth, current events or fantasy works. Inspired by Westerns and westerners of that period. Liberties are taken with fictional characters. Expect real events and persons, too. What's the conflict in which the characters are involved? What are the sides? What's wrong? Protect your personal and community interests. Last year, 1868, a second Fort Bowie was built on a plateau near your town of Promise City, to protect Apache Pass and Apache Spring. It includes an adobe barracks, houses, corrals, a trading post, and a hospital. What physical place does this conflict take place in? What ecology, environment, place? The Old West. What's the name of the most important place in this setting? Not the capital or any dumb $#!+ like that, but THE PLACE where all the action goes down? Promise City, in eastern Pima County, Arizona Territory, wildest part of the wild west. Rustlers are everywhere. Indians and badmen lurk in the hills. Robberies are common. This area borders southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and northwestern Mexico's Sonara state. One of four ceremonial commemorative spikes came from here for our first adventure, The Golden Spike. a blended iron, silver and gold spike, engraved: Ribbed with iron clad in silver and crowned with gold Arizona presents her offering to the enterprise that has banded a continent and dictated a pathway to commerce. (Source D'eseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, April 24, 2007) What's the name of a faraway place that folks talk about, dream about or mutter under their breath about? The legendary city of gold, El Dorado. Who are the antagonists? Who is opposing the goals of the characters? The mad dwarf genius Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless, his accomplices the gigantic Voltaire and the beautiful songstress Antoinette, notorious outlaw John Bly and his gang, Count Carlos Mario Vincenzo Robespierre Manzeppi, a master of dark magic and leader of handpicked teams of assassins, and others. Imagine all of the characters are standing a room/ruin/field with the antagonists or their minions. What do the antagonists want from that meeting? What do the characters want from that meeting? Your foes demand your subservience or your death. Your allies want justice and mercy for all. Alternately, imagine the characters standing at the scene of some great disaster or calamity clearly caused by one of the antagonists. What's the disaster? How did it happen? What are the characters going to do about it right now? U.S. Civil War, dispute over the spread of slavery. President Ulysses S. Grant needs help to eliminate all vestiges of Confederate nationalism and slavery, protecting African American citizenship, and destroying the Klu Klux Klan. What type of magic exists in this world? Mostly shamanism. What character stocks are in play in this world? Which are restricted and why? Human and only human for players. NPCs may differ. What cultural traits apply to the characters of this game world? Pick three character traits for each culture. American- advanced, imperialistic, reconstruction. Indian- aboriginal, displaced, resentful. Mexican- federalist, anti-clerical, and pro-capitalist. Material world: What weapons and armor are available? Are some weapons and armor restricted to certain cultures or character stocks? What property is available? Are resources and gear otherwise restricted? Some Old West era weapons are free. Anything more noteworthy than a .45 caliber firearm costs points. Armor and shields and such cost points. --Questions from Burning Wheel Forum Swiping from Mekton, the default player character is, of course, extraordinary. The optional idea is to play a less experienced character, someone with a sheltered life, or quite young, or a sidekick, etc, or several of the above, built on up to half of the extraordinary chargen points. However, DOUBLE XPs are earned for the life of the character. What do ya'll think, pilgrims?
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