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Found 11 results

  1. An update on the Champions Campaign Wiki: I imagined that the wiki would pick up in October. And here we are in October! Points to Ponder 1. The wiki is now open to any edition of Champions, not just 6e*. (Champions Now and Fuzion included.) 2. It's not a campaign wiki anymore. It's a character wiki. Please upload any characters in any edition. We no longer are going for a unified theme.* 3. Please include a picture of your uploaded character. Use Fabrica de Herois or some other character designer. 4. You don't need permission to upload to the wiki.
  2. Okay, it's a couple days early, but we can get started at the new wiki: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Championsrpg_Wiki RULES 1. We ask that anyone editing the wiki please sign up at herogames.com/forums and use the same username as you are using at herogames.com (your work will likely be deleted if you don't follow this). People who are already members at herogames.com, please use the same username. Our copyright blurb depends upon the fact that you are using the same username here as there. So there. 2. Check out the threads at herogames.com/forums regard
  3. Post in ANY edition. Just indicate which edition it is. The wiki is mostly just a place to post a whole bunch of characters. That's 99% it. I just saw a lot of people posting great characters on this forum and thought that, if only it were cataloged, people who have never played Champions could see just how amazing it is. It will draw new people in to the system, I'm certain. Which will bring in more players, more money for the property, leading to higher-quality publications. And, most importantly, it will be super-easy to host a tabletop game because everyone will be playing it!
  4. Hi folks. I'm one of the curators of the wiki. I'm having the inevitable doubts. I feel like no one is using 6e. My logic for using 6e was that it was the future of Hero Games. But.... It was Michael Hopcroft's (a member here) sig file that hammered it home to me: "6th Edition is for entertainment purposes only." Should I even be building this in 6e? I had been away from the forum here for a couple of years, came back. I originally felt that the future of Hero was rolling back to 5e, and taking Michael Hopcroft's quote literally: treat 6e as a wonderful
  5. Hello, folks. The wiki is moving along slowly but surely. Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Championsrpg_Wiki I'd like to design the wiki's main superteam, together, on this thread. Proposed Guidelines: 1. We need a name for the team. We can go to a vote if necessary. 2. The team needs to be written up in 6e, at least for starters. 3. They are set in NYC, so they need an HQ location etc. (I don't think we need to design the HQ, but that could definitely be something for later.) 4. We'll need pics made in Fabrica de Herois, so if
  6. The campaign wiki is coming along slowly. But slow and steady wins the race, I'm told. Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Championsrpg_Wiki I feel like--correct me if I'm wrong--people are waiting for things to happen with the wiki before diving in. Fair enough. But....I have to ask...what are you waiting for? Because: We're it. We're the people making the wiki. If you're waiting for something and you know how to do it, my advice/wish/request is....Just Do It. I also completely understand that the forum is a bit slower in the summer. Totally ma
  7. Yay! Link: https://championsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Paradox_Timely Thank you, steriaca!
  8. News: Jason has decided that herogames.com cannot host the wiki on-site. I understand this, because there are security risks and headaches involved with adding a wiki component to the forums. But I wanted to ask him first because I didn't want to drive traffic away from this site. I honestly think the off-site wiki will still drive traffic to here, herogames.com, and that is partly my objective. And I/we will direct people back here as much as possible on the other site. Vote time: I set August 1, 2020 as the wiki launch, and that's still easily within our grasp. My que
  9. We've been talking about what we can do to propagate Champions. Could we, together as a group, build a wiki that fleshes out an entire campaign world? We could have a blurb at the top that says, "Your contributions may be compiled into a campaign book and printed out. These profits will go to Hero Games." Like, if we made a huge campaign wiki, then we could then take excerpts of it and print it out. (The campaign world would have to be completely fresh. We couldn't borrow anything from existing intellectual properties.) The key to it is that we stat all of the character
  10. I've been reading the Creative Commons sites and everything. Here's my starting point. People have been concerned about keeping the ownership of their contributions. Here is a blurb to start the ball rolling. My understanding is that you can write in plain English and the notices are still legally binding. Proposed starting point: License: Any contributions made to this wiki remain the property of the contributor, as identified by their herogames.com/forums username. This wiki is free for public use. Illustrations created using Fabrica de Herois. This wiki is not for commercia
  11. The campaign wiki project is moving along even better than I had hoped. I spoke to Jason and he is considering hosting the wiki at herogames.com. He made no promises, and he never said that he would, but my spirits are buoyed that he's looking at the idea. Right off the bat, I want to reiterate that this is not some private little club: literally anyone reading this sentence will have the right/authority to edit the wiki. You don't need to ask for permission. It's just something all of us are doing, whether you're at 9,000 posts or 2 posts. I address the "character art"
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