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Found 15 results

  1. Overnight, all over Campaign City, someone has set up several kiosks in public places. Said kiosks feature only a large, red button and sign over it that reads, "WARNING: DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON." If pressed, the button triggers a hidden spray nozzle that sprays the person with a (non-toxic, soap and water washable) bright orange dye and then plays a digital recording of mocking laughter from a hidden speaker. At each kiosk, a web cam is hidden nearby, constantly streaming to a popular video hosting site (the URL for each kiosk's video stream is in small print at the bottom of the sign). Who
  2. You're at Campaign City Bank again. This time, by an astonishing coincidence, Negator (see this thread) and Magic Word (see Hermit's The Adventures of Fish Guy) show up to rob the bank the same day. Neither is particularly pleased to see the other. The two approach each other and Negator says, "Nice tux, the Hunger Games convention isn't until next month." To this, Magic Word replies, "PLEASE, go take a long walk off a short pier." As a result, Magic Word is now in a fetal position on the lobby floor, crying inconsolably. As for Negator, He turned and walked
  3. Your character is at Campaign City Bank (in Secret ID if applicable) when a figure in a three piece suit and a rubber Don Rickles mask walks in. He announces, "Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Negator, and this is a robbery." The bank security guard approaches with his gun drawn and says, "Get a load of this jerk, he's not even armed." "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Negator says. "You're not a very good shot. You might hit an innocent bystander, or worse shoot yourself in the foot." The bank guard drops his gun and falls to the floor crying like a c
  4. In honor of today's astrological event... What would your character be doing during the 2017 Eclipse?
  5. Roughly ten years ago, a fellow gained reality-bending powers and became a supervillain. Being the raging egomaniac he was, one of the first things he did with his powers was to create a very imposing-looking castle for himself right in the middle of Campaign City Park. True, he was effectively building a private residence on public land, but the people whose job it would've been to serve him an eviction notice decided--after seeing what he was capable of--that they had better things to do with their time, such as going on living. Eventually, a local team of heroes vanquished him and the army
  6. Your character's team recently acquired a new base (either via government sponsorship, a wealthier member of the team paying for it all, or the team simply taking over the base of a villain or villain group they recently defeated, whatever works for your group). The new base is big enough for each member of the team to have their own private living quarters and an office if they want it. Living quarters and offices may be furnished and decorated according to the new occupant's tastes. What would your character's new quarters/office be like?
  7. Your character and associates recently battled a group of baddies who stole SCP-999 (a.k.a., "The Tickle Monster") from the SCP Foundation. Their reason for stealing 999? They were planning to use the creature's secretions to create a powerful new narcotic that they could sell and put money into their organization's coffers. Investigating their hideout after the battle, a member of your group finds the crude lab they set up, where they had apparently already managed to produce a first batch of the aforementioned drug! WWYCD?
  8. Long ago, an evil man with dark magical powers and aspirations of world domination was sealed away in an oil painting by a portrait artist who also had some hidden talent as a mage. In present day Campaign City, the painting has been stored away in a basement storage room of the Campaign City Museum Of Classical Arts. Unfortunately, the would-be tyrant has been unwittingly released from his prison within the layers of oil paint when an overzealous staff member attempted to "touch up" the painting. Based on information one of your character's colleagues was able to gather about the painting and
  9. A gigantic alien spaceship cruises up to Earth, shines a bright light down at some major city and it and surrounding farmland disappears, leaving a gigantic divot. Your character is recruited to be part of the expedition of heroes to pursue the abductor. They approach the ship and find it rather undefended, since it's almost all cargo capacity. No shrink rays. You confront the alien in control of the ship and with your hands ominously flexing and/or glowing they explain that Earth is about to be attacked by a starfaring entity that is going to consume the minds of everything smarter than a
  10. Your character, or one of your character's associates, was acquainted with a college kid by the name of Byron. Something of a stereotypical science nerd, Byron was going for his degree in Pharmacology; and was paying for his schooling by working as a laboratory assistant at a pharmaceuticals research facility for one of the campaign universe's major drug companies. The staff treated him more as a janitor than anything else and didn't care much about his input on research projects; even when he made a valid point. Needless to say, he wasn't particularly fond of any of them, but put up with thei
  11. It's another fine day in Campaign City when you notice two men in ski masks, carrying shotguns, rush into a nearby convenience store; very likely intent on robbing the place. Only a few seconds later, the two robbers run back out of the store without their weapons, fleeing as if from something big and menacing. Shortly after, Pedro, the store owner's pet chihuahua, emerges giving chase, barking and growling at them all the way. WWYCD?
  12. Your character's hero team (or the one they team up with most often) is battling a villain. Thing is, this particular villain is a step down from the usual. He/she/it normally fights much lower-level heroes, and struggles at that. Today they're taking on the whole team and easily holding their own. Superior teamwork finally takes its toll, and you have the villain on the ropes--when they suddenly teleport away. And if your team has someone that can trace teleportation, it's untraceable. The villain has never had teleportation powers before. A little research reveals that several oth
  13. Your character and some associates managed to sneak into the headquarters of a villain team while they were all out. Most of what you find is fairly standard villain base stuff, though you have had the unique opportunity to explore their living quarters... Room #1: This room is kind of spartan: the bed and other furnishings are nothing too fancy. There's a mini-refridgerator and microwave in one corner, and the fridge is stock mostly with beer. On brackets on one wall is a HUGE collection of pistols, rifles, and heavier weapons. A computer on the nearby desk is a Windows machine and mostly
  14. Your hero finds himself on the losing side of a fight with a supervillain. The battle has been fierce, but for just one ugly moment, it seems the villain has you dead to rights. Then suddenly he's deep fried from an electrical surge from behind. "He'll live," A voice tells you, "He'll just be out for awhile." You find yourself facing another villain, one you know by reputation only. Black-Volt's been in the villain game for decades. While he robs banks and the like now and then, it is rumored the man doesn't take kill (Though he does play rough if someone is out to kill him), or endanger
  15. Your character is at the team's base in the recreation room/lounge when he or she notices an odd device plugged into a wall outlet next to the coffee machine. It's some kind of circuit board inside an clear plastic casing. The more tech savvy member(s) of your team recognize the device as a cheap mini computer called a "Raspberry Pi". The device has a USB wi-fi card plugged into one of its ports and it's later discovered that someone has set up some unauthorized port-forwarding in one of the base's routers. An attempt to further examine the device and determine what it was configured to do tri
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