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About HERO Games

Q: What's the current status of Hero Games?

A: Effective December 19, 2001, DOJ, Inc., a California corporation, acquired from Cybergames.com the assets of Hero Games and the right to do business under the name of "Hero Games." DOJ has been in business as Hero Games ever since, and as of January, 2008 has published over 70 books using the HERO System rules.

Q: Okay, so who or what is DOJ, Inc.?

A: DOJ, Inc. is a corporation formed for the purpose of acquiring the assets of Hero Games and publishing roleplaying game products using the HERO System. DOJ is a privately-held corporation with several owners.

Q: What does "DOJ" stand for?

A: Defenders Of Justice, a group from a Golden Age Champions campaign.

Q: What's happened to the founders of the company, and former Hero employees?

A: The founders and former owners of Hero Games - Steve Peterson, Ray Greer, and George MacDonald - have no formal association with DOJ, Inc.; neither do former Hero employees such as Bruce Harlick. But we're good friends with them, and look forward to continuing that friendship in the future.

Q: Does Hero Games publish PDFs and e-books as well as hardcopy books?

A: Yes. While our primary focus is on hardcopy books, we know that many of our fans appreciate the convenience and utility of PDFs. We now make every book we publish available in both hardcopy and PDF form as its published, and are steadily adding to our PDF offerings by adding PDFs of our older books to the Online Store as time allows. (We do not have a specific timetable for this in general, or for any book in particular; we do it when we have time.) We also publish a few products, such as our Hero Plus Adventures, only in PDF form.

Q: What about the Fuzion rules? What's going to happen to them?

A: DOJ has no rights to Fuzion, and so will not publish products using it.

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