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    Jason S.Walters
    From The Pages Of Villain Codex V!
    S.I.D. is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years, the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed.
    It has become a full-time job to keep track of them all, as well as update information about them. And that is the purpose of this database. The database is designed to give law enforcement as much information as possible on supervillains - or any superheroes they may need to call for help.
    This is a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for your campaign.
    This installment reintroduces the villainous organization known as The Conquerors. Neutron has escaped from Stronghold, and has gathered former and new comrades together. He’s ready to make the world tremble again! (Not that it really did the first time.) This supplement contains new villains, new schemes, and a familiar (yet new) group to pit against the heroes in your campaign.
    Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

    We would like to thank the 56 current patrons of the Hero Games Patreon!
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    Thank you all for supporting us and helping us continue to bring new Hero Games products into this reality.
    If you'd like to become a patron of Hero Games, check out the link below!

    Another week, another Patreon update! If you're already a patron of Hero Games you can read the full update, along with the attached chapter of Scott Bennie’s The Last Orc, through the link at the bottom of this post. If you aren't, here's an excerpt that may be of particular interest to you!
    "There are 55 of you supporting us on Patreon now, for which I am extremely grateful. I just transferred the funds you have given us to our PayPal account, and they represent enough to finish paying Carlos and create a limited print run of Victorian Hero for the Hero Games website and Indie Press Revolution. Thanks to you my hope that this platform is the appropriate crowdfunding venue for Hero Games has been realized.
    My next goal for Patreon is this: if we can hit 100 patrons, I am going to switch from our current method of accepting, editing, and publishing submitted manuscripts to polling you about what you would like to see published, then commissioning that work and letting all of you comment on the creation process as it happens. If we can reach that number of supporters, we can begin the long-desired process of creating specifically what fans of the Hero system want to see."

    The Hero Patreon only has one tier, set at $5 a month, link below!


    Patreon Update

    By A.C, in HERO System News,

    The HERO Patreon has another update! You can become a HERO games Patron for only $5 a month, and get access to this weeks post along with the past year of Patreon exclusive material, link below!

    Forgotten Organizations – Sanctuary, the first in a series of products bring old organizations for past Champion products kicking and screaming into 6th edition. This installment is Sanctuary, a place where super-powered individuals can go to mingle with others like themselves and let their hair down. There are two to choose from a Retreat in the woods or an island Resort in the ocean.
    Here you can hear a lecture from Dr. Destroyer or challenge Muerte to a game of chess. Play a volleyball game against the Ultimates or shuffleboard against members of The Champions. Anything is possible here, including hearing rumors of possible plots against governments or even possible heists.
    A 110 PDF and includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.


    Jason S.Walters
    "I’m working away on editing the remainder of Gaslight: Heroic Investigations In Victorian London, while Carlos has begun layout of the book. Specifically, I’m currently editing Chapter Fourteen: Environmental Threats and Gaslight Villains, which covers topics like Victorian diseases, the nature and motives of villainy, roleplaying them, and their various types. Christopher Hackler has done some interesting work in this chapter, examining the fictional trope of the Victorian era baddies from every conceivable angle. I’m enjoying working on it."
    Learn more by supporting Hero Games work on Patreon!

    Jason S.Walters
    At 270 pages, The Jolrhos Codex is a huge compilation of Christopher Taylor's Fantasy Hero ideas and work spanning several decades of gaming and writing. The first part is an introduction, containing an examination of the Hero rules in a fantasy campaign, detailing thoughts and methods of creating spells using the Hero Toolkit. When combined with the detailed Spell System outlined in the Player Guide GMs and players have everything they need to have magic in their fantasy campaign. The bulk of the Codex is spells, naturally. There are three sections: Magic, Bard Songs, and Priestly Rituals, each section listed in alphabetical order. Lastly are the appendices, with a small bestiary of creatures and structures referred to only in this book, a magical thesaurus, thoughts on building magic, and more. Includes physical book, 272 page PDF, plus extensive HDC files.
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