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    We've got a new supplement all about Super-Magic Powers! Super-Magic Powers presents powers for use in creating super-mage characters who don’t use the Super-Thaumaturgy spells found in The HERO System Grimoire. Instead, these characters have powers that follow a distinct magical tradition — such as Alchemy, Black Magic, or Witchcraft — or which hide behind a veneer of Stage Magic. Super-Magic Powers provides dozens of example powers to help you build these characters.




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    I like this and plan to get it next.

    For those who think this premise is silly, I am presently reading a webcomic in which one of the most powerful characters (in which there is even a organization run by arch-angels) uses stage magic as the basis of his ACTUAL magic.

    This character manages to flummox almost everyone he meets because (while the stage-tricks he uses are well-known) his results are unexpected.


    Examples ?

    He used the old "saw a woman in half" stage trick to remove a woman's head and to (more easily) transport her head around... still alive.

    He hid a harp (that everybody is looking for) by putting a cloth over it and (now you see it, now you don't) removing the cloth to a bare table.

    While he was being pursued (by a couple of the afore-mentioned arch-angels), he passed behind a sign-post (with a "see you later") and vanished.

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