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Questions players might have about the setting...

Welcome to the great Midwest city of Votrechoix! Okay, great might be an exaggeration, it's certainly not high tech like Millennium City in Michigan, or got that Southern Gothic meets Florida beach vibe of Vibora Bay, but at least it's not an armpit like Hudson City. It's got the French Gardens (Okay more like a park with a shopping area around it), the Riverwalk, the docks, and quite a few neighborhoods. Sure Votrechoix has seen better days, but it's seen a lot worse. Still, it's going to need you to save it, at least, that's the plan.
Questions players might have about the setting...
Votrechoix? Is that French?
No, that's what happens to French after two centuries of brutal bastardization by mostly English speaking savages!
Where in the Mid west is it?
It's a fictional city but if you force me to pick a place to put it, let's say Southern Illinois.
Oh now see, that wouldn't work because (insert relevent historical/Political/geographical fact here)...
Don't care! It's a fictional city in a fictional Earth with differences that arose...
But even if...
Okay uhm.. how large is the population?
Let's say roughly 197, 008 people live in the city.
Why the eight?
I like to have a buffer. You're playing the heroes, if it goes down that's on you!
What are the demographics like?
Not as diverse as Chicago... more white guys, but still plenty of people of color. If pushed I'd say 60% White, 15% Black, 5% Asian, and 15% Latino, 5% Other. I should add  lot of the white guys clam to be Franco-Americans or at least descended from the original French settlers of long ago.
My character might be a CEO or reporter or something , what businesses and media are there?
Don't worry. I'll BS plenty to fit your character in. However, Harmon Industries has a science building if you want a CU connection and there is a growing interest of R&D in the city as overflow from Millennium City; enough to ensure weird origins needs. 
Ooo what about the mystic side?
Vibora Bay is thata way... just kidding. Part of Votrechoix is built on an old Native American village if that helps. There's also a masonic lodge of old fuddy duddies who may not be just clueless and weird after all. 
What's the architecture like? 
GOOD question.. for an American city, it's got a lot of Art Nouveau thanks to encourgement to go for a theme celebrating the French settlers and hoping it would look good on post cards. But I know what you want so I'll tell you- Yes there will be some skyscrappers with gargoyles on perches your hero can sit down next to.
Are there any other local superheroes?
Depends on the number of player characters.  But there will be superpowered NPC or two out there who are NOT trying to take over the city or kill you.


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