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Looking for Super-heroic players for Face-to-Face in Gainesville VA


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Title: Super Halls of Heroes
Genre: Super heroic Silver-Age comics moving to Bronze-Age
Format: Face-to-Face (required) & Discord
Time: Bi-Weekly 12pm EST (NYC Time) Sundays, next is May 19th
Location:  Gainesville, VA (half hour west of Washington DC)
Players Slots Open: 1-2 
System: Hero System 6th Edition
Complications:   The GM has only 5 sessions as GM, and 3 of the players only have 7 as PCs.
Character Points: Max 300
Active Point Limit: 60
Complications: 75 but must include 25pts of mystery complications


Game Description:   We have created a world, where some dimension somewhere, invented portal technology and invaded us  (Stolen directly from City of Heroes/Villains).    But It’s only recently happened, we (our dimension) don’t have many portals, and don’t really know how to make them.  We stole the few we do have from crashed alien portal/space ships.  But the crashed ships have leaked weird chemicals, which have mutated people, some for good, some for bad, all the cliches.  Our military is able to damage their ships, but it takes a lot. Not as much as Independence Day, but a single shot from a tank can’t break their shields, much less do damage.  5” navy ship guns can punch through a shield, and 16” can punch through the entire ship. We’ve fought off the invaders (for now), but occasionally, they try again.

We’re set in Washington DC, in 1984, and all seem to be trying to stick to that.  We’re having fun laughing at the so-called tech of the era.  Dramatic combat (instead of realistic)

I’d like new players to try, “young heroes”.  Base will be 225, and up to 75 points of matching complications.  However, I require 25 pts of mystery complications.  College age PC is recommended, but I won’t force anything.  If you want to play a professor X rip-off, sure.
There’s two obvious back-stories for your characters reasons for having powers:  you got dosed by the bad chemicals from the aliens ships; or, you’re from another dimension.  But it’s not limited to this.

There is magic.  There’s another dimension with magic, that also got attacked by the evil race that hit us.  But long before, so they’ve learned how to do magical portal long ago, and have been here centuries.   In fact, they had portals first, but didn’t abuse them.  But there’s an argument between those to worlds as to who attacked whom.

While most game systems imply that magic and tech do not mix, champions does not.  I will therefore enforce it.  In general, if a character tries to mix them, they must take take a skill (or increased penalty) to activate the power, or take the unreliable limitation .  In addition it must have negative effect on a reasonably bad roll.  i.e. if you just fail, but it was close, there’s no bad effect, but if you fail by, for example, 5 points, then something bad happens.  Rolling an 18 would always fail badly.

This is not intended to be a lethal campaign.  PCs can have killing attacks, but keep them low.  We are the Super Hall of Heroes, so we expect the players to be the good guys. I’ll try to not use high powered guns.  While it’s not gonna be strictly white-hat vs black-hat.  I have plans for some middle of the road moral NPCs/villians. 

While I do have a serious story line planned, but it’s still in draft. I do love some humor from time to time.  Thus, we’re probably considered Silver-age right now, but I plan to go Bronze-age soon.

Current line up:  
A multiform that is usually a tank, but can switch to a desolid scout.
Two scrappers (both have some martial arts).
One full mentalist.
One Alien (good), that’s a mix of blaster and mentalist.

Contact me on Discord:  The_ERG  (or The_ERG#3689).  A sample character will help.

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