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  • New On Kickstarter! Extinction Event

    Jason S.Walters

    New on Kickstarter! Extinction Event is a table-top roleplaying campaign guide for Champions Complete that introduces the alternate Earth of 2045 — a world in the grip of shadowy conspiracies. Over millennia a strange and secret alien invasion has been shaping the destiny of humankind. From the demise of the Neanderthals to the rise and fall of great cities and cultures, the invaders have sown chaos and confusion.


    Now, in 2045, their dark plans near fruition. Fractured, distracted, and deceived human societies are almost ripe for conquest. In these twilight years before the coming storm, a new breed of humans with psychic powers walks the earth. They are the soldiers of PALADIN, the acolytes of the Illuminati, and hunted outcasts of society. It’s the stories of their lives that power the adventure that is Extinction Event!


    The Extinction Event campaign guide provides everything players and game masters (GMs) need to play exciting science fiction conspiracy adventures fraught with military, espionage, and underworld threats. You can become heroes with the special skills, specialized gear, and psychic powers needed to take on the New World Order!


    Extinction Event makes that easy to experience with Champions Complete compatibility, guidelines that speed-up play, resources for reducing GM prep-time, and art/story elements that can be used with any roleplaying rules. Back it, baby, back it!

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    Hey HERO Fans,


    We're halfway through our Kickstarter for Extinction Event.


    Please consider supporting it directly or asking a friend or fellow gamer to support it. 


    You can also follow the project on Kickstarter so you'll get a reminder just before it ends on 3/19 (Kickstarter has 3/20 listed, but that's in the early AM) in case you can't support it now, but maybe later.


    Thank you!

    Carlos & Laz

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    Extinction Event is funded!


    There are still 6 days left to join in! The PDF reward tier is just $10 and if you back us at any level you get the no-art, pre-layout Extinction Event Manuscript PDF as soon as you pledge (the link is in a backer-exclusive update)!


    Thank you all for your support!


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