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    Jason S. Walters is an author, essayist, and publisher best known for running Indie Press Revolution (IPR), a distributor of micro-published roleplaying games. He is also one of a small group of investors that purchased Hero Games in 2001, and serves as its general manager. After owning a San Francisco bike messenger service for 15 years, he and his wife Tina moved to Midian Ranch: a homestead near the town of Gerlach, Nevada. It is also the location of IPR’s warehousing complex. They have a daughter with Down syndrome named Cassidy and animals too numerous to mention.
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    Bookseller, publisher, warehouseman and author

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  1. My guess (and I hint a little at this in Champions International: Transnistria) is that they are suffering from a bit of Nostalgiya. (If I say that, does it make it cannon?) Oh, and they still want to take over Europe, even in comic-book-slowed middle age. But most megalomaniacs want to take over Europe. It's just that they have superpowers.
  2. Thank you all for your responses. There are some interesting suggestions on this thread, and I will think about them. (Not being deliberately vague here; just avoiding a "laundry list" of responses for the moment.) I'm going to give a Patreon account serious consideration in Quarter Two 2021 after seeing how Champions International goes, both financially and artistically. Several of you had very good suggestions about how a Patreon account might work; I will remember those. Steve Long and I had a long discussion at GenCon some years back about High Rock Press doing a stand-alone Danger International book focusing on the "super" part of the super spy genre. Both that and Star Hero Complete are very reasonable recommendations for using the Hero Games Kickstarter account. But as I've just launched a fledgling program to produce and release regular content for Hero Games (as opposed to publishing a product every year or two), I want to see how that goes before I make any promises. Jason Walters, Publisher
  3. Hello everyone! We have a variety of projects going on at Hero Games right now, both for quarter one of 2021 and for the year as a whole. I wanted to let you know about them, get your input, and ask if there is anything you would like to see created by Hero Games in the coming year. Of course, I can’t promise you we will act on those suggestions! Only that we will listen and do what we can, given the limited time and resources that we have. Please feel free to comment. UPCOMING NEW RELEASES The following three projects have been turned into us, have been approved, and are in various levels of production right now. (If you have submitted a project to us and don’t see it listed here, don’t be alarmed! We simply haven’t gotten to it yet. These things take time.) Western Hero: Rough and Ready Roleplaying – This is a joint project between Kestrel Arts and Hero Games. Written by Christopher Taylor and based on work by Matt Forbeck, it’s an exhaustive, rules complete 276 page Hero System 6th Edition book. It has already been through layout, editing, and (due to the subject matter) sensitivity reading, and will be made available physically and electronically through DriveThruRPG, Amazon, Indie Press Revolution, and the Hero Games store. A Hero Designer Character Pack for this product will also be available for sale. Institute For Human Advancement: Pride & Prejudice – Written by Thomas Stadley, this book is a 50,000 word Champions 6th Edition source book detailing the history, structure, agents, and technology of the infamous Champions Universe villain organization known as the IHA. It is currently being edited by AC, and will be made available physically and electronically through DriveThruRPG and Amazon, and electronically through the Hero Games store. A Hero Designer Character Pack for this product will also be available for sale. The Hero System Book of Templates II – Written by Christopher Hackler, this is the sequel to Chris’ popular Hero System Book of Templates. I’m editing this book myself right now, and it’s excellent. At 33,000 words it’s even better than the original, and extremely useful to new players. It will be available in electronic and physical form from DriveThruRPG and Amazon, and electronically from the Hero Games store. A Hero Designer Character Pack for this product will also be available for sale. SECTIONAL BOOKS Steve Long and I have come up with a new publication concept for releasing Hero System books, and we are going to try applying this concept to a couple of projects this year and see it works out, financially as well as artistically. I’m calling these “sectional books,” as they will be released in sections that stand alone as electronic products, but can be combined in the end and released as a complete print-on-demand book on DriveThru and Amazon. The stand-alone products won’t have any original artwork, but the final book they will be combined into will have an original cover and at least some original interior artwork (though they will be softcover black-and-whites). Subject matter for these books will be selected in part based on their suitability for the format: meaning, they can be released in sections, then those sections can be combined into a unified, consistent final product (not a magazine or the like). The first two will be written by Steve, and will be Champions International – a collection of chapters about imaginary countries with exist in the Champions Universe – and Martial Enemies, which will detail a wide variety of martial arts characters suitable for Champions, Ninja Hero, Pulp Hero, or any of a number of other genres. He’s already turned in the first section Champions International: Lugendu, which AC is getting ready right now. If the sectional book projects goes well, Hero Games will launch a Patreon account to support even more work in that vein, plus provide exclusive content to Hero System fans who choose to become backers. (But we’ll have to see how the project goes before I commit to that!) KICKSTARTER At this point I don’t have any plans in 2021 a Kickstarter project. I’m willing to hear suggestions if you folks have any. But please keep in mind that the Hero Games KS account is reserved at this time for “big” projects. By this I mean comparatively large, rules-complete works which require no additional books to play. So I mean projects that are like Champions Now or Fantasy Hero Complete, but not Book of the Empress or Champions Villains III. I’m open to the idea of licensed intellectual property projects; though, again, I can’t make any promises. Actually getting licensed IP is an extremely difficult and time-consuming undertaking that I have only succeeded at twice (once here at Hero Games, and once at my own imprint High Rock Press); though behind the scenes I tried one dozen other times over the years unsuccessfully. Success requires either a perfect alignment of circumstances, or large sums of money; and the former is by nature unlikely, the later - nonexistent. HALL OF CHAMPIONS So far you fans have contributed forty creations to our Hall of Champions DriveThruRPG community content program! Please continue, feel free to contribute to the creative legacy of Hero Games, and maybe make a few bucks along the way. -Jason Walters, Publisher
  4. TPP Villain Compendium I – Masterminds & Villains For Hire These compendiums house all villains created from SIDs and Villainy Codex line from Tiger Paw Press. Volume I will contain Masterminds & Villains For Hire from these lines. This will give GMs several new villains to add to their campaigns to keep heroes on their toes. These compendiums will include new villains as well. Grab your copy and give your players a heart attack today. TPP Villain Compendium I is a 245 bookmarked PDF with Hero Designer files and printable cardboard miniatures.
  5. The first two chapters of Wilson Zorn's Breakdown are available on the High Rock Press Blog for you to read and comment upon. You can link HERE. Jason Walters
  6. Hello everyone. Over at High Rock Press we will be releasing two new projects, detailed in a blog posting you can access here. The first is a new roleplaying game called Breakdown by Wilson Zorn, author of the ENnie-nominated RPG At The Hands of an Angry God. (It was nominated for Best Rules opposite D&D 5E. So we didn't, you know, win.) We will be releasing it chapter-by-chapter in the blog so gamers can comment on it before we begin a Kickstarter project to create a quality version on both physical and electronic form. The second project is a Descended From The Queen storytelling card game created by myself, inspired by the work of Alex Roberts, and published by Evil Hat Productions. It's called Symposium, and simulates the experience of being a guest at the fictional dinner party Plato outlined in his famous work of the same name. I'd like to make my crude (alas very, very crude) version of the deck available to you to look at and, if you're willing, play so that I can get your input. You can download it HERE. After I get some feedback, High Rock Press will launch another Kickstarter project to fund a quality deck in both electronic and physical form. Again, I'm looking for feedback in the comments section the High Rock Press website if you're willing to contribute. All in the interests of creating the best products possible when the time comes to launch the Kickstarter projects and then publish. I know you're all busy and there's a lot of completed gaming material to consume. And this isn't Hero System material. So we appreciate any time you can spare to comment. Jason Walters, Publisher
  7. Evilution Unchained is a three act mystery adventure that takes the heroes throughout the city to solve a series of high profile kidnappings. Heroes will hunt for clues on nine fully detailed color maps to discover a horrific plot that threatens the entire campaign city. Also, the heroes will meet a fresh batch of supervillains as they try to solve the mystery of Evilution Unchained. This adventure is fully compatible with Champions Complete and the Hero System Sixth Edition rule books. Now only $13.00! What's Inside: This 144 page full-color adventure book includes a 48 page adventure along with supporting cardboard heroes, top-down tokens and nine maps to cut and paste together for exploring or combat. Included PDF and Hero Designer Files.
  8. New from Tiger's Eye Media Are you tired of your agents having inferior weapons? Tired of your lackeys falling like flies to the superheroes of the world? Tired of those dim witted Until agents having better equipment than your agents? Then you have come to the right place here at TITechCorp we are dedicated to creating the best weapons, armor and other equipment money can buy. So stop by today and pick up the latest addition to our line. Today we’ve added some power batons and awesome jet packs & wings to out lines. And remember your satisfaction is guaranteed or we won’t see you again. Small list of equipment to add to your Champions campaign includes Hero Designer files.
  9. New from Tiger's Eye Media. S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed. S.I.D.s Bulletin is a flyer that will highlight solo villains that have come on to the scene. The same care will be taken with their entry as with those in out S.I.D.s Report. The known history and abilities all will be given. This is a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for you campaign. This installment will introduce a new villain – Warbird. This individual is an armored individual that uses a winged backpack for mobility. He also carries twin pistols that are capable of penetrating the toughest armor and take down the tough individuals as well. This 7 page PDF includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniature.
  10. Need adversaries for you Star Hero campaign? Here you will find 2 new groups to add to your campaign. The Mirlons, a robot race determined to destroy all living creatures. The Qitarti are a powerful psionic race that has more knowledge than any other race in the universe. Both of these can easily be added into any ongoing campaign for new and unique twists for the campaign. Some of this material was originally presented in The Mind’s Eye Volume I Includes a 57 page PDF and Cardboard Miniatures
  11. Thank you guys! These were all really good suggestions. I'll think about them and see what I can manage, practically speaking. Jason
  12. Everyone, Thank you for letting me know the existing version of Champions Villains Two: Villain Teams Character Pack was incomplete. I believe I've fixed this now, and you can feel free to re-download a copy from your client area as needed. Jason Walters, Publisher
  13. Hi guys! I'm planning out our next Bundle of Holding project, and I wanted to pick your collective brains about something which involves the history of Hero Games. As many of you know, I've been working steadily with the help of Allen Varney of Bundle of Holding to get everything that has ever been created in print by Hero Games going all the way back to its beginnings scanned and made available in electronic form. The next step in this process involves the old Adventurers Club magazines. I envision of B of H project that includes all the issues of it, Digital Hero, maybe some issues of Steve Jackson Games' old magazine Space Gamer. (I've worked with SJG on B of H project before), and maybe even the 67 issues Haymaker! should be included? Here are my questions: 1) How many issues of Adventurers Club were actually released? I've got a bunch of them here in my office, but certainly not all - and I'm unsure of what the last issue actually was. 2) Was there Hero System material published in Space Gamer, or just reviews *of* Hero System products in Space Gamer? I never subscribed to it, and it's hard to tell given the information available on the internet. (Maybe there were just reviews?) 3) In your opinion, should I contact John Desmarais about including Haymaker! in this project - and possibly about making it more widely available to gamers in cooperation with Hero Games? (If you are, in fact, John Desmarais please feel extra free to comment!) Jason Walters, Publisher
  14. In the sixties the United States Government approved the funding for two new agencies due to the rise of costumed criminals. The first agency (Special Target Reconnaissance, Investigation, Policing, Espionage Service; aka STRIPES) was placed under the authority of the Department of Justice. While the second (Special Target Attack Response Squads; aka STARS) was placed under the supervision of the Department of Defense. Both agencies are tasked with protecting the United Stats from the rise of “Super Threats”. Provided in STARS and STRIPES A history of each organization two agents (one from each) 8 different gadgets
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