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  • Champions Powers Character Pack Corrections

    Jason S.Walters

    Hero System fan Lawrence Whalen has taken the time to review the Champions Powers character pack, and make some corrections and additions to the original pack. They are attached to the Champions Powers CP zip file as Lawrence Whalen Champions Powers Additions, as is a text document containing the notes below. 


    His notes are as follows.


    Telekinetic Offensive powers


    1) Missile Projection Variant it says 45 points I only came up with 43 points. page (326)

    2) I think I got Personal Combat Field right I built it as a Compound Power. page (326)

    3) Muzzle shows 31 points in the book I got it at 30 points page (327)

    4) I am attaching Offensive Telekinetic Powers because I forgot Unavoidable Lance it is in this one.


    Defensive Powers


    1) I built Skilled deflection as a Compound power and it cost 23 points. I was not sure if the OCV was just the power. page (338)

    2) Easy Return to Sender book says 75 points program says 62 points page (339)

    3) Attached Defensive Teleportation powers because I found I missed one in original have added it.

    4) Forewarned is Fore Defended cost says 17 points in book HD says 14 Points page (344)

    5) Better View costs 27 HD says 23 page (344)

    6) Worse view costs 10 HD says 8 page (344)

    7) Danger Avoidance costs 12 HD says 11 page (344)

    😎 Temporal Point Defense seems to have a big glitch in Hero Designer costs 16 points in book in HD it seems to add the disadvantage making it cost 41 points.

    9) I am attaching Sensory Time Powers because it looked like one was missing.

    10) Timeview is way off it says cost 28 points HD says 63 points no way I have been able to reconcile it. page (346)


    Time Powers


    1) Outside of time says 5 point cost HD says 6 points page (347)

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