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New Product! Martial Enemies, Volume 2: The Cult of the Red Banner PDF

Jason S.Walters

Steve Long strikes again!


Martial Enemies, Volume 2: The Cult of the Red Banner is the second in a series of PDFs to detail the villains, monsters, and other dangerous beings who inhabit the Martial World of the Champions Universe. It describes the mysterious Cult of the Red Banner and its crusade to bring more evil and suffering into the world.


It includes seven villains to fight on behalf of the Cult:


Bai Daochang, the Cult’s leader, master of both martial arts and magic


Deathforce, who channels the evil energies of the “Dragon King” through his punches


Iron and Gold, a brother and sister team who wield powerful magic swords


Na-Leng the Mad, a bizarre, terrifying sorcerer


The mystically-powerful ninja of the Sekihara clan


Sodeptan, a nigh-unstoppable brute known for crushing his opponents’ skulls

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