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  • Shared Origins: The Dynatron

    Jason S.Walters

    Power For Sale


    A billion dollars, legal immunity, and a Nobel Prize. That’s the supervillain Red Giant’s price to reveal the secret of the Dynatron — his miracle machine that can give anyone super-powers. Nobody’s met his price… yet.


    For a mere half-million, you can step into the Dynatron and receive super-powers yourself. Lots of people take this offer: Gangs and governments who want super-thugs and super-soldiers; would-be villains in search of origins; established supervillains hoping for power-ups. Won’t you join the list of satisfied customers?


    Here’s what you get in the 47-page supplement Shared Origins: The Dynatron:


    * Background and game mechanics for the Dynatron — the Instant Origin Machine!


    * Nine sample villains who gained their powers from the Dynatron, from the out-of-his-depth Mob enforcer Orb to the city-freezing Fimbulwinter. Each character comes with a complete character sheet, background, story seeds, and a full-color illustration.


    * One sample hero, ready to play or use as an NPC.


    * The story of how Red Giant invented the Dynatron, and the consequences for him and his first supervillain team, the Rainbow Cartel.


    * A brief discussion of “Power Vendors” as reusable sources of super-powered characters, with four additional examples of this origin story.


    * A look at the practical difficulties of selling super-powers and owning the most valuable machine in the world.


    Uses HERO System 6th Edition or CHAMPIONS Complete.




    This series of mini-supplements for CHAMPIONS provides "Origin Stories" that players and GMs can use for many different characters. Coming up with character origins is work; reusable origin gimmicks help you spend more time on character backgrounds and motivations and less time explaining why heroes and villains have super-powers in the first place. Shared origins can also tie characters together and create story hooks.


    Each supplement supplies background information and game mechanics for one shared origin story, a ready-to-play sample hero, and a selection of sample villains. Supplements stand alone to make it easier to plug the sample characters and origin story into your own superhero setting.

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