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  • Superhero Gallery Expanded PDF

    Jason S.Walters

    This PDF expands the Superhero Gallery from pages 243-87 of Champions to add ten new character types you can quickly and easily create:


    —the Animal-Man, a character whose powers derive from, or are themed around, a particular type of animal;


    —the Caped Detective, who combines his investigative skills with various fighting abilities and gadgets to make himself a matchless enemy of the underworld;


    —the Cultural Mystic, whose magical powers derive from a specific mystical tradition or culture (such as Egyptian, Shamanism, or Voodoo on this sheet, though you can easily adapt it to others if you’d like);


    —the Elemental Powered Armor wearer, whose powered armor’s weapons and defenses focus on a specific “elemental” form of attack (such as Fire, Electricity, or Ice);


    —the Force character, who manipulates sheer force to attack, move objects, and achieve other effects;


    —the Light character, who controls light in various forms (from blinding flares to deadly lasers);


    —the Power Weapon wielder, who possesses a weapon of great cosmic, mystic, or technological might;


    —the Robo-Hero, whose artificial body grants him superhuman powers;


    —the Shadowmaster, who controls darkness and shadow; and


    —the Themed Gadgeteer, whose arsenal of gadgets are all designed or formed along some theme (such as a particular animal, holiday, or category of objects [such as “toys”]).


    A new product from Steve Long.

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