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  • Treasure Discoveries PDF by Michael Surbrook

    Jason S.Walters

    Treasure. The mere word sparks visions of piles of gold coins, chests full of Spanish pieces of eight, ropes of pearls, bejeweled rings, cut gemstones, and more. It is often the driving force behind many stories and adventures. The dragon from Beowulf went on a rampage due to the theft of a single gold cup from its massive hoard. The dwarves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit seek to recover their lost kingdom — and its untold wealth. The entire point behind Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is to be the first to find a lost pirate treasure. And the Dungeons & Dragons module White Plume Mountain is centered on an attempt to try and recover three stolen magic items. Asyou can see, treasure — or the mere rumor of treasure — can spark a single adventure or even an entire campaign.


    Treasure Discoveries is designed to present Game Masters with a wealth (no pun intended) of information when it comes to creating treasure caches and troves. The who, what, where, and why of treasure troves will be discussed. As well as ways to store treasure (and what all those terms mean). You will also find descriptions of precious metals, gems, minerals, and numerous crafted objects. The rumored properties of gemstones (taken from myth and folklore) will be noted — useful fuel for any fantasy game. In short, Treasure Discoveries will allow you to create detailed custom treasure troves suitable for almost any fantasy setting (as well as other genres, if you so wish). And please, feel free to adjust, alter, and expand upon each treasure trove as you see fit, tailoring each one to your specific campaign world. It is your game after all. Make the most of it.

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