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  1. There's no "where"; that's just my e-mail! I should have plenty to say when it's done, not afore.
  2. ?Houzabouta? Auto-fire : ...Single Target ... 1st shot is +4 to hit; -4 to hit per additional potential hit. "first shot" is the first to hit, actually; the first five shots have the same average chance of hitting & a better spread for low or zero DCV targets, a chance to miss with the last attack.
  3. To be more clear, submissions are needed for my upcoming CHAMPIONS supplement. Reply here with villain team names, listing team member names & powers or sending PDF's to my e-mail.
  4. Fire away with original villain team names, each team name used, I'll credit you by name & copy your forum picture & stats into the table of contents, my highly classified supplement. Each character used will be credited by name; Please submit a PDF with powers and/or art; I'll be re-doing all the numbers. Confidential Collaborations: BRAINWAVE@USA.COM
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