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CSV - Legacies Group Record Sheet Anne Serene February 15, 2008

About This File


HERO System Fifth Edition

Type: Combat Record

File Extensions: CSV

This is the export template for the spreadsheet I use to track Characters at the Legacies Event. The Fields are as follows: (some are self explanatory)

  • F - A general purpose Flag Field I use a H here for held action, S for Stunned, U for Unconscious, etc.
  • Character - the name of the character
  • DEX - the character's DEX
  • SPD - The Character;s SPD
  • 1 - 12 - The Phases an P here means the character has an action at their Primary SPD/An S means they have an action on their secondary SPD.
  • OCV - the OCV
  • mOCV - Durring the campaign I edit this to a modified OCV to represent frequently used skill levels, modifiers, etc.
  • DCV - the DCV
  • mDCV - Durring the campaign I edit this to a modified DCV to represent frequently used skill levels, modifiers, etc.
  • ECV - the ECV
  • ECV - The ECV
  • tPD - total PD
  • rPD - resistant PD
  • tED - total ED
  • rED - resistant ED
  • PER Roll - Perception Roll.
  • tSTUN - The character's current STUN
  • STUN - The character's Normal STUN
  • tEND - The character's current END
  • END - The character's Normal END
  • tBODY - The character's current BODY
  • BODY - The character's Normal BODY
  • EXP - The character's Experience Points
  • Unrecorded EXP - Used to track experience I may wish to record as the character does notable actions but have not yet awarded
  • Exceptional Actions - Actions done by the character that I want to jot down.
  • Action - What the character is currently doing (a note to myself that is good for long sequences)
  • Notes - Anything else I want to keep track of.

I know that there are a lot of fields, I hide and show them in my spreadsheet as needed. Most of the time I keep just a few for a minimal combat record sheet showing.


Send Questions and comments to: Anne Serene .

Downloads: 657

Last Updated: Friday, February 15, 2008

What's New in Version February 15, 2008


  • This file was manually transferred from the old Hero website to the new website on 12/20/2013 by Spence Sanders (Spence). The name/board name of the author was added to the file name to improve file differentiation.
  • The file was originally written by Anne Serene
  • ***NOTE this creates a CSV file***

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