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  1. I guess it is lucky I didn't hear them.
  2. You're not the only one. That first half had us a bit worried and thinking the curse had returned.
  3. I know, it was kinda a joke with friends here at the game. No goals for Jozy Though it was a good goal, andI will deny ever saying so
  4. Stick with simple. Ignore all the "but how about the other 236144 billion possible builds".
  5. Sounders win MLS Cup 3-0 over Toronto. Life is good...
  6. Well to be fair, the new movie didn't set a low bar. It had no bar. One of the few movies I walked out of the theater.
  7. Oh, a TV shows being utter garbage really has no bearing on whether it is renewed or cancelled. TV is filled with programs that no one can explain why anyone could possibly like them. Batwoman is juat another example of a show and cast with real potential being crushed by morons. I'm guessing it may be CWs STD. The high mucky mucks have declared it is great and they will lose any amount of $ and ratings rather than admit they were wrong.
  8. I seem to remember that it was an established fact that the new thing called Rock & Roll would never be more than a fad because it wasn't real music. Scorcese and those on his bandwagon are the big band leaders of the movies, adamant that it is their personal opinion or nothing. I've really enjoyed his gangster movies, but really cannot remember anything he has made recent I actually thought was great or near great. Not since Goodfellas.
  9. The show is still very meh. Don't get me wrong. I don't think the actors are doing a bad job in their parts. I think the show suffers from what I call "Janeway Syndrome". Great actress trying to make garbage scripts written by committee work. We also referred to Voyager's Janeway as the multiple personality captain since she was so many different people episode to episode. If Batwoman doesn't get a decent writing team soon, there will be no saving it.
  10. You might be where I got the idea I just don't remember where or when.
  11. Dangerous assumptions that will kill a superHERO game faster than you can spit. Supervillians escaping is a basic supers trope. Just like superheroes getting captured. If the supervillians do not escape, you will never have recurring villians, and without that you will never see an archvillian. Just like your heroes will never be able perform a thrilling escape from the villainous deathtrap if they cannot be captured. When you say that some of the heroes will circumvent the law and impose their own justice. You have stopped talking about Heroes. Instead you are discussing "people with powers". There is a distinct difference between Superheros and People with Powers. Both are completely viable games, but thay are completely different in tone. Superheros are, well Heroes. People with Powers are vigilantes that may or may not follow the law or do the right thing based on their personal opinion at the moment. A super that assaults police is not actually a superhero, they are at best a vigilante. It is true that there are players that cannot stand for their PC to be captured. For them it is a dealbreaker. Which is cool. Some people simply cannot play in heroic thrillers. I know D&D players that are pure murder hobo's. A perfectly fine style of play.....in a murder hobo style campaign. @Tryskhell If you are running a supers campaign, you need to establish tone and flavor from the opening gate. If your players are going the PwP route instead of playing heroes, make sure you campaign is designed to flex that way. In addition to villians, you may need to have NPC Superheros for when the PCs get on the wanted list.
  12. So, my disappointment deepens. You've covered the main failures and I just cannot conjure up enough care to try for more. Looks like another show I will soon cancel recording. I am still going to give it till ep 6 to do something. Not very hopeful anymore.
  13. The first two books of series The Earls Other Son by Andrew Wareham. The first two books are in China sometime before the Boxer Rebellion. The main character is the second son of a Scottish Earl who is long on title but short on wealth. After a romantic liaison with the wrong lady, he is exiled to China Station. The writing style reminds me of books I read back in the 70/80's and I really liked that he didn't PC the c*ap out of it in one direction or agenda the c*ap out of it the other. Instead he just wrote the story using what he knows of the norms of the era it takes place in. Old style adventure yarn that may not be everyone's preference, but a good read and great ideas for turn of the century far east RPG.
  14. Jason & all, I have pulled together some of my material but it is laid out in my person "short hand" style rather than anything remotely designed for someone else to read and follow. I am pretty sure I can organize and format one into something usable. But I am not a writer by profession or hobby and I was hoping to see the HoC guidelines/format templates before proceeding. Any chance of those being made available in advance of kick-off?
  15. Also remember that these abilities are constrained by the number of points in the ability. An Ironman clone built with standard beginning points, they will not have all abilities of Ironman issue 200+. It may seem obvious, but expectations do need to be handled. I like to use pre-gen PCs as introduction characters. It lets players kick the tires and try things out before making their own characters. I also recommend that the first PC they build is their second best concept. First builds tend to not be exactly what they intended.
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