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  1. You have to download the CSV. It is all mixed up but some of the systems are in the system column, but some are in the description. But it is there. Here is a quick list of systems listed as of today. AD&D (1st Ed) Call of Cthulhu Call of Cthulhu (7th Ed) Castles & Crusades D&D (5th Ed) D&D (5th Edition, Adventurers League) D&D (Basic) D&D (Original) DCC: Dark Trails DragonScales Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) Fate Core Firefly GURPS Numenera Other Paranoia Rebooted Pathfinder (2E) Savage Worlds Star Trek Swords & Wizardry Tiny Frontiers Top Secret: New World Order Traveller (Mongoose) Undisclosed Unpublished / Home Grown Not all of them indicate version.
  2. DreadDomain your character sheet is fantastic. Do you think you might consider putting it up on HoC?
  3. Well, like you I have always put dragons firmly in the monster category. But I do play them as intelligent, but not "human" intelligent (as in all the PC races). For me dragons have an alien intelligence and I play older dragons as having their own agendas. The younger the dragon the less intelligent with very young dragons being just better than bestial. The older or ancient dragons do evolve and are able to cast spells and use/make artifacts, but they are very different than PC magic and PC usable magic items. But I do not have dragons holding conversations and such. Humans are just like all the other food, except they tend to be a bit more dangerous.
  4. For me things have not been much of an impact. We have to have at least one person in the office and the rest are working from home. I am the only one that is single and lives alone so I still go into work Monday thru Friday. They were going to rotate but that kind of defeats the purpose of being isolated if they came in, but we still need a person physically in the office so everything can actually be accessed. So I essentially spend my day in a mostly empty office (one person within each specialty) with minimum contact with both the rest of our team and our customers both here and overseas. Of course they are trying to maintain full operations while still maintaining minimal contact for their people as well. All in all, a bit of a coordination adventure. But for me at home, all that has changed is I don't actually see my friends and haven't had any social life. I did finally break down and try Door Dash.
  5. For me, I always thought D&D characters were superheroes, especially at the higher levels. When we started playing with ODD, a first level PC was a hardened veteran and could easily take on city guard and plain old warriors. I never understood how the 1st level somehow became a bumbling novice. But after a couple levels they are supers. It is just they operate according to different rules of conduct and killing an enemy is OK.
  6. It's a good series. KTV has some really good ones.
  7. Those are just the mooches. There are just more of them since they can be anonymous and have multiple accounts to whine with. We think there were less of them back in the day, but that is just because they had to be idiots in person and would usually find themselves banned from the FLGS after enough warnings. But today they can just make another account. Anyway, yes there are no loads that want everything for free. But most real gamers understand the concept that it takes time and resources to create gaming products and that they will cost $. As for the whiners always wanting free whatever, I never consider them "real gamers" and usually not "real people" either.
  8. Well for those of you that liked it I hope it does well. But RT ceased to be a real source of info years ago. Now they hype whatever they are paid to hype.
  9. Bloodshot - Vin Diesel. An enjoyable popcorn flick. It might have been a better idea to skip the "origin movie", but that may be because I have come to dislike "origin stories". The 13th Warrior - Antonio Banderas. A fantastic adventure film. A band of chosen warriors take on an ancient evil. Great stuff and well made. Operation Petticoat - Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. WW2, a submarine and Army nurses. Classic 1959 era comedy. The Tower - Son Ye-Jin, Sol Kyung-Gu and Sang-kyung Kim. Korean disaster movie. If you like disaster movies this is easily on par with Towering Inferno, perhaps a little better with modern CGI.
  10. Nothing I saw in the Hall of Champions guidelines indicated you could use any of the published villains/NPC's. It is one of my big disappointments with HoC. In DM's Guild I can use any NPC or Creature in their books in an adventure/scenario as long as it listed in minimum stat block and minimum description (IE no copying the entire entry) as long as it is only published via their GM's Guild. The other CC programs I have read are variations on that theme. But HoC doesn't let you use existing villains. You have to use original material which defeats the purpose of building adventures to draw people into the Champions Universe. I have an intro adventure I called Crime Spree (I'd have to make a different name) where GRAB (Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird version) are committing a series of robberies. It was designed for use as a stand alone series or it can be plugged into a greater campaign by GRAB being hired by one of your campaigns Master Villains. A good multi-session non-lethal crime story. I've actually used it several times in the past. But If I can't use GRAB, I'd have to create completely new villains and completely play-test it. But without an active Champion gaming group I can't do any of the needed play-testing. I was really hoping HoC would be like the others. Allow adventures firmly grounded in the CU using just enough of the CU Villainy to wet peoples appetite. I've bought several game supplements because I wanted the full write-ups of things and NPC's mentioned in a CC adventure or supplement I bought. My Crime Spree takes place in Hudson City and makes full use of both the HC Book and the awesome HC Map by describing street locations and landmarks shown on the map. I was going to embellish this version with more references to the CU, HC and GRAB with the intent of getting people to want the books for the full information and get a copy of the map. One of the reasons I use HC so much is I can lay a copy of the map on the table for the players, after all the PC's would know the layout of the city, they live there.
  11. It included adventures? I need to go back and read it again. I remember it including adventure seeds, but not fully developed adventures.
  12. Me too. Here goes. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Shortened version of my name. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Original Dungeons & Dragons in 75. Then Tunnels & Trolls, Empire of the Petal Throne, Boot Hill, Top Secret. And so on. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Dungeon crawls first, Original Dungeons & Dragons and Tunnels & Trolls. Then actual adventures with Top Secret. What are you currently playing/GMing? Nothing active at the moment, but my most recent games were Fear Itself, Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu.
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