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  1. I also lean toward the Multiform version. In many of the anime that have power ups, the change is more than simply improving abilities. Many times they also change enough that they are almost completely different beings. Add to that, being able to just grab another character sheet for each "power up" stage makes playing it much easier and makes the GM's job easier too.
  2. Smart folks Love Necco wafers, Good and Plenty and liquorice of all types.
  3. IMO nothing to be sorry about. My take is somewhere between. I think a good group of pre-made adventures are critical to an RPGs success. But not all adventures. IMO there are 4 broad types of pre-built adventures. 1) short one or two session, designed generally so they can drop right into an existing game. It should include all significant NPCs to allow the scenarios to be " played out of the box". But the NPCs should fit standard tropes so they can easily be swapped with an existing campaigns NPCs. 2) short one or two session adventure specifically tied to specific NPCs to the point that substitution is virtually impossible. 3) a campaign that is designed using NPCs and threats that follow common genre tropes and written to allow easy substitution. General background is loose enough to readily fit into any world. 4) a campaign designed using a very narrow and specific group of NPCs and world back history requiring a full rewrite to use outside the setting. Type 1 and 3 are adventures that promote a game. Type 2 and 4 are adventures that will see very little use. Heroes curse (5th and 6th edition) is that their products are over-built. Their adventures are usually so detailed that they can only be run as written and are very very difficult to run in any setting that is not the published setting. Shades of Black is one of my favorite adventures that I have never run. It requires specific villains with specific histories with the Heroes. Running SoB requires you to run a pre-campaign to set things up for the adventure. The early 2 thru 4 edition adventures are playable. Demons Rule and Blood Fury can just be dropped into any campaign. For the Deathstroke adventure mentioned above. It runs well as is, but how easy is it to substitute parts? I haven't read it in a very long time, so it may be one of the earlier adventures that are self contained and short drop ins.
  4. When I am looking at a new Supers (or any greater than human) RPG the first things I look for is: How it handles being hit by a large thrown object? How it handles knockback? You cannot have a superbattle without someone being punched by a super or be hit by a thrown object. The term used may be different but Velocity Damage and Knockback Damage is inherent in the genre and it has to scale in response to the force applied.
  5. Turning the evil villains into "misunderstood quasi-Heroes" has been an ongoing theme of both Hollywood as well as US comics for years so this isn't a stretch. They make a "Good HEROES" movie and do block busters, then they do a sequel that is still "Good HEROES" and the trend continues. They do "not heroes" and the first movie does fantastic because it was a "Superhero Movie", but the sequel under performs and things slide after that. The overall effect is obvious to real people but seems to escape the twit/social media 'verse. People flock to entertaining movies with HEROES that are on the side of doing good. While the audience will enjoy a monster/bad guy movie that portrays a bad guy as bad and will be ultimately defeated. But they tend to avoid sermonizing movies or movies that glorify evil as good. Or arrogance as virtue. Like when they falsely compare Captain Marvel to Top Gun. In Top Gun Cruise played an a$$ that literally everyone except his backseater hated. The movie portrayed (that portrayal being good or bad depending on the viewer) the journey of pilot from arrogant idiot to humbled self-aware professional. What some would call the Heroes Journey with the lessons painfully beaten into him including being the reason his arguably only real friend died due to his arrogance. Captain Marvel has none of than, she is simply perfect at all times. Captain Marvel was just a arrogant a$$ that discovered they were overpowered and became an overpowered arrogant a$$. Nothing in her personality or actions changed from start to finish. I guess the only difference in personality and behavior after breaking free from their control was who she decided to target as "bad guys". Every time she appears in any show it is as a arrogant and self important B. Not even trying to use basic courtesies because all should kowtow to perfection. Such a great character destroyed by poor writers and political agenda.
  6. I don't think either method has too many obvious advantages or disadvantages. And I do not think any version of Hero is inherently faster or slower than other RPG's. Hero can actually be faster than most other RPG's if you factor in no time of initiative determination and no need for external references if the character sheet is actually complete. In Hero I never had to constantly refer back to the rule book about my characters abilities. In many games the players are constantly having to reference the "spell book" or other rule book to re-read just what an ability does. With Hero that has always been on the character sheet. For me the biggest issues with Hero is not the system or how it does combats, but in player attention and experience. If the players are invested in the game and paying attention so that when their tun arrives they can immediately indicate their action, the game moves forward. If the player has to prompted to put down their device and then takes time to plan, the game will drag. If the players are new to the system they will be uncertain and constantly be pulling out the rulebook to verify 2+2. Experienced players will have confidence and just play. Now those two main concepts, attention and experience, apply to any RPG. To hide or not hide critical items like OCV or DCV and so on is just preference and really doesn't impact the overall game much. Players will simply adjust their play style.
  7. I wish I knew enough about the sport that those comments meant something to me. Seriously. I plan on trying to learn the game through this season.
  8. So the Kraken won their first game of the regular season. Much rejoicing to be had the and the local news just had to post about it. Read closely......
  9. Good idea. Now if I can remember it for the next time
  10. I didn't mean to sound cranky there. Most of the online shipping sites "auto format" addresses to what the USPS thinks it should be. And what a bureaucrat in a cubicle thinks and the real world isn't always the same. I normally only have issues with gaming related orders with a lot of the current good stuff being from non-US companies.
  11. Because I didn't design the way addresses are written in the US? The two line method is pretty much the only format I have ever seen stateside? But my package made it which is fairly impressive with the address being dorked. Now I have three books of shrunk-wrapped goodness I cannot touch until I complete my prep work. I still need to physically print out all the character sheets and handouts for the three games I am hosting at Dragonflight in 15 days. Gah.... I hate the drudge part.
  12. More like 1234 99th Street NE Suite M Unit 29 City, State 99999 Without the Suite or Unit it is a big complex......
  13. So when DHL was listed above I didn't say anything because I have rarely ever had anything delivered by them and the less than spectacular occasion I had may have been a fluke. But then of course I get an email saying one of my game orders is on its way. Woot!! I just got another email telling me it should be delivered by EOB today. Then I notice the address and remembered the last fiasco. Addresses in the US consist of street address, a city/postal zone and a country. Some street addresses are more than a single line with the first line being the primary street location and the second line indicating which exact part of the building. So why does DHL consistently and without fail drop the second line of the street address? So I may or may not get my order...... Grrrrrrrrr.....
  14. As long as it is in some good "flavors". None of the bargain bin stuff.
  15. We have a national men's team?? On other news, the Sounders are to the top of the West, have won their last 4 games and have clinched their playoff spot. With 6 regular season games to go they certainly could overtake New England for the Shield if they continue their run.
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