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  1. Great minds think alike I've been working on a set of "quick start" rules to be attached to a "starter set" that includes pre-gens and a small adventure arc. Right now I have two similar and still very very rough ones. A generic fantasy and a supers. The issue for me is balancing how much to include versus keeping everything as minimum as possible. Zero build info, just enough rules info to function/feel right and copious references to the rulebook. Plus a generous helping of teasers about cool options in the rulebook. My objective is an all-in-one gen
  2. As Christougher said. Playing Hero is easy. In fact it is FAR more easy than many of the so called easier RPG's are. If. And this is a big IF. The GM builds everything for the players, strips all the build annotation from the character sheet. For example, the Wizard only needs know that the Flame Strike does X damage and costs X end (or mana, or what have you) and uses X skill to hit (if any). Ditch, hide, burn at the stake anything even resembling build annotation. Ditch, hide, burn at the stake any hint of characteristic build c
  3. Hmmm... Everyone has their opinion. For me, Thor falling off the wagon was OK as a storyline. The extra transition into Austin Powers enemy Fat B*astard was a bit too far in the "morinically stupid" direction and just didn't fit any Thor I had ever read. But once again, it is all opinion.
  4. In theory true. But don't let me hold you back
  5. Yes and no. For most of the time the only option was work via a licensed product. But to license a product requires one to make specific commitments with specific timelines. The license may be very reasonable, but just what reasonable is was never actually put out there. Not that there is any reason to expect that, but unless you were in the industry or had a copious amount of free time and the ability to lose your licensing fee on a test, you were not going to do anything. Now is completely different with the advent of the creative commons. I am person
  6. And that is understating it. I don't consider it part of scifi or fantasy because it is a category all on its own. Totally bad ass and I am very very very disappointed that there wasn't a 4th season.
  7. I am actually working on something. Trying to make what I have been talking about and it's actually harder than I thought it would be. I have to keep adjusting things, but eventually I hope to be able to place it on HoC.
  8. Finally watched the first two episodes of WandaVison and it was.......... underwhelming? I really hope they are not planning to continue along the same line.
  9. As soon as you say "build" you have abandoned the "intro" concept. Hero is literally dying on the vine because all you get is the tool kit with a lot of unrelated examples. Hero does not have an "Intro" because I cannot go to the store, drivethru, etc, and find it by title. If I go here and there and find this and find that and do this and do that and on and on and on..... It is 2021 and gamers simply do not do that. Period. errr...delete rant. You hit my button again But the only way to get people to play a Hero based game is
  10. I was answering the within the topic. Not the entirety of what a Powergamer is. I can though. Min/Maxers and every other type of player are usually just trying to make the best PC they can within the bounds of the game the agreed to play. They are not trying to get over on the GM or other players just to be p*icks. They are just having fun. Min/Maxers can be problematic if there is only one of them in a geme, not because they are bad, but because they can put all the other players at disadvantage and even get them killed off if the GM doesn't handle the difference
  11. Arrghhhh.... you made me look.... It is even a bit more complicated. Essentially here it is: if a ship is tractored by another ship that is larger than it is, it can only fire at that ship if it wishes to fire. if a ship is tractored by another ship that is equal in size or smaller their fire is not restricted to that ship. if a ship is tractored by another ship that is a friendly ship their fire is not restricted to that ship. While tractored a ship many only use directed energy weapons, not torpedoes, drones or launch/recover small craft.
  12. They went from publishing actual playable RPG's to publishing the rule structure to create your own RPG. Exactly. But I would propose that in addition to those two product types, "Hero Toolkit" and the "RPG built using the Hero rules in the background". Another one is a smaller "introductory" product that contains a "starter" game designed to allow the players to actually play a few sessions using pre-generated PC's and a pre-built adventure. This allows them to "test drive" the game such as a generic Fantasy adventure. Game play would present everything without any
  13. New Millennium was the Fuzon version and that was its downfall. But not for the reasons most people think. When Fuzon came out products were physical books and the internet was nothing near what we have today. Social media was in its infancy and bulletin boards ruled. But product was physical and the idea of getting timely errata was something for the future. Fuzon had been hyped by a few newsletters, gaming magazines and some people at a con. So when I saw a copy at a store I bought it. It was utter incoherent c*ap. It kept referring to “dials” and “switches” b
  14. Nope your distaste for the 90s antihero is spot on. You get the Spence stamp of approval...
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