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  1. You just described me and most of what can be laughingly called "award winning" movies these days. Or heck, most of the movies at all these days. Every time I think of a movie that was just a "great and fun time", it winds up being from years ago.
  2. Well now days you can get most of the old modules in PDF via DriveThru. Well it looks like KS may have overstepped recently, but that is for another thread and a search for actual interest 😉
  3. I've noticed that many 'conversions' are not 100% self contained. Instead they contain game mechanics, stat-block conversions and advice on adapting play, but you have to have a copy of the original module to play.
  4. Watched 13th Warrior again. Great movie and always fun to watch.
  5. So I haven't found the Giants series conversions. Still looking. But the Kestrel Arts page has several module conversions in its gaming/free stuff section. https://www.kestrelarts.com/
  6. I'll have to check it out, I read a lot of scifi and fantasy and I think I have seen the name Abercrombie but I have never read one of his books. I'm thinking I may have seen the name in passing while browsing for new reads. What kind of storyline?
  7. It is really difficult to answer your question as presented. Especially not knowing genre or build points. Superhero, Fantasy Hero and so on. But regardless of that, Manic Typist hits the nail on the head. Back in ancient times when I started running Champions, I spent uncounted hours building out everything. And by everything, I mean everything. NPC's, trees, building, walls and so on. Now I have a cheat sheet of common material defense and body values for 'stuff'. For creatures or NPC's I rarely build them out. I just note key stats and roll with it. If the NPC/Creature becomes a "named" threat or recurring one, I will perform a complete build. Since my 'supers' worlds tend to have low populations of 'supers' I am more inclined to build out supervillains at the start. But overall, short notes and stat blocks are what I use. In the end, regardless of game system, the GM has to be able to adjust on the fly for the players. From my localized experience, new hero GM's can be blinded by the systems build system and trap themselves into thinking that they have to build everything. And it doesn't help that a lot of herodom enjoys building stuff almost as much and they enjoy playing. In the end just build the minimum that you need to frame the adventure. Let the players run and adapt to the story as it unfolds. A group of purest Cthulhu horror players tend to expect their PC's to go insane and/or die. A group of supers gamers tend to want to be able barely triumph after a grueling super-battle where they have had the opportunity to display their awesomeness. Each genre has it's own version of "cool success" and it is the job of the GM to set the stage so the players can succeed. But.... That does not mean the GM is simply there to be walked on by the players. Make sure to have fun too
  8. These were already converted to an earlier version of Hero along with several others. 4th or 5th edition. I have them somewhere. I'll look and see if I can find them, and if they are shareable. I cannot remember where they came from and if they were free to share. If not I'll try to find you a link or contact info for the maker. Yep, sharing a homebrew build with buddies is a far cry from conversion for profit.
  9. I dimly remember that book. I remember I started it back in the 80's, but had to leave it behind before I got half way through because it wouldn't fit in my seabag. Life could be a bummer in the days before portable electronics. I may have to find it again. Back then there wasn't as much fantasy so I read a lot of historical fiction. Rosemary Sutcliff's "Sword at Sunset" and Mary Stewart's "Merlin Trilogy" were great reads as well.
  10. I've read the Iron Tower and the Silver Horn books, but never realized he had written so many additional books. I'll need to get a chronological list and start again.
  11. On the Hero forums!?! gaspers....say it ain't so....
  12. Well, given that I am not a telepath and didn't read your mind about going to the theater, I'm gonna say thank you for sharing
  13. They did? I have heard absolutely zero on this. Was it direct to video?
  14. Another "what is old is new again" moment
  15. For me too. Heck space nazis have been popping up in RPGs for years. The old Tales From the Floating Vagabond had them. I've seen them in a lot of space pulps. When I saw Iron Sky I thought it was a cool homage movie because itvwas pulpy and had space nazis. But except for a dim memory of 50s style bubble helmets, I can't recall the exact shows. TFtFV was an 80s game and when it came out sn's were pretty common in pulpy/humorous/supers games.
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