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  1. That must have been when Simon had announced that they were going to be migrating to the current website and that a significant amount of the downloads in the old site would probably not make the migration. I was out of work at the time and so I would download what I could and upload it onto the new system during the short time that both sites were accessible. It was a LOT of stuff and I don;t think I really made too much of a dent. But yes, it is always good to have the files available, especially for players trying to get a better understanding of the system.
  2. Actually yes it did. It was one of the things that I liked about CC.
  3. I enjoyed BESM and was very disappointed when they ended right upon release of their 3rd Edition. I liked and played 2nd but never had a chance to actually play 3rd. We were heavy into Champions and so I never really tried Silver Age Sentinals. They released BESM 4e a few years ago, but I have not actually tried it either. I always considered Tri-Stat as a rules light system. About as light as I can enjoy.
  4. Not that great of a trailer. Not that bad either. Could go both ways. I really hope they make a movie about the character and not a showcase for political points. They have shown they can do great movies, but they have also put out some disappointments. I really hope that this one is a good one.
  5. That is actually a great idea and one that would be useful, not only for experienced players but new ones as well. While they achieved their objective in sanitizing everything down to the lowest possible building block, such as Secret ID being a social complication. They forget that it is easier for players to just call it Secret ID. Not precisely the same thing as your thought, but close enough for this thread. A book of "Talent" builds would be extremely useful for people who just want to play today and get into esoteric build theory later.
  6. Wow, I didn't realize BW was still a thing. As for all the why's, poor scripts about poor stories poorly written.
  7. Is there anyway to get this thread pinned to the top for those of us that are slow and can't remember what we did the last time
  8. Thanks dougmacd I am not the programmer type though I work extensively with software and actually have been the middleman between the software people and the actual users. That is why it often strikes me that the virtual program people seem to go out of their way to make shit vague and unclear. I have several, both purchased and free, and none of them are designed for a basic user. And if I had written documentation like what apparently is the acceptable norm, I would have been fired years ago. All of your points make sense and I appreciate the response
  9. So I was looking through the various programs out there, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and so on. Reflecting on how overly complicated they all were with more useless non-gaming related BS than actual gaming aids. Die rollers Character sheets rulebooks References And on and on. None of which is needed to play. What is needed to play is a map people can see with ways to add or hide things. A way to talk. A way to share pictures/art. And that is it. The only reason for any of the other stuff is if
  10. Absolutely. The core of Hero has never really changed much rule and play'wise. Mostly costing changes. Then came "The Change" [cue dark and dramatic 1950s occult theme music]
  11. One of the reasons I stopped reading comics in the early 90s. Not only the lack of story, but if someone did accidentally inject a plot it would be overshadowed by the grim blood splat. Even the "heroes" were heroes in name only as they killed maimed and destroyed with the best of them. Every once in awhile I'll take a look at comics and maybe one day I'll see a super-powered HERO again...
  12. No I mean in Hero 5thR. And 4th and 3rd and........ I gave up on 6th. Too many things sterilized on the alter of...... well I have no idea. 5thR is not perfect, but it is the only version pre-change that I have enough hard copies to lend to players. So 5thR it is. TA is also 5th so no changes/conversion necessary.
  13. Lots of 10 to 16 year old's that thought it was kewl....
  14. But they are. I was just rereading the section.
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