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  1. Surprisingly no, I have seen GMs that required a roll to start the car or to reload. Ridiculas, but not unheard of. Meh, I have met his clones. They spend so much time worrying irrelevant fringe trivia and deliberately missing intent in order to demonstrate that they are trivia kings. The easiest thing for me is to ignore Since I figured out that function my blood pressure has been much better.
  2. You do realize that those were broad examples to illustrate a concept 😉 But to answer, like any game I prompt the players in the beginning until they get hang of things. And no, asking the parts of the body processed in an autopsy would be a bit stupid for a game. And also no, I was not telling you to do this. I clearly stated: I was laboring under the impression that it might help readers understand the direction I was coming from. I didn't realize that it could be taken as directing other people to do the same.
  3. I expect you are correct. Before 95 I was building my own machines. It was about then that I realized that I was actually spending more than I needed to. I don't use mine for video games or video editing or anything that requires massive processing power. Documents, spreadsheets etc.
  4. I didn't realize you had to specifically download it separately. Every machine I have purchased after the 95'ish has worked right out of the gate, though I have needed updates. See, us old peeps learn something new every day...
  5. See, the power not the person. After they went down the crapper and began retcons and rewrites to try to cover for having run out of ideas. I'm guessing that happened after I stopped reading them anymore.
  6. I have been contaminated by GUMSHOE (now now, don't everyone roll their eyes ) so I tend to run all skills their way. Essentially overall using a skill for information is not rolled. Ever. If a PC has a skill and asks a question using that skill they get the basic answer. If they use the skill. In other words let us say that the PC has the version of criminology/forensics in your game that can be used to investigate a crime scene. If they say I am going to check out the dead body, I'll tell them all the information about the body that they could know without having to run tests. But would not tell them about the blood behind the couch or the claw marks on the window. If they say that they are going to check the room for clues, I'd tell them about all the clues. Now if the PC wants to run tests or perform an autopsy, they would need to roll success. Degree of success or failure would determine the clues they find (or destroy). This is another reason I prune back skills allot. I am also mentioning this so you can understand where I am coming from when discussing skills.
  7. It still made me snort my Pepsi and change shirts....
  8. Hero Designer is a fantastic program for Character design. It supports both 6th Edition and 5th Edition. To call it a character design program is a misnomer. It is actual a design anything in Hero program as it has and supports vehicles, computers, headquarters etc. Plus you can customize to a very great degree if you have the skills. There are a LOT of export templates available and the documentation gives people the information to write or modify export templates. All in all, it is a very good program and at $25 it is actually cheap for what you get. Not to mention all of the pre-built data packages you can buy as addon's. As a GM it made building up NPC's and such much easier.
  9. Not Thor, you'd have Darcy with Mjolnir. Thor is Thor. He was Thor without the hammer, and he was Thor with the hammer as happened several time in the comic. Beta Ray Bill wielded the hammer, as Beta Ray Bill. If there was a comic titled "Alien Thor" I missed it. Getting the hammer does not change who the person is. It simply adds the hammers power. We saw in the movie where they forged the Axe, that Thor was definitely still a powerful being, whether called a god or an alien. Bah, low level pandering at it's worst. I have had a low opinion of the comic industry for years since they abandoned telling of great stories to pushing personal agenda's. I mean, all writers of anything will inject their opinions into their works. But I miss the years of 95 to 99% great story with 1 to 5% personal agenda which have been replaced by 80-90% agenda with maybe a coherent story.
  10. Well it really depends on how you use skills. What you said is true, for casual "I'm in no hurry driving". But I have never required a skill roll in those situations. For me, skill roles are used "when the excitement is happening" or "when there is a dramatic need". I personally have the knowledge to fire up a semi and even pull it forward, I've done it. But if I was driving and the rig was barreling down the steep road from a mountain pass in the winter, I'd be dead at the first curve. Which is why I would use those four general skill breakdowns for driving. But since you made me take a closer look and after a little thought I'd say. personal vehicles: manual transmission and automatic transmission. personal vehicles: automatic transmission. commercial vehicles: semi's, buses and other larger transports construction vehicles: tracked, cranes, etc. If you can drive a manual, you can drive an automatic which is not necessarily true the other way.
  11. I think we all agree with you 😁
  12. If I was going to be that much of a stickler I would go more: personal vehicles: manual transmission personal vehicles: automatic transmission commercial vehicles: semi's, buses and other larger transports construction vehicles: tracked, cranes, etc. Just to provide a little granularity and allow a more focused spotlight for PC's. I'd plug military into those four categories. The point would be cinematic action, not realistic simulation Absotively
  13. Sorry about that Thank you for the fix.
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