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  1. Didn't know that. I'll have to do this. I always loved this movie.
  2. Me too. From a time that they understood movies were to entertain.
  3. I agree, a simple win will not be enough. A crushing victory that shatters the will of the Timbers for decades to come to the wailing tune of the lamentations of the Timbers Army. That would be much much better
  4. It doesn't necessarily mean that the line is having issues. Moving to freelancers may be in response to the changes in the rules/laws concerning employees and benefits and the size of a company. I worked at a manufacturing company in WA which was expanding and having to hire more workers to meet the orders. They hit a State Employee threshold that kicked in several new requirements, requirements that effectively tripled the cost the company had to pay per worker. Basically, if you pay someone $10 an hour, the actual cost to the employer (taxes, insurance, etc) is probably $25 to $30 an hour for each employee. The sudden tripling of the payroll liability has bankrupted companies before. In this case they had been accumulating capitol in preparation. The problem now is that the local cities (in WA at least) are "adjusting" the thresholds for local tax requirements, many times without warning. I know a few locals that closed their businesses when the discovered that their Mom & Pop shop that had had the same number of employees for 15+ years had been magically reclassified small to medium with the accompanying surge of payroll costs. I really don't know how large FFG really is employee wise. But even large game companies are small and if a company can reduce costs by eliminating a division they will since will eliminate a full range of positions from entry level to manager. And to be blunt, gaming has relied on free-lance talent far more than full time employees for ever and a day. Long and the short of it, the decision may not have anything to do with sales. Of course, it could also mean they announce the end of the line next week, or even the news that the IP is moving to another company.
  5. CaptCastle 4th Edition came with software for character creation called HeroMaker. Hero Designer is built to assist in building characters and other builds (vehicles, computers, etc.) for 5th or 6th Edition. It basically performs all the calculations for a build. It is very very good at that specific task. It has some other built in functions as well a being able to "export" the completed item for printing and such. It has no "art" functions, though as Gnome BODY pointed out you can attach pictures to builds.
  6. Everyone keeps saying the a colorful layout and art are out of reach and yet I keep getting great products via KS that funded at right about what FHC funded. FHC funded for $20k in Jun 2014. The Sassoon Files funded for $24k in Oct 2019, and is gorgeous. Better than some WotC products. And there are others. I am not in the industry, but I see a lot of inconsistencies when comparing projects and costs.
  7. I am not a big "music" person. By that I mean I I usually just have the radio on in the background. But Vega is one artist that has stood out from the noise for me. To the extent I actually took the effort to figure out her name. Tom's Diner is one of my favorites by her.
  8. Real bummer, I'm sorry to hear that. I have been looking around the local area and there are actually a few within 50/60 miles. Since my job is 50 miles in the opposite direction, I was irritated that any place I could go to would be limited to weekends or holidays if open. But you remind me that while things may be irritating, I am pretty lucky that there are actually FLGS's within reach. Thank you for that.
  9. And expectations drop yet another level.........
  10. Not wrong. But my movie optimism has been thoroughly crushed over last while. I tend set expectations low.
  11. I do not disagree. I love a great story with multiple lines/plots and several adversaries. That is how I run my games. But we are talking Follywood and its recent track record. Their ability to take the Amazing and turning it into a steaming pile cannot be underestimated. With people who cannot count past ten if they have shoes on, the thought of them being able to actually create an interesting mystery plus stories for five plus villains doesn't fill me with confidence. The emphasis on making the story explore the "emotional" side plus the casting of a teenage heartthrob fills me with a twilight foreboding.
  12. Makes it even worse. Diluting the movie across that many villains means they will not be managing more than cameos. Not enough minutes to develop much with that many major characters.
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