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  1. Not trying to be dense, but the sentence doesn't make sense. What is "i see the resistance to a Captain Marvel story teaching humility" referring to?
  2. The real issue is that there have not been 84 years of Superhero stories. SuperHERO stories declined to almost vanish by the early 90's. Comics have managed to continue to the present, though American comics appear to be on their last gasp, even their parent companies and associated movie studios have been commenting how they are not necessary to make Superhero movies. The early MCU movies were great because they brought characters to the screen that could have been plucked from any of their comics from creating to 1990. But when they started to "get more relevant" or "write more modern" versions it began to tank. Now that they have firmly and publicly established that male characters are considered bad and a white male character is toxic and must be written out of the story. Anyone that disagrees is automatically a misogynist and a representation of ultimate evil. When they cast Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck there was criticism and low confidence at the announcement. Not because of what the SJW's called sexism or misogyny, but because people had already experienced how Hollywood tends to gut the the core concepts of show they "remake". But when they saw how Sackoff played the part and how the part was written the majority of the audience liked it. Because it was a good portrayal and today when someone is talking BSG and mentions Starbuck, Sackoff is the face everyone visualizes. The Ghostbusters remake didn't tank because the cast was female. It tanked because it wasn't funny. To me 90+ minutes of potty jokes, bad mouthing people and cussing isn't funny. There are a lot of series and movies that people call comedy I don't like either. If it is evil and wrong for a white woman (Scarlett Johannson) to play Kusanagi (despite the creator of the original creator Mamoru Oshii saying it perfectly OK because Kusanagi's body was not human and could have any shell) then it is equally evil to change any characters race or sex. Period. Evil is Evil. Wrong is Wrong. It is not on a sliding scale determined by who did it. An actors profession is playing someone or something that they are not. In the upcoming Dune they are changing Liet-Kynes from a man to a black woman. Notice I said man without a ethnic designation. While I remember that Liet-Kynes was referred to as he, I do not recall anything beyond "long sandy hair, a sparse beard" and "Blue-on-blue eyes" from spice that would actually indicate race. For the Imperial Ecologist to be a man or a woman is actually irrelevant. For a background character with limited time in the story it doesn't matter. But if they made the Duke a woman or Jessica a man, the entire story would collapse. Not to mention they would be "_______"washing another original character concept. The biggest and most evil concept in the modern world is the idea of "conditional evil" or conditionally offensive". A curse word is either bad or it is not bad. There is no inbetween. Back to Hollywood and their movies it is really simple. Stop putting out products that follow a clearly visible path of hatred or discrimination toward a segment of the population. If you do, a major number of that segment of the population will not buy that product. Men are not genetically evil Straight white males are not genetically evil. If you make it your position to call them that and alter your products to portray and promote that view, then Men and Straight White Males will not pay money to see it. Simple.
  3. As pinecone said, not really. Once she "remembered" or "stopped being deceived" she went from snarky a$$ to arrogant snarky a$$. Zero heroes journey "personal trial" that teaches the Hero humility. In Top Gun the character was a arrogant snarky a$$ right up until he killed his friend and realized he was a arrogant snarky a$$. Since Hollywood and many people that watch movies have no clue about the difference between "cold confident professionalism" and and "perceived arrogance" they tend to lump them together. I haven't really payed attention and don't recall the new movies trailer (though I thought I had seen it) but my expectations are not high that it will actually be a sequel. I do not believe that there is anyone left in Hollywood that has enough actual intelligence to actually portray a story/movie involving anything military without filming it through their, not flawed or crack lens, but utterly shattered lens and ludicrous basic concepts about the military. I think the new Top Gun will most likely be a sh*t show, but if the cast and crew can resist giving any interviews where they castigate and vilify most of the potential audience just before release, it should sell. Everyone seems to be determined to ignore reality, but single males and white people are a very large segment of the population in the US. It doesn't matter if you like it or if it offends some personal opinion, it just is. Both Captain Marvel and Black Widow cast/crew released interviews and posted on social media that vilified both demographics. Tom Cruise is as arrogant in real life as he played in the movie. But they really shine up that turd till it gleams for prerelease promotions of one of his movies. Brie Larson may have played arrogant in the movie, but then she carried it into real life, bashed and hammered the major segment of possible customers and then kept doubling down. For what possible reason will anyone pay money for a product made by someone that actively hate you and makes sure you know they do? Black Widow had the misfortune to follow behind the near fresh memory of Brie Larson/Captain Marvel and when Scarlett Johansson decided to release a statement, that while milder in tone, basically gave the middle finger to the same two segments of the population. And so they did not go. Of course in Hollywood they blame it an the evil white people or evil male people. Hollywood and a lot of various "groups" have decided discriminatory behavior, vilification and hate is OK and acceptable as long as it is directed toward "males" and/or "whites". And then they are confused when the target groups go "OK, but I will not buy your product". I remember the old adage. "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". For a business that relies on sales it rings even more true than the saying about the customer being right. I was waiting to see Black Widow right up until she did an interview and then followed up on social media telling me that she did not want my business. So I was courteous and gave her what she asked for. They can make any show that they want to, more power to them. But I am fully in control of my wallet and do not have to see it.
  4. Thank you. Typing in a hurry and relying on spell check is not always your friend
  5. I understand a lot of what you are saying. There used to be at least one or two series on TV that were interesting. I haven't seen anything even remotely decent in several years and most of that has been one off's on a streaming service. Occasionally there will be a season one show that can be pretty good, but then at season two or after the season one mid-season break the makers decide that they have hooked you and either fall back on the same mind-numbingly predictable and BORING "evil corporation dark conspiracy the earth is boiling" plot or just abandon story all together so they can launch their "x group is evil" social agenda. I have just lost all patience and refuse to give utter garbage a pass because they insert a few key phrases and words. A good story can also promote a concept or stance and because it is a good story be great entertainment because it has an actual good storyline. And agenda with a thin veneer sprayed over the top is still garbage because there is no storyline outlining an actual good story. I've worked a pig farm before. And it isn't that "Movies and TV haven't gotten worse, our standards have gotten higher." It is "we have been covered in pig shit for so long we no longer smell the stench."
  6. Maybe up to 2010ish. After that they seemed to forget the entertainment part. Were there some good or great shows? Absolutely. But for the last 10'ish years the number of US made shows (movies and TV) that are good let alone great or fun are probably in the low 3% of the US output. The last 4 years have really cratered that average. Most of the movies and TV I watch now are non-US. And starting to be Non-Canadian or UK as they fall into current Hollywood type shows. I am discovering a lot of US/Canadian/UK series form the past that I never saw that are worth watching. And a lot of Korean drama is pretty good. Lots of stuff to watch. When I look at current items I am just depressed with so much of it lacking......well anything resembling entertainment. Not to mention the constant lying and switch and bait methods on a lot of their most recent stuff.
  7. Yep, most of my Movie/TV Show/Steaming Show has been older ones. I am actually discovering really great programs from when I was in the Navy (1982 - 2004) that I never realized existed with many of them have a far far far greater quality and storyline. Not to mention that the new shows tend to not be new, but just remake things that we already have without even a minor attempt to revitalize them.
  8. Depends. Snake Eyes is $19.99 on Amazon Prime while Shang-Chi is on Disney+ and will run you $37+. I don't know if I really want to see either, but I unsubscribed from Disney a while ago when the quality tanked. Of course the number of movies and shows coming out that are watchable has nose-dived in the last few years.
  9. I was going to get on my soap box and pontificate but decided to go back and re-read the the actual rules. After reading 6th, 5thR and 4th multiform entries I realized that I was completely misremembering how it works So..... nevermind nothing to see here but us chickens 🐓 I'll say don't apologize as soon as I get my foot out of my mouth............
  10. I have always liked Kurt Russell in any part he has played. No matter what the role he always seemed to be really enjoy playing the part. So many actors these days seem to be just calling it in. Russell always seems to be pushing the make his character the best one in the show. I loved his part in Big Trouble, he is obviously the sidekick that thinks he is the lead.
  11. Watched the new Jason Statham actioner Wrath of Man. Standard "Crooks kill mans son during heist. Man finds crooks and has revenge" movie. Nothing especially new or groundbreaking, but fun and entertaining. The I re-watched 3000 Miles to Graceland. Another guilty pleasure with Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Bokeem Woodbine, Christian Slater, Kevin Pollak and Ice-T in the cast you can't go wrong.
  12. Reversion is a power modifier added to multiform. When stunned or knocked out, the character reverts to their base form. For a characters normal form to be the less powerful one with the additional forms being more powerful is a trope. It is used in everything from superheros (Billy Batson/Shazam) to horror (werewolves) to anime (Dragonball Z, Bleach, etc). There is no "rule" requiring it, but it is a basic staple of a lot stories. If you require the base form to be the most expensive one you establish a "rule" that eliminates entire swaths of story. IMO this thought process is another reason hero as a whole slowly slipped away. In laying far too much effort and detail onto the alter of "mathematical balance perfection" they lost the magic that was Hero. Especially since there is no such thing as perfection or even balance in any RPG. There is only close enough for fun.
  13. Not specifically. But our Fantasy Hero characters were always more Fantasy Supers than the standard games like D&D or PF. I guess we liked hero because we could stretch the boundaries more than you could in a class level system.
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