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Looking for players for a 2nd round of Playtest for a Hero 6E game


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I have a 2nd round of a Playtest game I am running, which fits into the Blade Runner/Prometheus/Alien Universe, that also has Magic, Psionics, and Mutants in it.

**Please do not be confused by another post I have which is for the same game, but the initial group, looking for some replacement players...this is a new game**


The listing is on roll20, which here is the link:


The description of the game has the possible character arch-types suggested for the game, which one can make from these, a combination, or even suggest one that may be a great addition to it.  I am looking for 5-8 players, 6 is preferred.

The intent of this game is a playtest for a Campaign Source Guide that I hope to produce for a new universe, based on the Blade Runner/Prometheus/Alien and more genres.


I am open to new and seasoned players, but not those who wish to Rules Lawyer the game.  Advisement and discussion of rules are welcome to ensure gameplay, but not intended to bog down the experience.

Feel free to click the link to review the game or ask me any questions on this thread.


The game is "technically" scheduled for Oct 16th, but that is when I will be finalizing the character listing and helping people develop their characters.  In this game, I look to provide backstories, which I also have multiple scenarios to "fit" one into the game...this is a new GM technique for gaming which makes it more integral to the player, as opposed to the GM simply providing a baseline adventure with no frills campaigns...this is meant to be a new gaming experienced for individuals, to get them as the center of a storyline.


Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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