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Hero Games Online Policy

Clay Salvage

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This is something I'd been wondering about for a long time, and finally figured I may as well go ahead and ask...


The previous incarnation of the Hero Games website included a clear and thorough Online Licensing and Policies page delineating what was and wasn't permitted in terms of fan creations and distribution of free Hero Games materials—as seen here on archive.org.  Among other things, the page said the following:



It's our opinion and policy that you may, without our permission or approval, post the following to a website for free use:

-Your own characters, spells, gadgets, campaign settings, scenarios, NPCs, and the like, written up using the HERO System rules.

-Your own alternate or "house" rules for HERO System games, provided they don't reprint any text from our published works and do not exceed 5,000 words in length.

-Your own discussion of HERO System rules issues, philosophies, and ideas, provided you don't copy or reproduce text from our books. For example, you could write an article about "Why I Think Guns Don't Do Enough Damage In The HERO System," but you couldn't reproduce one of our gun damage tables to go with it.

You must allow others to view and use these materials for free. If you want to charge money for something related to the HERO System, you need to follow the guidelines in Section V, below.



I can't find any similar guidelines on the current Hero Games site, and since that was ten years ago it's probably not necessarily safe to assume the same policies are still in effect if they're not posted anywhere (especially since the page itself said that "[a]ll of the policies and conditions set forth in this document are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice").  Does the current Hero Games site have a similar page somewhere that I missed?  If not, what are Hero Games' current policies, if any, regarding free online content?

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