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Looking for replacement players for an existing Hero 6E game on roll20 - Part of a playtest group for a Campaign Source Book


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This is a request for a replacement player in a continuing Campaign, which is over the halfway mark.  I lost a player due to disagreements with the game run, which I've tried to accommodate, but the player was unwilling to cooperate.


The genre is a hybrid of Blade Runner/Prometheus/Predator, with elements of Mutants, Psionicists, and also Magic.  The campaign started with players at 165CP with 40+ Complications.  The players have been playing for a year, as they are now around 350 CP characters...mostly the time was because we are doing a playtest for a Campaign Source Guide book, and have been updating the modified rules for the genre.  Thus, I am looking for someone to make a 350CP character with 40+ Complication points.

The existing game has a life of roughly 3months or so until it's completion.  The replacement player is preferably a Gadgeteer/Tech person, but this also can include a hybrid of the following arch-types listed below:

    • Tactician – Former Military, Law Enforcement, Militant types who have a large survivor skillset
    • Cybernetic/Mutant/Synthetic – Any artificial means of being stronger/faster, more intelligent, etc., using technology
        ◦ These will have forms of limitations on powers/abilities to offer a pragmatic implementation use of abilities
        ◦ Cybernetics have a limitation on their powers that is that are the implants:
            ▪ Cybersystem (-1/4)
            ▪ Restrainable (-1/2) - EMP cut-off switch (Only by means other than Grabs and Entangles)
        ◦ Mutant – Must have at least -1/2 limitation on each power obtained/used
        ◦ Synthetics:
            ▪ Android – Must have a social complication or psychological complication dealing with people in general
            ▪ Replicants (Replicates as per Kazei 5) – Must have a Psychological Complication with limited memories or situations outside their control.  Social Complications associated with dealing with reality and people.
    • Psionic – Mental powers
        ◦ Powers will be individual or grouped using a Multipower
        ◦ All Psionic powers have at least a -½ limitation
        ◦ All Psionic Powers have a Psionic END pool which is part of the Psionic ability to deduct END cost for using Psionic Powers
    • Paranormal – Spellcasting
        ◦ All Paranormal spells will be embedded in a Magical VPP
            ▪ The number of fixed spells in the VPP is calculated as follows:
                • CP / 50 (rounded up) – Base number of spells
                    ◦ Example:  150 CP to 165 CP character has 3 base spells.  Once they ago above 175 CP, the character has 4 base spells
                • INT / 5 (rounded up) – Bonus number of spells on top of CP calculation
                    ◦ Example:  Character with INT 16 will have 3 addiional spells on top of their base
        ◦ All spells should have a paradigm - i.e.. sonic-based, magnetic-based, mental-based, etc.
        ◦ All spells must have the following minimal limitations:
            ▪ Focus
            ▪ Gestures
            ▪ Incantations
            ▪ Changing spells can take a few hours to modify your spell list from one's book or resource that holds all the Paranormal's spells...inquire about the timing of this
    • Biological/Technological Expert – Skills based person that specializes in Professional and KS, as well as skills

Thus far, we have a Paranormal (Wizard), a Synthetic/Paramilitary type, a Magically-created character that communicates with the dead (pretty much an endless skillset individual with major defensive powers), and an optional Synthetic that is doubling as a Bio-tech individual.

As part of the character creation, I am involved in that I write that character "into" the campaign to embed them.

I'm looking to get this going as quickly as possible.

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Unfortunately yes, we have a replacement for this "Team"; however, as I am running three(3) groups of this game, I will start the 3rd "Team" in Mid-Feb or so, and looking for at least one more--if not two--players for this.


If interested, let me know and I can give you a much bigger picture of the game, and if you like it, we can get you on the 3rd Team.



Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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Thanks for your response and yes, I am looking for another player for my Team 3 group.  Thus far, we have not selected a time, and what I do is when all are collected, I reach out to the group and ask them what days/times they are available, then best match the Team for a common, easy schedule.

To get things rolling, let's have a voice chat over Discord, so I can give you a thorough run-through of the genre and gameplay, to see if you are interested.  Upon that, we'll discuss your character archtype, which I am relatively open to...what I do attempt to do is get all to give me an idea so we most likely don't have too much duplication on the team, as I look for diverse character abilities.

On Discord, reach out to me under "Jujitsuguy", or get me your avatar name in Discord and I can connect to you.  One other item is what timezone are you in.  I am trying to avoid anyone out side of the Americas timezones as it may be difficult to keep a consistent schedule amongst the team members.

So, let me know how to add you on Discord, and we can go from there.


Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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