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LF Chill Group


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Quick Highlights if you don't care to read everything!

  • I am a very laid back and chill person.
  • Don't mind not being in "spotlight" of campaign just there to have fun
  • Noob to hero.....systems?
  • If you don't care to read the rest of everything I have a better way to contact me at the bottom of this post.



STUFF you may or may not care to know! 


First off my brain has a hard time putting together coherent thoughts together.....At least sometimes it does. So my apologies if any of this may not make sense, I'll try to do my best to make it not too hard to read/follow.


Info about me-

I am 29 turning 30 in april and I have had enough experiences in life that while I try my best to get along with people and be your friend you have to get to know me and come to be someone I love to begin to even try to get me being close to getting annoyed with you, otherwise its up to you and your patience to be friends with me as i am generally considered a socially awkward person....go socially awkward people!!! (though my motto is its only awkward if you make it awkward...so most of the awkwardness will be on you ;)


One thing to know about me is I don't judge people. I am religious and I leave the judging to who I believe deserves to make those calls. I won't force my religion on you or even talk about it if you don't want me to. There is nothing about what I believe that makes people need to act differently around me just because I believe something and they don't. So don't feel the need to act different...or be different around me. My religion to me defines what I believe is the right choices to make in my life and no one else. You are your own person and I am here to have fun.


I could tell my summed up life story but I won't so thank you for reading about me and if you would like to know more just ask :)


My exp in ttrpg and what I am looking for in a group-

I am a "Veteran" of D&D 5e and played some 3.5 but I am very interested in learning how Hero? Hero systems? works as I like the creativity it brings. I have many ideas for characters I want to play, though I always try be very flexible with whoever is dming/gming. Ideal group for me is a dm/gm who wouldn't mind listening to my character ideas and making my character along with me as we figure out things...(I will be mostly pitching an idea to you of what I want and leave it up to you of how you think its best for me to go about doing it) I look at the gm/dm as the boss...or my superior in a way (was in military...if you would like to know more ask I am more then willing to share most of my life story with people) I I respect my bosses as long as they respect me. As I said in who its directed to I am looking to get into a group that while i wouldn't mind one-shots...i would really like it if we could be friends and have fun playing a campaign....or two or three for however long the dm/gm is willing to go.


Contact Info

Discord: Tearston#6792


reason I am putting contact info is I don't expect too many people to read this and I am not checking this everyday hoping someone will reply. If you want to see if I would be a good fit for your group we can get to know each other and maybe be friends or not....up to you. If discord doesn't work I will every once in a great while check back on this for a reply. I will update if I am not looking for a group anymore.

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