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The Summit Kickstarter

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Christopher McGlothlin's World Defenders: The Summit

It's a superteam. It's a Rat Pack homage. It's written by Christopher McGlothlin (TIME OF CRISIS, TIME OF VENGEANCE, GOLDEN AGE, NOIR).


 One of the masters of the superhero RPG genre, Christopher McGlothlin (Time of Crisis, Time of Vengeance, Golden Age, Noir, Freedom City Rogue's Gallery, Earth Prime Atlas), has a new book. It's called World Defenders: The Summit. It’s a fun supplement about a team of superheroes. (Or supervillains, if you prefer.) It’s also been beautifully illustrated in full color by Storn Cook, whose work has appeared in hundreds of RPG products over the years.


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/412792115/christopher-mcglothlins-world-defenders-the-summit


World Defenders: The Summit includes everything you need to know to use the Summit, a United Nations-backed superteam, in your own game: the team’s historical background, their personal and UN resources (HQ, vehicles, and more), their adversaries, adventure hooks for the team, and advice on how to use the Summit as a gang of bad guys instead of good guys. Of course, you also get detailed writeups, and full color art, for the six core members:  

·         The Constable, who wields his Physique Incroyable on behalf of the downtrodden everywhere while also enjoying a single-malt Scotch.

·         Tidal Wave, a Brazilian YouTube superstar and master of water. Oh, and he’s dating a supermodel. 

·         Swiftsure, a Welshman and SAS veteran whose exposure to time-travel experiments has given him superspeed. 

·         Destiny, a hero and warrior whose fighting skills have been honed over many lifetimes, as both a man and a woman. 

·         Conjurer, an Ethiopian by descent, an Israeli Jew by birth, he wields divine power to protect and heal his comrades. 

·         Blue Bolt, the third Australian woman to bear the name, this Blue Bolt brings investigative and technical skills to the team. 

The core product uses Mutants & Masterminds 3e. But this Kickstarter also funds the Conversion Pack for ICONS, SUPERS!, Savage Worlds and HERO System (conversion is being done by Jason Walters). A Conversion Pack is a separate product which will include that game system stats for the entire team. If you fund us at any level, you get PDFs of both products! 

Stretch goals will unlock Conversion Packs for Mighty Protectors and Fate Core. Each will get its own Conversion Pack with stats for the entire team.





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