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  • Extinction Is Coming to HERO System

    Beth Rimmels

    Mad Ferret LLC will launch a Kickstarter for a new HERO System setting, Extinction, in February.

    In 2028, we foresaw our fate in the plumes of a distant comet entering our solar system. Humanity united to save itself from extinction as a planet killer comet veered to strike the Earth. Our efforts to stop Armageddon partially succeeded and the sky bled red for a decade as the comet’s debris shrouded our planet.

    The fleeting unity that saved us vanished and we reverted to our corrupted nature. The darkened skies birthed a mini-ice age heralding worldwide chaos and suffering unlike any in history. The horrors of the human condition were exponentially magnified as famine, drought, epidemics, biting poverty, radicalization, and war spread across the globe. We stood at the edge of our extinction as surely as when the comet threatened our world, yet we were resilient, and where darkness reigned, light followed.

    Today, in 2045, the sky is healed; its natural cerulean hue restored. Memories of the unity that saved us from extinction a generation ago inspired the birth of a new world order as a new species of humanity rises from the precipice of oblivion.

    Extinction Event is a science fiction conspiracy campaign guide compatible with Champions Complete and the HERO System 6th Edition that immerses you in a near-future alternate Earth rising from the brink of extinction!

    Take on the role of a transcendent human, one of the "Gifted", exhibiting strange psychic powers emerging from the comet's remnants striking the Earth. Will you take over the mind of a despot’s trusted advisor to eliminate a threat to regional stability? Perhaps you’d rather remote view into a private board meeting of a multi-national corporation to steal secrets in a high-stakes, winner-take-all game of intrigue? Maybe you’ll be showered with money by crazed fans in a seedy fight-club arena as your Gifts melt away the brutality of a score of vanquished foes? Or escape Earth to the Martian colony of Gedeon to explore the rumors of a prophetess claiming to know the secrets behind your new powers.


    For more information about Extinction visit Mad Ferret.

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