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  • New Product! Tatterdemalion Terrors PDF

    Jason S.Walters

    The Book Of The Empress describes the eerie, dangerous patchwork Qliphothic dimension of Tatterdemalion. This PDF details five types of monsters characters might encounter in that horrid place:


    —Carrionites, whose semi-undead flesh constantly remolds itself into different forms;


    —the Foul-Skinned Men, humanoid warriors whose very touch is corruptive both physically and spiritually;


    —Orons, invisible things who seem to be composed entirely of fanged mouths;


    —Skeinrippers, who have the power to harm living beings by attacking their destinies; and


    —Zodiac Beasts, predators said to be made of the stuff between constellations


    From the strange mind of Steve Long!

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    These are very original concepts and designs, with clever and imaginative use of 6E Hero System mechanics to model some unique Special Effects. Although actual illustrations of the creatures aren't included, their vivid textual descriptions are appropriately alien, grotesque, and disturbing.


    The Tatterdemalion Terrors will add distinctive flavor to any supers, fantasy, or weird sci-fi campaign.

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