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  1. Re: Hit Locations in Super-Hero Game? I'm not so sure about this one. Stunning and non-persistent defenses are a known risk--you get penalized when you take a heavy hit and that makes you vulnerable to subsequent attacks. But if the house rule about hit locations makes heavy hits a lot more common, then maybe another house rule to disregard stunning might be reasonable. I actually think I might wind up liking the hit location thing. I'm just kicking around the permutations at this point. Eusebius
  2. Re: Hit Locations in Super-Hero Game? Just to be clear, this is whining and inquiring. If I make it to complaining, you'll know it! Eusebius
  3. We are a few sessions into a new 350 point Champions campaign. My august GM (who also reads these forums ;-) has a house rule that not only are we using hit locations, but we are doing the multipliers before defenses are applied. As I suspected, this makes combats quicker and less predictable. Here is what happened to my character, a hybrid martial artist/energy projector on Monday. I was almost at full and got hit by an enemy martial artist. The attack would have done 7 stun to me, but because he randomly hit me in location 12, the stun damage was increased by 50%, so that I was le
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