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  1. Re: What "Pulp" have you read lately ? I really enjoy Edgar Rice Burroughs' stuff - his writing style reminds me of campaign journals. I also enjoy the Indiana Jones novels - thought not Pulp per se - very fun, light, reads that can fill one's mind with adventure ideas (I had started reading them to get ideas for the World of Indian Jones Master Book game by West End Games - which I feel was a great game!) If you want to go "off world" with your pulp adventures - the John Carter series by Burroughs just can't be beat. The old RPG Space 1889 has really cool information that could easily be converted to Hero System (which I hope to do some day). Any of the Shadow books or Doc Savage. The book King Solomon's Mines (not the movie!!!) is very good and though I cannot remember the author's name he also wrote a very cool book called She which was very good.
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