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  1. The Forum you posted in can be exclusively answered by Steven Long. While it is definitely legal by Rules as Written (RAW), it is marked as having "great abuse potential": " If a power with Continuing Charges is bought
    through a Multipower or VPP, and the character
    switches the Framework to another slot afer using
    a Continuing Charge, the Continuing Charge does
    not immediately turn off. It continues to affect the
    target or area until its duration expires. Te GM
    should examine Continuing Charges in Multipowers carefully to ensure that they don’t unbalance
    the game. For example, a character shouldn’t be
    allowed to buy a Framework with several slots
    that have lengthy Continuing Charges just so he
    can activate all the powers at the beginning of the
    game and have them remain in effect for a long
    There are two markers with many powers: Exclamation Mark and Stop Sign. Exclamation Mark means it has potentially problematic cases. Stop sign means it is extremely likely to break your game if given to players. I would say this use of Continuing Charges would be a Exclamation Mark case.
    So you would certainly be in your right as GM to disallow it.

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