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  1. We all know that Anime/Manga/Video weaponry can be wierd. Stuff like a hammer that has rocket jets. Or a blade that is also a key. Or a blade that is also a gun. But as I just learned, they are totally behind the curve in that regard. History one ups them every step of the way: The problamy most bizare shield in history: https://youtu.be/0AIUF6iCPj0 This explanation was given below in the comments and it makes a lot of sense: "I remember this shield. It was specifically designed by "Broma Venschwitz" in the early 1600s. The entire point of the lantern shield was to see the shinny reflection of the deadly pommel throw at night. Once you caught the glinting pommel speeding towards you it was simply up to the master forged shield to stop such an executing blow. " The oldest "tactical flashlight" or just a new way of saying "no evil shall escape my sight"? https://youtu.be/6ikqHAN2ySc As for the reason, my best guess is that guy had lost one hand. It tended to happen in those times. Next up, "Keyblades are so pre-gunpowder": https://youtu.be/a5TlMsLT6-8 And finally a longer list of even more weapons. If you thought the Swiss Army Knive was versatile, you will have at least one suprise: https://youtu.be/WMG9_VS2hNw And yes, most of these weapons do come from Germany and India. The part where none of those are widely known speaks to volumes to their useabiltiy in combat, particular large scale battles. But I guess not every combination can be a "Bec de corbin":
  2. We know it will only be a mater of time before someone will latch onto this claim to proof something. Like how the Settlers had to bring Corn Meal, and thus any regulation of wich additives can be in conrmeal is anti-american. Iceland was icy, comapred to the Norwegian Homelands. Greenland was just a real estate scam.
  3. Australia is so deadly, even Herbivores named after the Kangoroo defeat their Predators!
  4. If you think that is scary, you should think about how many monsters are outside the water!
  5. Do not allow Diverging Speeds for Heroes. I would fix it to 3 or 4, depending on powerlevel. The problem is that in the lower Points of Heroic, every single point of difference is huge. Hero lacks Granularity in those low vlaues. And adding variation to those values only makes it harder. 5, 6 and 7 are pretty close together action economy wise. 5 has 1/6th less then 6. And 7 1/6th more then 6. +/-17% But with 3, 4, 5 we talk about +/-25% compared to 4. And 2, 3, 4 or 1, 2, 3 are even worse. For monsters and adversaries of course, you got a full amount of SPD values availible. SPD more then most other values can be used to simualte the Power Level differences. Look at Shadowrun where combat Characters can get up to 4 actions per turn for a granular example. And Hero is propably more combat focussed then Shadowrun. A random Guard with 2 SPD is no match for most Heroes with 4. The Hero can abort to both attacks and still act 2 times. Never mind if the hero has the first strike, forcing the enemy to abort. The Hero can get 3 strikes in while the enemy does nothing but defend. A "Boss"* has to have more SPD to allow it to challenge a whole group. While someone in another Thread mentioned a Superheroic foe that had only 1 SPD, but a really OP attack and defense for a interesting challenge. *Single, strong adversary in any form or shape
  6. Pretty sure Curiosity has recovered. It was working on 28th of March: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/mission/mars-rover-curiosity-mission-updates/
  7. TCG's were basically the Original Lootboxes. And this game had TCG elements mixed into it.
  8. He got most of them out of his System with the first Star Trek Film. I did find the early Indiana Jones movies, ET, Gremlins Franchise, Back to the Future Francise, Hook and a host of other early films of her pretty good. Maybe it went downhill with 2000? But I do not know enough 2000's movies to clearly say it. To be fair, Aquaman being unfavored was really just a Superfriends aberation. Even his Justice League and JLU Cartoon appereances could not really wipe off that stain. But then there were plenty of Characters in that show that were just goofy. I mean how threathening can you make Joker, Darkseid or Braniac in a Saturday Morning Cartoon? So if anything, Aquaman was unfairly singeled out here as an example for the whole Show.
  9. Apparently there are some conspiracy theories that Ebola/HIV/other common outbreak was caused by the white people/westerners/generic conspiracy. Based on that broken asumption, those Treatment centers could appear as being the cause of the outbreaks. The usual stuff that happens if we allow Conspiracy Theories to become mainstream. First you said the cause was a "us vs them" menatlity. Now you say it is "Socialism"* *For me they were at tops Dictatorships calling themself socialist. You know, the usual bleep all Opressive Regimes claim to justify being opressive monsters. For me even calling them socialist would mean I fell for their Propaganda.
  10. Apparently these Atlanteas do not have a requirement to stay moisturized. Instead what keeps them from occupation of the surface is that only Nobles can apparently breath air and water. The rest of the soldiers need a space suit equivalent.
  11. I think it is time to make a decision, but I got nothing to post right now. So unless a 3rd idea appears, this should default to @wcw43921.
  12. I can not really read the answer out of the text, so I thought I ask: Does that mean Qunatum Tunneling follows the Lightspeed limit or not? That effect does not require Magnetic Senses nessesarily. One of the first rules about Magnetism and Electricity is: "Where there is electricity, there is magnetism. Where there is magnetism, there is electricity." External Magnetic fields are the primary source of Noise in Electronics. Now our brain is at least somewhat electro-chemical. So it will experience that kind of noise. Our brain is also pretty good at filtering out unintersting stuff. It does so on most of our seneses 24/7. So it would propably adapt to counter the Magnetic Field noise. And having literal milennia to adapt to it, it might even shift the Adaptation pre-emptively when we move our head. Such a adaptation does not require a Magnetic Sense. If turning the head left means +0.5% noise on the left and -0.5% noise on the right side, it could just work with that.
  13. As I just learned, the Design of the Character Sheet can help you figuring that out: On the Default Sheet, Page 1: The central parts are teh Vital Information (HTH Damage, Phases, CV, CSL, Pre Attack) and Defenses. It also contains the Hit Location, Combat Maneuver and Combat Modifier table. There is only one part of page 1 that is unambigiously not realted to combat: Experience Points. So as I said Combat is a pretty big focus. If you really want a different game, it might even be nessesary to make a minor reorganisation of the sheet.
  14. Comparing it to Guardians, I found the story at least 20% more complex and layered. I mean how many Stories have the Hero solve a riddle via knowledge? I guess there are some elements that are similar (with Atlanteans being uninformed about Surface Culture), but that is just normal "Fish out of Water" storytelling (pun totally intended). So a Nod to the Storyline of Injustice or the Justice Lords, just using Timetravel rather then alternate Dimension Travel to fix it? Those were some pretty good storylines. Also a bit dark, but that just goes with the Thematic.
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