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  1. We know it will only be a mater of time before someone will latch onto this claim to proof something. Like how the Settlers had to bring Corn Meal, and thus any regulation of wich additives can be in conrmeal is anti-american. Iceland was icy, comapred to the Norwegian Homelands. Greenland was just a real estate scam.
  2. Australia is so deadly, even Herbivores named after the Kangoroo defeat their Predators!
  3. If you think that is scary, you should think about how many monsters are outside the water!
  4. Pretty sure Curiosity has recovered. It was working on 28th of March: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/mission/mars-rover-curiosity-mission-updates/
  5. TCG's were basically the Original Lootboxes. And this game had TCG elements mixed into it.
  6. He got most of them out of his System with the first Star Trek Film. I did find the early Indiana Jones movies, ET, Gremlins Franchise, Back to the Future Francise, Hook and a host of other early films of her pretty good. Maybe it went downhill with 2000? But I do not know enough 2000's movies to clearly say it. To be fair, Aquaman being unfavored was really just a Superfriends aberation. Even his Justice League and JLU Cartoon appereances could not really wipe off that stain. But then there were plenty of Characters in that show that were just goofy. I mean how threathening can you make Joker, Darkseid or Braniac in a Saturday Morning Cartoon? So if anything, Aquaman was unfairly singeled out here as an example for the whole Show.
  7. Apparently there are some conspiracy theories that Ebola/HIV/other common outbreak was caused by the white people/westerners/generic conspiracy. Based on that broken asumption, those Treatment centers could appear as being the cause of the outbreaks. The usual stuff that happens if we allow Conspiracy Theories to become mainstream. First you said the cause was a "us vs them" menatlity. Now you say it is "Socialism"* *For me they were at tops Dictatorships calling themself socialist. You know, the usual bleep all Opressive Regimes claim to justify being opressive monsters. For me even calling them socialist would mean I fell for their Propaganda.
  8. Apparently these Atlanteas do not have a requirement to stay moisturized. Instead what keeps them from occupation of the surface is that only Nobles can apparently breath air and water. The rest of the soldiers need a space suit equivalent.
  9. I think it is time to make a decision, but I got nothing to post right now. So unless a 3rd idea appears, this should default to @wcw43921.
  10. I can not really read the answer out of the text, so I thought I ask: Does that mean Qunatum Tunneling follows the Lightspeed limit or not? That effect does not require Magnetic Senses nessesarily. One of the first rules about Magnetism and Electricity is: "Where there is electricity, there is magnetism. Where there is magnetism, there is electricity." External Magnetic fields are the primary source of Noise in Electronics. Now our brain is at least somewhat electro-chemical. So it will experience that kind of noise. Our brain is also pretty good at filtering out unintersting stuff. It does so on most of our seneses 24/7. So it would propably adapt to counter the Magnetic Field noise. And having literal milennia to adapt to it, it might even shift the Adaptation pre-emptively when we move our head. Such a adaptation does not require a Magnetic Sense. If turning the head left means +0.5% noise on the left and -0.5% noise on the right side, it could just work with that.
  11. Comparing it to Guardians, I found the story at least 20% more complex and layered. I mean how many Stories have the Hero solve a riddle via knowledge? I guess there are some elements that are similar (with Atlanteans being uninformed about Surface Culture), but that is just normal "Fish out of Water" storytelling (pun totally intended). So a Nod to the Storyline of Injustice or the Justice Lords, just using Timetravel rather then alternate Dimension Travel to fix it? Those were some pretty good storylines. Also a bit dark, but that just goes with the Thematic.
  12. The EU finally finished their "DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on copyright in the Digital Single Market". People might have heard most about it from the term "Artikle 13" (wich is now 17 in the Final Version) And as I am still reading and hearing a ton of BS on the mater and I actually had a hard time finding the actuall thing (too many overlinked news Articles), here is a link to thge PDF version: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:52016PC0593&from=EN But anything before Page 23 is just forewords and some stuff on how in interacts with existing Laws and other Directives. And just to make sone things clear I hear most often (all of this is asuming no huge mistakes in the Implementation by any local government): - It does not call for "Uploadfilters". Big Organisations like Facebook and Google threathened to implement it via Upload filters only. Rather then finally getting Licensing agreements or hiring enough staff for this job. Both of wich are long overdue - Wikipedia was never affected to begin with. They already deal with all the Licensing Stuff anyway. If someone felt their work was published under Creative Commons in violation of their rights, they could already asked for it to be taken down. It also falls under the "Education", "Cultural Heritage" and "Non-Profit" provisions. They are so excluded, I have no idea why wikipedia demonstrated against it.
  13. That is because it already de-facto Lords over this Family and owns every square centimeter they have access too. So such a title is meerely a pro-Forma thing
  14. Each of the doors does seem to act like a Bulkhead. The force fields meerely supplement them to keep the whole area pressurized. Let us take this scene from Nemesis, where data jumps out of the ship. The corridor itself has 3 kinds of exits: - space, currently block by a emergency forcefield - the various side doors to seperate rooms - bulkhead doors leading to and from the corridor to other corridors (and stuff like Turpolifts). The Corridor is still fully presurized. So if anything in the corridor or the adjacent rooms needs repair, a technician can go there without needing to grab a space suit. The hallway is still walkable, that alone is a huge advantage. If the force field emitters should fail, there are plenty of other emitters that can react. Since there is already a force field active with power flowing the direction, those other emiters are propably on "high alert". If the forcefields should completely fail, only this corridor will be depresurized. The rest of the ship is still quite fine.
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