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    Re: Tall Ship Plans
    Getting back on topic <>. You might try to see if you can find a copy of an old FGU product called "Biremes & Galleys" I believe. It was rules for using ships ffrom the earliest Ancient vessels up through the Rennaisance. What was nice about it was that they included carboard layouts of various of the ships & I believe that they had a galleon plan but I don't remember & have lost my set (mutter, mutter, mutter). But I do remember that they did have teh layout for a brig. The floorplans were scaled for 25mm or 1" = approx. 6'. Hope this helps.
    On the other topic, if you ever get the rules done for Ravenloft in HERO I'd be interested in seeing them. I was sceptical of Ravenloft until I looked at the reading list of source material & realized that the authors were trying to do actual Gothic horror instead of slasher horror. It's 1 of the few D20 games that I ever liked.
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